HOT Fashion Trends This Summer That Embrace Bright Colors, Baggy Fits And Alot of Skin

Is it 2022 or 2002? It appears as though we're in a fashion rewind, rocking mini skirts, low-rise bottoms, denim

HOT Fashion Trends This Summer That Embrace Bright Colors

Is it 2022 or 2002? It appears as though we're in a fashion rewind, rocking mini skirts, low-rise bottoms, denim on denim, and halter top styles. And no, we aren't mad about it. I mean cmon, trends of the early 2000s are iconic. While some of you might look back and cringe at the image of Justin Timberlake smiling in a denim cowboy hat complimented (?) by a full fit of denim, others thank him because it inspired future unforgettable looks from other celebs. (Currently thinking about Bella Hadid's all denim look for her sister's past birthday party.)

2002 vs. 2022

If we're being real with ourselves, it's safe to say that denim hasn't ever gone out of style. However, some 2002 looks that we SWORE we'd never wear again (cough, cough, low rise bottoms) are back. And, it seems like the second time around we're styling it all a bit better.

If you've been living under a rock, check out the styles you've been missing out on.

Let’s Start At The Top Of The List

Credit: Cosmopolitan / Designer – Christian Siriano

If you plan to pack up your closet with any 2022 trends let them be these:

  • cutouts
  • neon colors
  • low rise pants
  • halternecks
  • co-ord sets

Nostalgic (for some of us) right?

Kendall Jenner ignited the cutout trend when she wore the attention-grabbing black fitted cutout dress when she attended a friend's wedding in November 2021. It's probably also fair to say that Euphoria's 'Maddy' was a major inspiration for the edgy trend. And, if you're looking to hop on the bandwagon, there are plenty of ways to wear the look – dresses, skirts, tops, pants, and even jeans.

Neon hues are typically loved or hated but, this summer they're on almost everyone's love radar. Green and pink took over the runways with designs from Dior, Versace, Valentino, Stella McCartney, and many more. If you need to brighten up your closet this season, these eye-catching colors can be found pretty much everywhere this summer.

Credit: Cosmopoltian / Designer – Tom Ford

Low and behold look who's back. The low-rise pants. The toxic ex we swore we'd never go back to. And yet, it's actually a pretty awesome look. The below the belly button sitting bottoms often have a baggy/ loose fit, making them more complimenting this decade around.

Halternecks are taking over the town for every look from casual to dressy. Spice up your basics with some neutral-toned halter tops to throw on with a pair of jeans or cargo pants or get fancy with a satin halter top dress – mini or gown length.

And, the most important trend of all (on the days when you're too lazy to get creative) is the co-ord. There's nothing like a well-fitting set that compliments your skin tone and body type and matches your style all with minimal effort. Co-ords are versatile, available in almost any design you can imagine.

For Those Looking To Make A Statement

Credit: Cosmopolotin / Designer – Stella McCartney

Basics are important but there's nothing like having a few great statement pieces in your closet that you can always rely on to stand out in. This summer, elevate your style with trends like:

  • mini skirts
  • statement trouser suits
  • bras as tops
  • fringe
  • pleats
  • feathers

Credit: Cosmopolitan / Designer – Brandon Maxwell

Does mini skirts coming back mean that big booty's are no longer in? Or, are we just creating the next underboob? Whichever way that conversation goes, mini skirts are BACK and they are looking cuter than ever.

Models on the runway wore this returning trend with blazers and a little top while others embraced their skin, having minimal coverage. And, mixed in with the mini skirt trend are pleats.

This summer pleats are being seen in skirts and dresses, adding some texture to the flowing pieces.

Bras as tops are being sported with high waist, loosely fitted bottoms and/or large overcoats. This doesn't ever fail when trying to add an edgy vibe to some cargo pants or some classy sex appeal to a more formal look.

Credit: Cosmopolitan / Designer – Fendi

Fringe and feathers have made an appearance at various runway shows for this season's trends. Designers did a a great job at adding some pizzazz to a look without crossing the line of being tacky. Take yourself out of the box with these details and stand out at your next outing.