Enjoy the Finest Cocktails of the West Village Without the Reservation

Nowadays pretty much anything can be delivered to your doorstep. Amazon prime was a game changer before the pandemic but


Nowadays pretty much anything can be delivered to your doorstep. Amazon prime was a game changer before the pandemic but did you ever imagine having groceries delivered to your door becoming mainstream? And, to take it a step further, how about cocktails?

Alcohol delivery is another convenience (arguably) we’ve experienced due to the rules of the pandemic. It’s given people the luxury of not having to rush out to the store before hosting a little soiree and on an even more positive note, has stopped people from drunk driving to the store to refill on booze mid-get-together. (I have no data to back that up, but I just hope that those are two positives). Anyways, a popular restaurant in the West Village of New York City has leveled up alcohol delivery by giving you the finest of cocktails at your doorstep.

The Italian Roots That Grow Within Via Carota

Via Carota honors the roots of Italian culture- lifestyle, food, and decor. Its inspiration comes from the 17th-century villa which lies within the hills near Florence, Italy, a place where Rita Sodi, the restaurant’s chef, and owner next to Jody Williams, once called home.

The couple has been labeled ‘one of the great partnerships in the New York restaurant scene,’ by The New York Times for critically acclaimed restaurants which include, Buvette, I Sodi, and of course, Via Carota.

“Via Carota is a love letter to the moments, big and small, that deserve to be celebrated,” said Williams.  “We work tirelessly in the restaurant to have our guests taste the soul, the culture, and the emotion infused into every bite of food and sip of a drink.”

The restaurant has been famed for its food as well as its cocktails and just like your groceries, you can now enjoy Via Carota without having to leave home.

Decorate Your Barcart With the Finest Cocktails

Via Carota Craft Cocktails (VCCC) are ready to pour and ready to bring you the warmth and hospitality of the West Village restaurant no matter where you are. Sodi stated, “We’ve worked for years to perfect our recipes in the kitchen and behind the bar, and we’re honored that VCCC can take this inspiration and allow consumers to experience the finest craft cocktails, anywhere. We hope you love the cocktails as much as we do.”

As of this month, you can enjoy 6 of their signature cocktails poured from an elegant bottle that’ll elevate the appearance of your at-home bar. The range of craft cocktails currently includes:

  • Classic Negroni
  • White Negroni
  • Old Fashioned
  • Signature Manhattan
  • Espresso Martini
  • Signature Martini

With additional cocktails underway.

“Our vision with Via Carota Craft Cocktails is to allow people to enjoy the magic of a festive cocktail hour or the warmth of a dinner with friends…wherever life finds them,” said Chief Executive Officer, Bart Silvestro. “Working in the industry, I’ve had a front-row seat to watch the taste elevation of the American palate over the past two decades, from restaurants to wine and beer, and my team and I are energized by the opportunity to elevate the cocktail occasion as well.”