Floyd Mayweather Returns to Fight Logan Paul?!

With an amazing 50-0 fighting record and an astonishing 27 KO’s, Floyd Mayweather is one of boxing’s modern-day greats. With

Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul

With an amazing 50-0 fighting record and an astonishing 27 KO’s, Floyd Mayweather is one of boxing’s modern-day greats. With an 0-1 professional record, Logan Paul is a little less impressive in the ring. However, it looks as though the two are gearing up for a fight as Mayweather returns to take on the reigning YouTube Bad Boy.

Paul’s Career In the Ring

Paul has an unimpressive one fight, one loss record right now. The amateur boxer fought fellow YouTuber KSI and lost.  

According to MovieWeb, “Paul is certainly best known for creating his exploits as a YouTuber, but he has since taken up a boxing career on the side. After beginning with white-collar amateur boxing matches, Paul made his professional debut last year in a bout against British YouTuber KSI. The six-round fight resulted in KSI winning via split decision.”

Mayweather’s Career In the Ring

43-year-old Mayweather boasts a 50-0 career. 27 of those wins impressively come from KO victories. Mayweather retired from boxing in 2017 with his unblemished record. 

But now the champ is back.

Who Reported On the Match?

The first person to officially announce the match was YouTuber Keemstar, who tweeted that he was told about the match from a boxing insider. 

When is the Match Happening?

The exact details of the when, where, and how remain unclear. Although sources online are buzzing about the upcoming match, neither Mayweather nor Paul has confirmed or denied the rumor. 

Who Will Win?

Our best guess is that Mayweather has this match in the bag. While Mayweather has been in retirement for three years and Paul outweighs him by 3 stone, Mayweather is the champion supreme. With an unimpressive professional record, Paul has an uphill battle against boxing titan Mayweather and will probably lose in a KO. However, due to the popularity of the alleged fight, we could see a drawn-out match that gives fans what they’re looking to see; Mayweather’s triumphant return. 

Paul’s Brother Has Made the News for Boxing Recently

Logan isn’t the only boxing Paul. Brother Jake Paul also has a career as an amateur boxer. Recently, Paul made the news for throwing a party during COVID-19 lockdown. Held at the party were several amateur boxing matches. It’s unclear whether Jake Paul was home at the time. But Jake Paul has his own celebrity match upcoming, as he has challenged NBA star Nate Robinson to a boxing match. 

Mayweather Vs Paul

TMZ reports that the challenge has been issued, but nobody’s signed anything official yet. Fans eager to see the fight will have to wait as they hammer out the details. According to TMZ, “Now, there have been rumblings about 43-year-old Mayweather stepping in to take on 25-year-old Paul … but we’re told it’s far from a done deal and right now Floyd is leaning toward “no.”

We saw Logan at LAX on Wednesday and asked him about the situation — and while he was mostly tight-lipped, it’s clear he wants the fight to happen.

‘You know I can’t say sh*t right now,’ Paul says … while noting his hands are still up to date.”

We will bring you any updates about this fight. For now, keep your fingers crossed that they can strike a deal and fans can watch Mayweather lunge out of retirement to go toe-to-toe with the YouTube mega-star that is Logan Paul.



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