Foodgod Devoured Miami at Strawberry Moon to Celebrate Himself

Foodgod has made his way to the cover of Food & Beverage Magazine for the second time. The foodie, formally


Foodgod has made his way to the cover of Food & Beverage Magazine for the second time. The foodie, formally known as Jonathan Cheban, was first recognized as Kim Kardashian‘s best friend on her families hit television show. However, he has since created a path of his own in the food industry. His own self-titled series is “a modern-day version of a travel/food/social media show,” he shared. He recognized what the current generation of social media users look for when restaurant hopping and ran with it. According to Foodgod the big question is, “how Instagramable is it?’ – alongside edible of course.

With 3.6 million followers on Instagram we can agree that he knows a thing or two about viral visual presentations. His page is filled with some of the most exquisite and eclectic items, drawing a mass of attention. I mean, like we said, he’s on the cover of a food focused magazine for the second time.

Foodgod Who?


When building up a large following on social media doesn’t cut it you go to the next big thing; legally changing your name to you profession. The popular food influencer legally changed his name from Jonathan Cheban to Foodgod in 2019. He shared, “99 percent of the people who know me, it’s Foodgod now. Some people don’t even know my name was Jonathan.” He even admitted to him mom referring to him as his new name. “In public, she has to. She’ll say, ‘Jon,’ and I’m like, ‘Foodgod!,’” jokingly of course.

Foodgod aligns his lifestyle with Willy Wonka – minus the hat. “I love Willy Wonka,” he said, “but it’s like, we’ve walked around the chocolate fountain already. Now it’s time to go walk around every other city and go really appreciate it.” And, to celebrate his work he has been featured on the cover of Food & Beverage Magazine’s Decemer Issue. He recently hosted a dinner, decked out in Fendi, at Strawberry Moon in Miami.

Feast Your Eyes on This


Foodgod is available for streaming on Discovery Plus. The four-episode season follows Foodgod from Los Angeles to New York, Miami and also Las Vegas along with celebrity guests such as Kris JennerFat Joe and Criss Angel. Jenner, who is also the executive producer of the show, appeared in the first episode. The foodie brought her to a modern 50’s diner in Whittier, California called Frisco’s. He told Us Magazine “I hand-picked that for her. I wanted to take her where she would get some kind of emotion out of her, and we had all these insane cars out there, and I knew it would take her back.” The two savored classic burgers, hand-blended milk shakes, onion rings and french toast. Mmm, me next please?

And, naturally, Foodgod’s BFF Kim made an appearance on his show as well. She was also featured in first episode at her home in LA where he surprised her jaw dropping cotton candy from Polar Playground. He expressed, “It was the most amazing experience. We were both shocked. I’ve seen cool cotton candy, but I’ve never seen cotton candy get haircuts.” The two looked comfortable as ever back behind the cameras together “just exactly like we’ve done for 14 years,” shared Foodgod. He told Us Magazine “It just feels totally normal, even though it’s a different show, different topic. And it’s just great.”

With all of this extravagant food that the reality TV star is bringing to light Foodgod truly is a modern day Willy Wonka factory. “It’s just so much cooler food out there than back then. Except we don’t had the ever-lasting gobstopper,” joked Foogod.