Formula One Racing Coming to Miami Gardens in 2022

The rumble of the tires, the signature whine of the engine; Miami Gardens get ready, Formula One is coming in

Formula One Miami Gardens

The rumble of the tires, the signature whine of the engine; Miami Gardens get ready, Formula One is coming in 2022. On a heart-pounding course plotted through the heart of Miami Gardens at the Hard Rock Stadium Complex, the international Grand Prix will twist and turn, marking the 11th time the wildly popular racing sport has been held in the United States. This 10-year deal is just one more sign that Miami is making overtures towards becoming the world’s best vacation destination, offering a little bit of something for everyone. Already a sports capital of the world, this newest deal adds another gleaming check mark on Miami’s rise to the top.

Formula One Comes to Miami Gardens

Formula One has struck a deal with Miami to bring the international racing to the white sand beaches of South Florida’s coast. The electric, modern, art deco city is welcoming the sport to its family of already accomplished sports; football, basketball, soccer, baseball, tennis and hockey. And NASCAR already has a presence in the vibrant city, but F1 adds a sophisticated flavor.

The advent of the F1 race in Miami is part of a 10-year deal and will start in 2022 in the form of a Grand Prix race at the Hard Rock Stadium Complex, home of the Miami Dolphins. The track being built will be 3.4 miles long, with 19 corners and three straights. The set-up provides opportunities for drivers to reach nearly 200 miles per hour.

Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) shares, “The track—which will have a top speed of around 320km/h or 198mph—will have a street circuit vibe, similar to Melbourne’s stunning Albert Park that hosts the Australian Grand Prix, as the site is used for other purposes during other times.

However, the layout will be more akin to a permanent circuit. It’s predominantly flat, but there are some small undulations to the land, which designers have integrated into the circuit.”

The Race is the Start of Something Special

Formula One Miami Gardens

Formula One’s appearance in the gleaming coastal city isn’t a standalone in the sports world, but it’s an important one for the city’s future. But it’s more than just the city’s future that marks a new start with the deal.

Miami is the second US stop after an Austin circuit, but Miami’s location is unique. Per FIA, “For the first time in F1’s long history, the championship will be hosted in a predominantly African-American community, in the city of Miami Gardens, a few miles north of Downtown Miami.

It’s a city that is on the up and is renowned for its small businesses and impressive food scene, particularly its soul-food and Caribbean restaurants.

With F1 coming to town it’s hoped that business boom will continue, with 4,000 new jobs created for the community, according to the promoters, around 35,000 local hotel bookings and over $400m in a positive economic impact to the city each year.

That extra investment in the infrastructure, workforce and fabric of the African American community is just part of a push to improve equality—through the We Race As One initiative—around the world.”

MSNSports shares, “Sunday’s announcement comes on the heels of a Miami Gardens city council vote regarding F-1’s incentive package designed to benefit residents and businesses.


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‘We are thrilled to announce that Formula 1 will be racing in Miami beginning in 2022,’ Stefano Domenicali, president and CEO of Formula One, said in a statement. ‘The U.S. is a key growth market for us, and we are greatly encouraged by our growing reach in the US which will be further supported by this exciting second race. We will be working closely with the team from Hard Rock Stadium and the FIA to ensure the circuit delivers sensational racing but also leaves a positive and lasting contribution for the people in the local community.’”

And the F1 deal required more than just cooperation between the city and the racing representatives; the Miami Dolphins had to get on board since it’s their stadium complex transforming into the track.

MSN shared Tom Garfinkel‘s thoughts as well; “‘We are grateful to our fans, the Miami Gardens elected officials and the local tourism industry for their patience and support throughout this process. We are looking forward to bringing the greatest racing spectacle on the planet to Miami for the first time in our sport’s history,’ Added Garfinkel, who in addition to acting as Dolphins CEO is the managing partner of the Miami Grand Prix:

‘The Hard Rock stadium entertainment campus in Miami Gardens exists to host the biggest global events to benefit the entire greater Miami region and Formula One racing is as big as it gets. We have worked with specialist designers to create a racetrack that we, Formula One and the FIA believe will provide great racing and we hope to create best-in-class unique fan experiences that are reflective of the diverse and dynamic nature of Miami.’

‘I want to thank Formula One and the Miami Gardens and Miami-Dade County elected officials for working to bring this hugely impactful event here for years to come.’”

While some locals seem concerned about the sports’ appearance in their city, the overwhelming feeling surrounding the announcement is jubilation and anticipation. With the unique atmosphere of a Miami race and the promise of even more growth for the city, it’s no wonder there’s so much celebration around the racing sport’s advent to the city.

Red Bull Drivers are Ready to Hit the Breezy City’s Course

The Red Bull Honda drivers are excited to hit the course next year.

Per the Red Bull Content Pool, “Dutchman Max Verstappen, 23, said: ‘It’s always interesting to go to a new place where we’ve never driven before and Miami is a great city. I’m sure if they build a good track, we can have a lot of fun out there and hopefully we’ll bring a lot of excitement so the fans can of course enjoy the race. I’m always happy to be in America, it gives you that kind of feeling that anything is possible, so I’m just excited to go there.’

And Mexican driver Sergio Perez said, ‘Racing in the US is always great fun and I enjoy a city circuit, it’s a good challenge. I think Miami is a great location for Formula One, it’s a very fun city and there’s lots of energy in that place. The Latino community is pretty big there, so I’m definitely looking forward going there soon. I think Miami and F1 is the perfect combination.’”

Perez then added, “I really hope they make a good track which makes for some exciting racing.”

Miami’s Rise to the Top


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Miami has recently made big waves in the international world. With David Grutman at the city’s helm, it’s making a name for itself as a premier vacation destination among some of the world’s best. Although it’s nothing new that Miami is a desirable place to vacation, it’s growing into something unique in the United States, rivaling destinations like Las Vegas and New York. While Vegas promises a desert oasis and New York, an intoxicating arts experience, Miami manages to combine the two. With world class hotels and dining experiences, combined with some of the world’s best nightlife destinations and daytime escapes, Miami is becoming the city to beat.

Now that F1 has signed on to the city’s future, the United States will turn its eyes once again to one of its oldest cities in wonder; Miami is young again and ready to party.