Founder of SPANX Surprises Employees With the Unexpected

Founder and CEO of a world-changing brand entitled SPANX has risen far above the bosses of the world by giving


Founder and CEO of a world-changing brand entitled SPANX has risen far above the bosses of the world by giving something life-changing to her 500+ employees. The founder of SPANX, Sara Blakely founded her company in 1998 and since then has carried a goal that has surprised the business world. The brand has taken off in the past few years and specializes in undergarment wear that empowers women to feel good while wearing what they want. Blakely has made millions of customers extremely happy and confident and has now accomplished her goal of doing just that for her SPANX team.

SPANX From the Beginning


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Spanx has become a household name and has established the idea for a “different type” of shape-wear throughout the fashion industry. We all have clothes that taunt us while they hang in the closet eyeing us to either throw it out or wear it already. We all have a clothing piece in mind right about now and so did Blakely when she thought of the idea for clothing that can go under clothing.  Blakey explains that while she was selling fax machines door to door as her day job, she realized she needed something to go under her pants that would completely hide the lines of underwear. Blakely had a tough time starting her company which started with having to convince male attorneys why it was important that underwear didn’t show while wearing pants. Blakely eventually caught a break with one of the owners of a popular manufacturing company and she was well on her way.

Production became a learning experience for Blakely as the production team created a product that was not what she had expected. The team was using plastic models instead of real women of all shapes and sizes. Blakely took a stand and squashed their conventional ideas and began asking real women in her life to try on the different prototypes that were being made. Blakely was also creating her own patent which is a legal document for sellers to have ownership of the product idea and brand. Blakely had no other option but to create one on her own since she could not seem to convince the the only attorneys in Georgia who were all men of her product. Sara Blakely had her patent, and the correct product that was approved by those closest to her and was now ready to create packaging. The packaging had to stand out in the eyes of all women and feel like a present instead of an embarrassment to bring up to the counter. Bright red was selected and three animated girls on the front which revolutionized what was acceptable for packaging from that point on. With the product, packaging, and the name of SPANX which came from the inspiration behind Kodak and Coca-cola, The company was ready to sell and make money.

Big Moves for SPANX


This 23-year-old private company has announced it is ready to see further improvement and changes in hopes to make an even bigger impact on the world. Named one of Times Magazine’s most influential people, it may be questioning why Sara Blakely has agreed to the most recent business arrangement for the company. Blakey will be stepping down as CEO and becoming Executive Chairwoman among a newly appointed board of directors for the company.

Blackstone Investment has agreed to buy a majority of stakes in SPANX, a company worth over a billion-dollar. The business deal is supposedly going to increase its footprint in new parts of the world and create a whole new identity on social media that Blakely hopes to empower more women, continue the innovation and reach more women in need of a self-esteem boost. Blakely clearly has reached an impressive goal of creating a billion-dollar company and is ready to take a step back relax with her team.

A Goal Coming True


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What could be better than a boss who sends you on a vacation to anywhere you choose plus $10,000 of spending money? we would say almost nothing. The moment that never comes for most employees has certainly come for the team at SPANX who just heard the announcement of a lifetime.

CEO Sara Blakely explains in an emotional video posted to IG,  how she knew her company could be worth 20 million dollars one day and has far exceeded that number. Blakely also gives a statistics lesson to her viewers on the need for more women entrepreneurs and more funding to go to women as only 2.5% of funding for start-up businesses will be given to females.

Blakely jokingly spins a globe of the world right before she announces that she will be sending each of her employees and a plus one to anywhere in the world along with $10,000 of spending money. The video posted to IG is truly sentimental as all of the employees are in complete shock and stunned at the generosity of this business icon. It is safe to say Blakely is feeling extremely proud and happy with what the company and team have accomplished and has set the bar high for future employers who speak openly about leading with authenticity, kindness, intuition, and a solid product.