From ‘I Love You’ to ‘Bye’: Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson’s Whirlwind 9-Month Relationship Timeline

Kim Kardashian, who is 41 years old and Pete Davidson who is 28 years old have been recognized as one

Pete Davidson Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian, who is 41 years old and Pete Davidson who is 28 years old have been recognized as one of the strangest couples in Hollywood. And it all started when they fell in love on the set of Saturday Night Live.

They had a short but fiery romance from the moment they became a couple, and here's how it went down.

We Meet Again

In May of 2021, Kardashian had been recently separated from West and attended the annual Met Gala in New York City and later ran into Davidson again. Davidson knew she was recently separated and had offered her his phone number at some point throughout the night. Her outfit of the night was her famous head-to-toe black outfit, so she was unable to use her cell phone at the Met. They never connected at the time after the awkward moment.

In October of 2021, Kardashian and Davidson ran into each other again when she was hosting Saturday Night Live one weekend and they had a skit together. During SNL, Kardashian made some jokes about Kanye West that he had taken offense to and got up and left the theatre as she was on stage.

During a Disney’s Aladdin themed skit, the beauty and the comic himself shared a first kiss together as she later then confessed that it sparked a romantic feeling for her. Pete later then gave her a gift on Valentine’s Day, which was their props and their costumes from the SNL skit that they had done together.

Kardashian had then gone on her first date with Davidson in October of 2021 as they shared a fun and adventurous time together on a rollercoaster at Knott’s Berry Theme Park in California. At the time, people around them had claimed that they were just friends.

Things Get a Little More Juicy

In November of 2021, the so-called couple had a night out in New York City together. They enjoyed their time together at some romantic restaurants in the area of Staten Island, New York and he left Kardashian with a large amount of red roses at the hotel she was staying at.

This is all at the time that she started to grow feelings for him. In that same month, ex-husband Kaye West unfollowed the reality star on all social media because of his distress over her new romance. West and Kardashian share four children together and try to keep the peace for them.

Still in November of 2021, Davidson and Kardashian confirm and admit to their romance while spending time together with family and friends at a pajama party.

Later in December of 2021, Davidson non-intentionally hinted at the idea of engagement rumors. He happened to be looking for diamonds, but who knows what the real story was.

In January 2022, Kardashian and Davidson decided to spend the holidays together while jetting off for a romantic getaway to the Bahamas.

In February of 2022 is when everything became official for them and there was no way to hide it any longer! They both had referred to each other as boyfriend and girlfriend in that time.

In March of 2022, tensions started to spike between Davidson and West and West had decided to rile up the rapper by snapping a selfie in bed next to Kim and writing, “in bed with your wife!”.

In April of 2022, Davidson supports Kardashian at the Hulu premiere for the Kardashian’s new show.

A Slow Fizzle to Nothing

In May of 2022, the couple makes their first red carpet appearance at the Met Gala as they showed some juicy PDA to the public.

Then, in June of 2022, the couple embarks off on a romantic vacation in Tahiti. With the pictures the two both shared, fans noticed Davidson with a new tattoo that said, “my girl is a lawyer.”

In July of 2022, the couple separated then later announced their split in August because of their busy schedules and not having enough time together. Long distance has not been easy for Kardashian, but one another still both respect each other always.

For now, that seems to be the end for one of Hollywood's most adorably mismatched couples, but there may be hope in the future – we'll have to see. West has been trying not to gloat too much as he spends more time with his estranged wife and their children, but if he releases an "I won" song sometime soon, no one will be too surprised.