Garcelle Beauvais: Kris Jenner ‘Fits the Bill’ to Join RHOBH

Garcelle Beauvais believes Kris Jenner would be a great fit for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Following a slew of

Garcelle Beauvais RHOBH

Garcelle Beauvais believes Kris Jenner would be a great fit for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Following a slew of rumors suggesting Kris could be added to the Bravo reality series for the show’s upcoming 11th season, Garcelle appeared on Extra TV, where she spoke about the reports before dishing on Nene Leakesexit fromThe Real Housewives of Atlanta and her new gig on The Real.

“With Denise leaving and Keeping Up With the Kardashians ending, do you think Kris would be the right fit to join the Housewives?” asked host Cheslie Kryst.

“Sure, why not?” Garcelle replied. “I think she fits the bill. Anything is possible in Hollywood, anything is possible. I never thought I would do reality, so anything is possible.”

Rumors of Kris’ potential addition to the show began just weeks after she appeared alongside longtime friend Kyle Richards at a party thrown at her home. As fans of the series will recall, Kris was in attendance when Kyle and her husband, Mauricio Umansky, hosted an event for the Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles, which was filmed for the 10th season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Kris Jenner

According to Garcelle, she’s been wondering who Bravo will decide to bring to the show for season 11 after her friend and fellow actress, Denise Richards, confirmed she was leaving the series after just two seasons earlier this month.

“I do wonder that. I just feel like new energy is needed, personally, if I had anything to do with it,” Garcelle shared.

In addition to Denise’s exit from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the Bravo world was rocked when longtime Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member Nene revealed she would not be included in the Georgia-based show’s upcoming 13th season.

“I was surprised to hear that news because I thought she was going to go back,” Garcelle admited. “She’s a huge part of that franchise. But I also think change is good.”

While Garcelle, along with many others, can hardly imagine The Real Housewives of Atlanta without original cast member Nene, Garcelle pointed out that change isn’t always a bad thing, especially if it will allow Nene to branch out from the Bravo show and make a name for herself elsewhere.

“You know, maybe this will give her opportunity to do other things. Maybe she’ll come over to [The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills],” Garcelle joked. “I just think change is always good. Sometimes it’s scary, but I feel like it’s evolution.”

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Beauvais Shares Thoughts on a RHOBH Return

Garcelle was brought to the cast in 2019 after the exit of Lisa Vanderpump and recently hinted that if Denise was to leave the series, she would do so as well. However, during her chat with Cheslie, Garcelle made it clear that when it comes to her potential sophomore season with the show, that was in the hands of Bravo.

“You know, I had a good time… sometimes. And other times were harder. But you know what? It’s up to Bravo,” she shared. 

Garcelle Beauvais

During her debut season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Garcelle seemed to hit it off with Kyle. Then, as the series continued, it became more and more clear that there were some underlying issues between them.

By the time the reunion rolled around, Garcelle and Kyle were completely at odds with Kyle accusing Garcelle of not only stiffing her charity to the tune of $5,000, but also of creating a fake feud with her. While Kyle has since confirmed that her charity did receive a late payment from Garcelle, the drama between them has remained at a heightened state since the virtual taping in July and they appear to be completely estranged.

Despite the drama, Garcelle said she had a “good time” with the women during season 10.

“So we’ll see what happens,” she noted.

Garcelle Joined the Cast of The Real for Season Seven

In August, as the regular season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills came to an end, Variety confirmed Garcelle had been added to the host lineup for the seventh season of the daytime talk show, which also includes Loni Love, Jeannie Mai, and Adrienne Houghton.

“I am thrilled to be joining the dynamic, bold and diverse women on the award-winning talk show ‘The Real,’” Garcelle said in a statement at the time. “My love for pop culture and news, blended with my natural gift of gab, has always made me gravitate towards a talk show environment. It’s also exciting that it’s happening right after my amazing time joining The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.”

Weeks later, Garcelle said on Extra TV that it “feels amazing” to be a part of The Real.

“This has always been on my bucket list,” she admitted.

According to Garcelle, she began suspecting that a hosting role on the talk show was possible after learning longtime cast member Tamara Mowry had left.

”I was sitting in my kitchen and I think either Extra or one of the shows came on saying that Tamara was leaving and I don’t know what I was eating and I was like, ‘Oh, that’s interesting.’ And I kept on going about my day. I didn’t even think about it and a friend of mine a couple of days later said, ‘Are you going to throw your hat in for The Real?’” she recalled. 

Garcelle then admitted that she slowly began to realize that she could fill Tamara’s shoes.

“It was a like slow realization of like, ‘Are you kidding me? Absolutely.’ And we get to do it from home? It’s the perfect fit. I’m so happy,” she explained.

Richards May Not Have Been Asked to Return to RHOBH

Following news of Denise’s exit from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast, an insider spoke to Celeb magazine about her departure, suggesting that while she may have made it look as if she quit, there may have been more to the story.

Denise Richards

“It wasn’t just Brandi that Denise sent a cease and desist letter to,” the insider said. “She sent one to Evolution- who is the production company that produces The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.”

“She also sent one to Bravo,” the source added.

According to the insider, the ladies of the franchise all sign contracts before they begin filming in their respective cities that prevent them from suing one another, their production team, and Bravo. 

“In the contracts the women sign when they agree to do this show, they agree that they cannot sue cast members, the network, or production. They know that things can be edited as well. This is all part of what they’re signing up for,” the source noted.

As for the real reason behind Denise’s exit from the show, the source speculated that because Denise had issued legal threats to her co-star, Brandi Glanville, and others, Bravo no longer wanted her on their team.

“While it may never officially come to light if Bravo actually wanted her gone, it’s unlikely that a cast member would slap the network (and the production company) with a cease and desist letter only to be asked to return for the next season,” the insider added.