Gen Z’s ‘Everything Shower’ is the Hours-Long Cleansing Ritual You Didn’t Know You Needed

If you spend any time at all on TikTok, you already know that Gen Z is obsessed with cleanliness. Oh,

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If you spend any time at all on TikTok, you already know that Gen Z is obsessed with cleanliness.

Oh, and they hate feet.

But they’ve also re-invented the “everything shower” – an hours-long ritual that involves more self-care than cleaning, and could be the key to unlocking more than just good hygiene – it could unlock happiness.

Here’s the scoop on the Gen Z “everything shower.”

What is an Everything Shower?

First of all, let’s define “Everything shower.”

It takes a long time (hours, most likely) and involves cleaning yourself, skincare, shaving and grooming – all while bopping to the beat of your favorite tunes.

And TikTok is running with it.

The hashtag #EverythingShower has amassed hundreds of thousands of views on the app.

One Dermatologist, Dr. Lindsey, explains that there’s a right way to do the Everything Shower – and a wrong way.

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  1. First – wash your hair. Dr. Lindsey, user name @dermguru, explains that you don’t want to let conditioner sit on your skin because it can clog your pores. This phase should involve both shampoo and conditioner.
  2. Next – exfoliate. Dr. Lindsey explains that exfoliating before you shave reduces the risk of irritation and razor bumps.
  3. Then – shave. She says that you have to make sure your skin is damp and you should always use a shaving gel.
  4. Next – wash your body. And the dermatologist says that “Side note, I absolutely hate loofahs. Don’t use them.” Noted.
  5. Next – double cleanse your face.
  6. Next – dry your hair with a microfiber towel.
  7. Finally – Moisturize. You want to put your moisturizer on damp skin, according to Dr. Lindsey, because it will “lock in hydration.”

So now that you’ve got the proper order down pat, it’s time to understand what exactly the hype is about the Everything Shower – isn’t it just a normal routine, smushed into one?

Yes and no.

TikTokers have shared their love for the Everything Shower by explaining that the drawn out process of caring for their body allows them time to re-center their minds, practice body positivity, and disconnect from the chaos of the outside world. After all, if your fingers are knuckle deep in conditioner, shaving gel and moisturizer for 3 hours, you’re probably not plugged in to social media.

The fact that it’s accompanied by the shower-ee’s favorite music is another sign that the Everything Shower is about more than just cleanliness.

Gen Z is rejecting the “gotta go” routines of their parents and older siblings, and focusing on a more positive, mental health-centric approach to self-care and hygiene.

@alexwaarrenIs an EVERYTHING SHOWER an actual thing??♬ original sound – Alex warren

With any luck, Gen Z’s older friends and family can catch on to the routine – because who doesn’t need 3 hours all to yourself to just clean, exist, and focus on what makes you feel good?

We’re sold on the Everything Shower.

Just as a side note – apparently, the best day to do the Everything Shower is on a Sunday. And you should make sure you bring some water with you – water you can drink, not bathe in.

After all, hours of self-care can be exhausting.

But totally worth it.