Get Your Mercury Retro(Grande) Nachos at Taco Bell This October

You heard us right, Taco Bell has announced quite the unique incentive for Taco Bell lovers starting October 7th to

Taco Bell

You heard us right, Taco Bell has announced quite the unique incentive for Taco Bell lovers starting October 7th to October 9th. Teaming up with Spencer Pratt and Uber Eats, This unique threesome of a restaurant chain, food delivery service, and Crystal enthusiast, is both confusing and totally awesome.

This One Might Actually Work

Spencer Pratt

Taco Bell has been known to use less than effective promotions, celebrity endorsements, and just flat-out unappealing inventions. Why have they chosen this particular drawstring to get customers into the store, we have no idea but recent events and the involvement of a crystal obsessor is the chance for Taco Bell to take another chance and run with it. Although Taco Bell may never erase the memory and stomach aches of many customers who watched a strange-looking chihuahua begging for food, or products that rot after a short time, this may be the advertisement that goes through the roof.

For starters, Taco Bell has brought in a beloved food services that truly beat their numbers over the past year in the Pandemic. Teaming up with Uber Eats is a smart move for the fast-food chain simply because Uber Eats is popular, they advertise right and area reliable company.  Let’s face it, although Taco Bell is the king of late-night cravings and hungover healing, the franchise has become less popular as the trends in food become more aware of what we put into our body and how it makes us feel. Taco Bell is notorious for NOT doing that which is why Mercury Retrogrande is a genius move for the company.

We all know Uber Eats is our saving grace at night and, when fun happens, wisely marketing to the night crowd and dodging the latest food trends today. Playing off a cosmic theme and classic late-night craving of nachos is perfect, not to mention the extra bonuses. Crisp Nachos, Golden shiny cheese, and the chance to win a nacho-shaped crystal endorsed by Spencer Pratt, what else could you want? but wait! the incentive doesn’t stop there! what else could make ordering food even better? If it was FREE of course.

Luckily not only do Taco Bell and Uber Eats Customers get a chance to win a super cool Nacho with gold nacho cheese dripping off it, but they also have the ability to receive the hyped-up Nachos for FREE when you spend $12+ on Uber Eats, WHAT A DEAL. We don’t know if even the free basket of nachos will be worth your time, or your stomach pain but we all know we’ll give Taco Bell’ another chance to wow us.

Out with the Old and In with the New


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Taco Bell goes here, Taco Bell goes there, The place advertises with everything you could possibly advertise with. Previous promotions and commercials have featured Taco Bell at the Baseball field, a Lil Nas X performance, a showcase of celebrities saying their favorite Taco Bell Menu Item, and now Nachos in the Galaxy.

Taco Bell certainly keeps things interesting and continues its official spot as a celebrity-endorsed chain. As Taco Bell has grown from less than appealing commercials of crusty-looking food to a shiny burrito held by the stunning Noah Centineo, we’d like to think along with the promotions, the product may be increasing in quality as well. These bad vibes fighting nachos and balancing cheese sauces promotional objectives, should potentially peek the desire of customers to think these nachos may give them some sense of serenity which feeds perfectly off the state of the world today.

To further uncover the offer’s persuasive tactic is the nacho itself! The nacho offered in both food and  a crystal Necklaces form are in the shape of the nacho. The offer of $12 dollars spent will result in something free, mathematically broken up is 1+2=3. Maybe it’s a coincidence but isn’t there three sides to a triangle? Call us crazy, but for all you intelligent people out there, you will know the number 3 numerology represents a person who has great communication skills, thus the precise skill Mercury in Retrograde is said to affect the most. We may be on to something and certainly won’t allow a restaurant to pull one over on us!

Out of all the offers Taco Bell has conducted in past years, conspiracy theories or not, This Campaign should be rather successful between the celebrity endorsement, potentially “free” feature, and price incentive; will you fall for it?

Stipulations and What to Knows About the Offer

Taco Bell DEFY

This is a  limited-time offer and don’t forget the galaxy-approved meal isn’t flat out free. Uber Eats and Taco Bell have agreed to run the offer from October 7th, 2021 until, October 9th, 2021. The short time frame of the offer is yet another incentive to run out and get a taste of the Galaxy, isn’t that poking at our perceived scarcity? Definitely, it is.

To win a custom Crystal in the shape of a Nacho, customers can go to Taco Bells’ official site specifically for this promotion regardless of purchasing the Nachos or not! The winners will be announced on October 11th and submission will close at 11:59 pm ET. Over 1,800 winners will be selected so your chances are as good as any. The promotion only applies to customers who purchase through Uber Eats and spends a minimum of $12 in order to receive the free nachos but is not limited to that amount.

We wish you luck and a full report on your trip to space!