Ghislaine Maxwell, victim or mastermind?

The former girlfriend, best friend, sex buddy, and reported madam to the late pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, who allegedly took his own life in prison back in August 2019 while awaiting trial for sex trafficking charges — is currently locked up at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn on her own federal sex trafficking charges in relation to Epstein, along with enticement of minors, and perjury indictments to name a few. But the question is, how did this British socialite become such a predator?

Where is Ghislaine Maxwell from?

Born on Christmas Day to a wealthy family outside of Paris, youngest of nine siblings to a British media mogul father, Maxwell, now 59, seemingly had a jump start in society.

Although the Oxford-educated brunette may have been born with a silver spoon in her mouth, it proved wickedly tarnished as her family suffered from tragedy after tragedy.

Was the family hexed or simply punished from attaining a life of privilege with shady business deals and indecent behavior?

The Maxwell Family Curse

The Maxwell family misfortune began well over 60 years ago.

Maxwell’s 15-year-old brother Michael reportedly got in a car crash just two days after she was born after his driver fell asleep at the wheel. He never came out of the coma and died seven years later. Understandably, it apparently had lasting effects on the entire family.

Perhaps little Ghislaine was robbed of affection throughout her formative years, as her parents were forced to deal with this ill-fated accident that had only compounded the family’s suffering. Her sister Karine died of leukemia at the age of three, before Maxwell was born.

In 1991, Maxwell’s father Robert plunged to his death off the side of his yacht, the Lady Ghislaine. Ruled a heart attack combined with an accidental drowning, the Mirror Group owner’s body was found naked off the Canary Islands, though still to this day, it is speculated whether he committed suicide or was killed, as he was also allegedly a spy for the Mossad, Israel’s foreign intelligence agency.

A Fall from Disgrace

That same day it was revealed that the 68-year-old had defaulted on £60 million in loans from Goldman Sachs and they had begun holding shares of the Mirror as collateral, a New York Times article at the time stating the collateral consisted of “24.2 million shares of Maxwell Communication and 40 million shares of the Mirror Group.”

The Nov. 7, 1991 article also stated that analysts and British newspapers have estimated that the group had net debts in the low billions. Finally, it was also reported that Robert Maxwell had been scavenging employee pensions in total of nearly 1 billion dollars in an attempt to recoup some funds before his looming demise.

The Maxwell empire was doomed. Brothers Kevin and Ian were left entangled in the fraudulent affairs of their father’s name and were even arrested after his death, but then later acquitted.

Their mother Elisabeth, a Holocaust expert and former publicist for her husband who used to compile books of his press clippings, suddenly had nothing. The widow, who had a very nice reputation contrary to her husband, lost all of their property due to the tycoon’s money mishandling. Even her own pension was gone. She was not given any insurance money for his death either, since it had been viewed as a potential suicide. She died at 92 in 2013, according to the New York Times.

In the movie edition of this twisted saga, perhaps having one of the family members push their father overboard, scheming to inherit millions only to find out the same day that the shadester had destroyed his whole fortune due to bad business and there was nothing left for his kids might even be believable compared to the rest of this family’s lunacy.

Oddly enough, Maxwell’s brother-in-law suffered a similar fate as her father. Or did he? Her sister Isabel’s ex-husband was known conman Al Seckel who was rumored to have fallen off a cliff but there was never a body found or any official report aside from a paid obituary. It turned out Seckel owed millions and an article had just ran a few weeks prior exposing his insurmountable debt. Sound familiar? Oh, and Seckel was also still married to his ex-wife, unbeknownst to Isabel, making their marriage null and void. Probably better off for her sake. Interestingly enough, Isabel’s first husband Dale Djerassi’s father Carl Djerassi invented the birth control pill.

Enter Epstein

Maxwell’s father died when she was 29 years old. Shortly after that, she headed to the United States.

The socialite reportedly infiltrated the scene in Manhattan’s Upper East side with help from her already established friendship with Prince Andrew. This is also around the time she met Jeffrey Epstein, a friend of Andrew’s, in 1991. She had just broken up with Italian millionaire Count Gianfranco Cicogna Mazzoni who later died in a 2012 plane crash. The pair joined forces, introducing one another to their high society contacts. A 1993 Daily Mail article featured a photo of Maxwell and mentioned she had “become utterly inseparable from her New York boyfriend
Jeffrey Epstein.”

Maxwell has always been drawn to rich, powerful men. After all, it’s all she’s known.

It remains to be seen — as more and more info comes out from the case — what she had witnessed from the corrupt world she grew up in and what had really gone on behind the scenes of her youth, could she potentially play past victim?

What Could Happen in Court

What was Maxwell’s childhood trauma like in relation to her siblings’ deaths? Had she been abused by someone? Was she mistreated? Passed around to her father’s friends? Or was she simply just French and oversexed?

How does one stumble into pedophilia? They don’t. Those flood gates are typically opened much earlier in life.

According to Natalie D’Annibale, PsyD, LMFT in Los Angeles, “Pedophilia often stems from a personal history of childhood sexual abuse and trauma; potentially normalizing and/or providing a particular sexual homeostasis later sought out to replicate the feelings of connection associated in earlier, sexually abusive encounters.”

In other words, this could have been normalized behavior throughout Maxwell’s childhood, depending on what she experienced in addition to her trauma.

However, if there was indeed proven trauma that led to a predatory, deviant lifestyle, chances are it would not get her off and only lessen her sentence, says Los Angeles criminal defense attorney Marcus Musante who spoke with CELEB.

“Even if she was the victim of prior sexual abuse, and suffers from a condition because of it, it would only go towards mitigating circumstances, which are part of a plea deal or the judge’s sentence after conviction.” He explained. “The defense strategy would come from a different direction.”

Musante, a former L.A. District Attorney, also shared a plausible defense strategy given how old the charges are and the fact that Epstein basically got away with taking advantage of young girls when charged in 2008. He took a joke of a plea deal, pleading guilty to solicitation of prostitution with a minor, only serving 13 months in prison at the time.

“The charges (against Maxwell) are from ’94 – ‘97. The federal government was on to Epstein 20 years ago. Years and years went by. He was given a slap on the wrist. Now, 20+ years later, all of a sudden, the federal government cares enough to charge her?”

The bigger issue we face is the criminal justice system. Perhaps they are pursuing Maxwell hard to get heat off their back for what happened to Epstein, which was largely due to negligence and likely, corruption.

“What credibility does the government have now when the only thing that has changed is that Epstein, the main villain in this case, was allowed to die in their custody before being held accountable?” Musante questioned.

He adds, “Also, why is it ok for her to be denied bail for accusations from 20+ years ago, but a male friend of that same Epstein, who lost his license to practice law because of his sexual behavior towards women, is encouraged to give a speech at a national convention?”

Whether or not Maxwell plays victim or her defense team goes after holes in the system, the accusers will likely take the stand and describe otherwise.

Was Ghislaine The True Mastermind?

Was Epstein’s right-hand woman really just as calculated as they come, raised ruthless from her shrewd businessman father, desperate for a plan B after their empire crumbled?

Virginia Giuffre, one of the more outspoken victims who was preyed upon while working at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Fla., claims that Maxwell was indeed the mastermind. That Epstein didn’t have all the connections that she had. She introduced him to even more high society people and lured the girls straight into the lion’s den. Or was it the lioness?

Giuffre told CBS’ Gayle King:

“She did it to keep Jeffrey happy, for sure. She did it because she loves the control over people. … Jeffrey was a sick pedophile. But she was the mastermind.”

Maxwell preyed on weakness.

“She could smell the vulnerability on a person,” Giuffre explained. “I told them a little bit about my past, and how I’d been abused. So immediately it was like, the Cheshire smile is what I call it. … I asked her, I said, “Why are you having all these … girls come in and sleep with your boyfriend?” And she was like, ‘So I don’t have to do it all the time.’ You know, so she made like a joke out of it.”

Maria Farmer, another accuser, concurred that Ghislaine was indeed “the mastermind behind Jeffrey Epstein” and “more sinister than him.”

Multiple victims have named Maxwell in civil suits for the role they say she played in Epstein’s operation. He’s dead and she’s their only chance at having any form of closure or accountability. Unfortunately for Maxwell, that’s just the way the cookie crumbles.

A Corrupt Kinship

Epstein would have come off too creepy without a woman’s buffing, and probably wouldn’t have had half the success of swindling these girls. Maxwell befriended them, confided her own sexual stories to them. Maxwell nearly squealed when sharing her story of allegedly giving George Clooney a blow job in a bathroom at a “random event,” according to Giuffre, who said Maxwell was “giddy as a schoolgirl.”

And we’ve all seen the pictures of the pair with Bill Clinton and Trump.

In 2010, Maxwell attended Chelsea Clinton’s wedding as a guest of billionaire Ted Waitt. Clinton denied ever being on the island of course although documents revealed him flying on Epstein’s jet at least 26 times. Giuffre mentioned that she saw Clinton there but hadn’t seen or heard of him doing anything with any of the girls, at least to her knowledge.

Additionally, Formula One race car driver Eddie Irvine said that he partied with Clinton at one of Epstein’s bashes along with other well-known guests.

Trump seems clean thus far, although we have a long way to go with this case.

Maxwell and Epstein even asked for reports after sending the girls off to entertain, as they did when Giuffre was allegedly dispatched off to London to spend the weekend with Prince Andrew.

Israeli businessman Ari Ben-Menashe, who claims to have worked for the Mossad as a spy and also claims to have been one of the late Mr. Maxwell’s handlers, has even said that the pair was doing this to blackmail politicians for info but that remains to be proven. Although one of their victims did say that anyone participating in these acts at any of Epstein’s properties were being filmed.

On Lifetime’s docuseries Surviving Jeffrey Epstein, which aired just this week, accuser Lisa Phillips also says that Epstein “mentioned that he needs to have something on people” and that she heard from another friend in their web that “Jeffrey is not who he says he is.”

Curiously, it was also reported that Epstein did not drink. One can’t help but wonder if this was for sexual reasons. According to accusers, he famously had a “deformed, egg-shaped” penis and drinking too much, or at all, could have proved detrimental to the 66-year-old’s perverted ways and reported need for three orgasms per day. Not to mention, people who drink make mistakes, and Epstein allegedly wanted to control his every move.

Worse than Epstein?

Yet Ghislaine Maxwell was the one grooming the girls, inviting them on Epstein’s plane to his private island and to his other properties, even participating in sexual acts with them. She was touching them as much as Epstein in most instances. They shared these girls, who were reportedly as young as 14.

Maxwell schooled their victims on how to massage him, on how to pleasure him, how to perform oral sex explicitly to his liking.

“She is a monster. She’s worse than Epstein. She did things even worse than Epstein did,” Giuffre had shared. “She was vicious. She was evil. And she’s a woman.”

In regard to Maxwell’s lawyers saying that she is not a “Jeffrey Epstein” and therefore shouldn’t get the same treatment in jail, that she has been a victim of “media spin.”

“They’re doing their job,” Giuffre said. … But, I know that woman. I’ve known her really well. … Put it this way: Epstein was Pinocchio, and she was Geppetto. She was the guy controlling Jeffrey. … She had his money, he had her contacts. … But Ghislaine was much more conniving and smart than Epstein ever was.”

Was Maxwell Motivated by Sex, Money, or Both?

Did Maxwell ensnare Epstein into her web? Or did they share such similar desires that it was a destined creepy kinship?

Epstein had promised to help her. Was this a manipulated attempt to entrap him and latch on to his fortune after her father left his family with nothing? Did Epstein love her or was it that she had so much on him, that he offered to forever take care of her so she would never turn. Perhaps their twisted secret society created a bond that could never be broken. Even with him dead, we are getting the sense that she is being protective over him, or mainly protective of the documents since she just doesn’t want to suffer the same fate.

Now, Maxwell is locked up and her trial is set for July 2021.

The FBI finally caught up to her on July 2 and arrested her on a New Hampshire property, after almost a year in hiding.

Recent court docs reveal that Maxwell is complaining about the horrible conditions at the jail and is requesting to be moved in with the general population. Let’s hope not for their sake. At least there aren’t any girls under 18 at this prison.

Only time will tell the fate of Ghislaine Maxwell, who has now racked up even more press clippings than her notorious father. Hopefully the victims will finally have their day in court. Not only is the coronavirus still a threat, especially in the jails, but with a couple of paid guards and some conveniently busted cameras we could have another Epstein situation on our hands.

For now, this caged animal is denied of bail, perhaps even haunted by the ghosts of both Epstein and her father, hopefully for good.

Until then, we have the unsealed documents to keep us busy.

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    According to the testimony of sexslave Katie Johnson published on internet in full detail, Donald Trump abused her when she was tied up to a bed, slapped her in the face and threatened to do harm to her family if she dared to blow the whistle on him. Jeffrey Epstein was mad at the Donald because he had wanted to have sex with her first. The young girl was 14 years old at the time and it happened on the property of Epstein in New York in the early ninetees. She almost made it to a press conference with her lawyer two weeks before the elections in November 2016 but it was called off at the last moment. What Bill Clinton did with the girls flying to the Virgin Islands with the Lolita Express of Epstein has not been exposed yet by anyone present there unfortunately. Belgium also had a huge sex scandal going during the 1980´s when youngsters were chased around in woods around castles of the Elite and killed.
    It was all published in the X-files by one of the survivors, Regina Louf. Several bankers were involved around Baron de Bonvoisin and other members of the ultra-right trying to organise a coup d´etat with the assistance of the Gladio Network of NATO. The same strategy of tension was applied in Italy at that time in history using a masonic lodge called Propaganda Duo. The CIA also intervened in state affairs of the socialist regime in Nicaraqua and toppled the democratic elected government in Bolivia in 1980. This event was called “The Cocaine Coup” in the Covert Action Bulletin. Nazi fugitive Klaus Barbie advised the corrupt generals together with two “National Messiahs” of the Moon Sect to erect a throne for Father Moon on the highest mountain of the country in the battle with communism. In 1983, Mister Moon invested his millions in a bank and a hotel in Moontevideo, Uruguay and ten years later a huge piece of land was purchased in the Pantanal region of Brazil around the city of Jardim. The Guardian newspaper called it “Moon´s Last Stand” but the Moon Empire is still flourishing selling weapons and sushi and organising mass wedding ceremonies with True Mother Han as the new empress in Seoul. Her two sons started a brand new Sanctuary Church in Pennsylvania, introducing heavy weapons during church ceremonies for the elderly. A lot of inside info about this bizarre movement is published by former members on the site “How Well Do You Know Your Moon”. The self-proclaimed messiah abused the women he courted in both Korea´s, leaving them in despair, for which he was arrested several times in both parts of the country. This Return Ritual was called “Pikareum” in Korea and two books have been published about the ceremony by former members Kirsti Nevelainen from Finland and Chun Hwa Park, one of his close associates that also landed in a North Korean labor camp in 1948 with Moon and Won Pil Kim, who made it in the Ginseng trade and visited Holland in 1977 as the International President of the Unification Church. You are invited to visit my Facebook entries on the Covid-19 pandemic which is linked to Bio Warfare Research in China and the United States a long time.

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