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Gigi Hadid Shares Intimate Details About Giving Birth To Daughter Khai With Zayn Malik By Her Side


Feb. 5 2021, Updated 12:07 p.m. ET

More than four months afterGigi Hadid and Zayn Malikwelcomed their first baby together, the model has shared some intimate details about their daughter’s birth. Yep, she got real about the moment little Khai came into this world, and the look of “terror” that was on Malik’s face during the process.

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Giving Birth Was Not Easy For Gigi Hadid

Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid baby

The blonde beauty opened up about becoming a mom during Vogue‘s March 2021 issue, and she explained that she had an all-natural birth at her family farm in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. It was a 14 hour labor, and Malik was by her side the whole time, as well as her mother, Yolanda Hadid, her sister, Bella Hadid, a local midwife and her assistant.

“When you see someone do that, you look at them a bit differently. I probably looked crazy, actually,” she recalled. “I was an animal woman.”

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As for why she wanted to do it without any pain medication, the 25-year-old told the outlet, “What I really wanted from my experience was to feel like, ‘OK, this is a natural thing that women are meant to do.'”

Her original plan was to give birth at a New York City hospital, but after quarantining at her family farm amid the coronavirus pandemic and watching the 2008 documentary The Business of Being Born with Malik (which featured an at-home birth), they decided it was the right thing to do.

“We both looked at each other and were like, I think that’s the call,” she explained.

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But halfway through, she started to regret the decision.

“I had to dig deep. I knew it was going to be the craziest pain in my life, but you have to surrender to it and be like, ‘This is what it is.’ I loved that,” she said. “There definitely was a point where I was like, I wonder what it would be like with an epidural, how it would be different. My midwife looked at me and was like, ‘You’re doing it. No one can help you. You’re past the point of the epidural anyway, so you’d be pushing exactly the same way in a hospital bed.’”

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Zayn Malik Was The Best Boyfriend During Her Labor

//gigi hadid shares details about giving birth to khai with zayn malik quote

During the first part of Hadid’s labor, the former One Direction member put on the movie The Indian in the Cupboard since it was one of their favorites, and they watched it together.

“That’s something we’d never talked about but in that moment we discovered we both loved,” she gushed about the intimate moment.

And when Khai finally entered the world, Malik caught her! Hadid continued, “It didn’t even click that she was out. I was so exhausted, and I looked up and he’s holding her. It was so cute.”

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But He Was A Little Scared

Zayn Malik

As for what he thought of the experience, the singer compared it to a lion documentary he had seen, “in which a male lion paced nervously outside the cave while the lioness delivered her cubs,” according to Vogue.

“Z was like, ‘That’s how I felt! You feel so helpless to see the person you love in pain,'” Hadid said.

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She also admitted to seeing some “terror” on his face during the birth.

“I know my mom and Zayn and Bella were proud of me, but at certain points I saw each of them in terror,” she recalled. “Afterward, Z and I looked at each other and were like, We can have some time before we do that again.”

“Our baby girl is here, healthy and beautiful,” Malik wrote on Instagram right after Khai was born, alongside a touching pic that showed her tiny hand. “To try put into words how I am feeling right now would be an impossible task. The love I feel for this tiny human is beyond my understanding. Grateful to know her, proud to call her mine and thankful for the life we will have together.”

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Hadid added in a post of her own, “Our girl joined us Earth-side this weekend and she’s already changed our world. So in love.”

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Khai Is Not Going To Be In The Spotlight

//gigi hadid shares details about giving birth to khai with zayn malik quote

As fans know, since her birth on September 23, 2020, Hadid and Malik have kept their daughter pretty private from the world. They’ve posted a few pics of her here and there, but have made sure to cover her face in every one. Plus, they only revealed her name — which means “the chosen one” in Arabic — a few weeks ago. And Bella explained why her sister wants to keep the baby out of the spotlight for now.

“I think she wants to be real online, but until her child wants to be in the spotlight and can make the decision herself, she doesn’t want to put her in that position,” she told Vogue.

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But how is Hadid as a mother, you ask? Well, according to her own mom, she is doing everything by herself.

“She decided to completely take care of the baby alone,” Yolanda revealed. “And I think that bond is so important. I’m proud of her face on a magazine, but seeing her give birth was a whole other level of proud. You go from looking at her as a daughter to looking at her as a fellow mother.”

Previously, a source told E! News, “Gigi is very tired but is already an amazing mom. The first couple of weeks have been a hard transition but she hasn’t complained and is very elated to be a mom.”

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