Gitano Celebrates New Mexico City Presence With 5-Day ‘Extravaganza’

It all started nearly a decade ago in Tulum. Gitano first opened as a small Mezcal Bar and Kitchen on

Gitano Celebrates New Mexico City Presence With 5-Day 'Extravaganza'

It all started nearly a decade ago in Tulum. Gitano first opened as a small Mezcal Bar and Kitchen on the beaches of Tulum; a modest beginning for what would, less than a decade later, be one of the world’s hottest and most recognizable hospitality brands. Gitano has since moved beyond Tulum into New York and Miami Beach, and now they’re making moves again, this time into Mexico City. Eagerly anticipated Gitano Mexico City has launched a takeover of a restaurant and a club for a 5-day extravaganza as they celebrate the brand’s first presence in the Mexican capital city.

Gitano Comes to Mexico City


It’s finally arrived: Gitano has come to Mexico City. The hot hot hot lifestyle brand has now launched a 5-day takeover in Mexico City’s restaurant Helena and nightclub Phonique, a chance for the brand to get to know Mexico City’s nightlife. With a jungle free-wheeling vibe and a garden atmosphere, Gitano is a unique nighttime experience that has celebrities and average people alike flocking to their venues in Tulum and New York, and now Mexico City.

From February 9 through February 13, Helena and Phonique will play host to Gitano and all of its wild-but-cultured jungle vibes, with the disco atmosphere guests crave and the cocktails they’re known for. Helena will be completely reimagined for the weekend, with Gitano bringing their signature jungle-in-the-city, giant disco balls and iconic pink neon. The restaurant will be open to the public, and guests can enjoy world-famous mezcal cocktails Jungle Fever, Gypsy-Disco 75, GITANO Margarita and Kisses in the Car.

For a more exclusive experience, the nightclub is invitation only.

All of this is happening during the week of Zsona Maco. Zsona Maco is a week-long fair that celebrates the richness and diversity of the Latin American art world, and typically holds four main events. Bringing Gitano to Mexico City during Zsona Maco creates the perfect meeting between creative free-thinking, and a dedication to art and elegance.

Gitano is More than a Night Out

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The evening you choose to spend at Gitano Mexico City will be more than a dining experience. From start to finish, and top to bottom, Gitano is about an experience – a transformative, transporting experience. Gitano’s music director, Leo Leonski, has curated a special evening roster for guests from their world-famous Gypsy Disco lineup. Performers include NYC-based Amber Valentine, Mexican hero Dan Solo, The Versa from Monterrey, the Colombian Vagabundo Club Social duo, Leonski himself and more.

For dining, Executive Chef Alexandros Gkoutis has crafted an opening night menu that reflects the unique flavor of Gitano’s Tulum roots, bringing the Aegean Sea to Mexico City. Opening night dishes included mezes, greek salad, tabouli, grilled octopus and salt baked whole fish and much more.

For the rest of the weekend, it’s Tulum meets Mexico City and Gkoutis is serving up Truffle Tlayuda, Watermelon Salad, Carne Asada and Branzino in Banana Leaf plus more.

The decision to bring Gitano to Mexico City was a no-brainer for the Gitano hospitality brand, and in a statement Grupo Gitano Founder & CEO James Gardner shares, “We love Mexico City and have lots of people telling us they want GITANO here, they want us to bring our Jungle Gypsy Disco vibe to Mexico City, as we did in NYC. What better time than during Zona Maco!”

Gitano New York


Although Gitano has its roots in Tulum, one of its most well-known locations sits at the heart of New York City. Situated in Hudson’s Square, Gitano NYC feels like a lush jungle oasis that protects guests from the bustle just outside. In the “Garden of Love,” guests can sip the world-famous cocktails and feel the breeze – and wonder if they’re on a beach somewhere or still in the center of one of the world’s biggest cities. It’s a delightful illusion that carries throughout an evening at Gitano, from your dining choices and the decor – to the music lineup carefully picked to transport and unwind. 

This SoHo hotspot quickly became the place to be after opening its doors in 2018, with artists, celebrities, and experience-seekers alike flocking to the Garden of Love to experience something you don’t often find in big cities: a self-described “Gypsy Disco” vibe. Guests can enjoy an authentic Mexican food menu cooked over an open fire, with bites to share or keep for themselves – set against the dramatic backdrop of the Freedom Tower and a breathtaking view of the NYC skyline. 

However much Gitano NYC might feel like a tropical getaway, it’s still in the center of a Northern City – and that means the doors are only open seasonally, so if you plan on a visit make sure to plan accordingly for warm weather.

For more information on planning an evening at Gitano NYC or Mexico City – visit the website. Remember, Gitano Mexico City ends February 13, so don’t delay.