Legendary Graffiti Artist HAZE Re-Letters the NIV Bible As A Street Art Masterpiece

Looking for the perfect Easter gift this year, something with a unique twist? Want to vamp up your unadorned, bland

Eric Haze Bible

Looking for the perfect Easter gift this year, something with a unique twist? Want to vamp up your unadorned, bland coffee table? Well, look no further! American artist Eric Haze has added his touch to the GPC NIV Bible. The Good Publishing Company will publish this bible and work of art on April 2, 2021. 

The Bible, but Make It Avante-Garde

Eric Haze Bible

From papyrus to parchment and then printing paper, the materials that typically make a bible have stayed relatively standard. Nowadays, traditional bibles contain thin, opaque printing paper. Conversely, the ‘GPC NIV Bible’ pushes the envelope with some of its materials while still honoring its traditional form. A cross between classic, long-established artifact and modern street art, this appeals to all. 

This bible is crafted from carefully curated paper and materials (yay, tongue-twisters). Its cover is leatherbound and a deep, crimson red, as opposed to the traditional brown and tan colors. What’s more, the cover of the bible is also tipped in red translucent vellum made from 100 percent cellulose fibers. In addition to this, it features Italian grosgrain set ribbons (a popular corded fabric from the 17th century). These ribbons are hand-dyed and custom cut to essentially resemble the elegant cords of woven fabric of that time period.

As far as the text goes, this work has gold street-art style calligraphy. This deviates from the norm of bible typography, which is typically in lexicon (typeface). Equally important, this artwork is sustainably designed – which is a rapidly growing nuance in today’s world for artists. As an example, its paper is Italian offset uncoated stock made from 100 percent real cotton. The decision to have uncoated stock is definitely the choice of the artist. Uncoated stock tends to have higher brightness levels, which reflects more light to the eyes (making the colors pop more). What’s more, this bible is entirely American-made, printed and produced in family-owned binderies and presses in the NYC area.

About The Good Publishing Company 

The Good Publishing Company (GPC) is a faith-based community of artists and believers. On their Instagram, they declare they are “on a mission to bring the beauty of God’s word to life.” The GPC aims to engage with creative designers to build their brand around history’s most bestselling book. Additionally, the publishing company is spread across three locations—New York, Los Angeles, and Miami. Here’s a breakdown of the acronym-filled book title. GPC of course, stands for the publishing company itself. NIV is short for ‘new international version,’ a modern translation of the bible. 

Eric Haze — The Artist Behind The Lettering

Eric Haze

Eric Haze is a reputable artist in the world of graffiti, contemporary art, and graphic design. He has collaborated with brands such as G-Shock, Huf, Honda, Redken, Nike, Stussy, and more. Haze is also known to be one of the first pioneers of bringing graffiti into the more sociably accepted mainstream world. In like manner, Haze is one of the first graphic designers to come out of the real hip hop movement of the time. With that being said, he designed iconic album covers and logos for artists such as LL Cool J and The Beastie Boys

In addition to being known originally for his graffiti art, the New York native also has a fine art collection. Additionally, Haze has a number of successful exhibitions and installations under his belt. One notable work is his landmark LA exhibition “Art in the Streets,” at Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles. Another one of Haze’s pieces especially appreciated by Angelenos, is the mural for The Standard Hotel. Haze is married to American actress and activist Rosie Perez.

Release Date and More

Eric Haze

On a recent Instagram post, the GPC announced a sneak peak into their new book. “As lent comes to a close, we invite you to explore our limited edition GPC NIV BIBLE, which is available on Good Friday, April 2nd.” You can visit ntwrk and/or www.TheGPC.com to purchase this first Bible in a collection and join their mailing list.