Gucci Takes the Pre-Made Cocktail to a New Luxe Level: Meet the Gucci Giardino 25’s Elisir d’Elicriso

Gucci: around the world, it's a name known for luxury and high-life fashion. But there's more to Gucci than what

Gucci Takes the Pre-Made Cocktail to a New Luxe Level: Meet the Gucci Giardino 25's Elisir d'Elicriso

Gucci: around the world, it's a name known for luxury and high-life fashion.

But there's more to Gucci than what you can wear on your body (or the juicy drama from the original family). Gucci's Giardino 25 in Florence, Italy, is a luxe destination for those with an appreciation for the finer things in life.

In the world of Giardino 25, Gucci just announced their first foray into something that would be somewhat common (if Gucci wasn't involved) – pre-made cocktails. But this pre-made cocktail isn't your convenience store daquiri, and you'll want to check it out ASAP. Here's how.

Elisir d’Elicriso

The new smart beverage introduced at Giardino 25 is called Eliser d'Elicriso, the very name evoking luxury and elegance.

It's a collector's cocktail designed to skip the onerous mixing and skip straight to the enjoyment. Pour it on the rocks, mix with sparkling wine, combine with tonic, or drink it straight – it's all Gucci.

Celebrating the breathtaking Italian region of Tuscan, the Elicriso combines per High Snobiety, "local botanicals, apothecary and natural herbs from the Mediterranean" with an elicriso, a natural oil from which the drink's name is inspired.

It was conceived of with the help of Giorgio Bargiani, a master mixologist at London's popular Connaught Bar.

Robb Report writes, "'Gucci and I share the same Tuscan roots, and we have the same vision, in pursuing excellence, looking for elegance without being stuck in the past, and always craving for innovation,' Bargiani told [Women's Wear Daily].

The drink took seven months (and 15 different tastings) to come to fruition. The end result pairs vermouth and two local liqueurs (Vetiver and N.4 Podere Santa Bianca) with London dry gin, white vinegar and red wine from Tenuta San Guido. It also features a few drops of elicriso (helichrysum oil), which explains the cocktail’s name."

Think rich, bright Italian botanicals mixed with classic spirits – it's a winning combination that embraces the elegant-past-meets-today's-trends vibe that Gucci as a brand has been focused on in recent years.

You don't have to sit in Giardino 25 to enjoy a taste of the fine collector's potion, but you will need to be Italian – or at least in Italy.

Italian customers can order from Gucci Osteria or Giardino 25 for just about $140 USD, but it only ships within the country.

And if you're in Italy already, you may as well make the pilgrimage to Giardino 25 – it's a Florence destination you won't want to skip.

Giardino 25

Giardino 25 opened earlier this year, the newest addition to the collaborative space Gucci Garden.

Giardino 25 pays homage to the business that occupied the space before it, a historical florist. The venue embraces a rich, Florentine vibe with charming Tuscan-inspired touches like a dark wood ceiling and local botanicals throughout.

Giardino 25 boasts an all-day experience with rotating menus, an on-site kitchen promising delectable bites, and a mixologist at the helm with a passion for excellence.

The Giardino 25 website explains, "At the helm is the Umbria-born Martina Bonci, whose passion for mixology began in her great grandmother’s kitchen with furtive sips of wine and was shaped by diverse experiences throughout Italy. Martina brings a distinctive line-up of balanced, colorful cocktails including the ‘Mémoire di Negroni’ – a tribute to the more than century-old Italian Negroni, said to have originated in Florence – characterized by creative inventiveness and high-quality ingredients, reflecting the core values of the House."

It's floor-to-ceiling Gucci at Giardino 25, and the upholstered sofa and dream-like Tuscany elegance will draw you in and bring you back time after time – and now you'll be able to bring the perfected taste of the Eliser d'Elicriso with you.