Hakkasan Group to Reopen OMNIA Terrace at Caesars Palace and Popular Pool Venues

After months of crickets at some of Vegas’s most popular hotel amenities, the Hakkasan Group has announced plans for reopenings.


After months of crickets at some of Vegas’s most popular hotel amenities, the Hakkasan Group has announced plans for reopenings. The Wet Republic at the MGM Grand, OMNIA at Caesars Palace, and the Liquid Pool Lounge at ARIA will soon be open again – with some adjustments for safety. 

Hakkasan Announces Reopenings

Wet Republic

In an email on Tuesday, the famed Hakkasan Group announced that it was time to reopen some of their premiere Vegas amenities. All hotels have suffered to some degree since the pandemic forced shutdowns, but Las Vegas has felt the crunch more than many others. This news promising imminent reopenings is a welcome ray of sunshine for both locals who love the Hakkasan Group property elegance, and travelers craving some normalcy and high-life pampering. 

The Hakkasan Group email begins, “Global hospitality company Hakkasan Group is set to re-open Las Vegas premier nightlife destination OMNIA at Caesars Palace along with its award-winning pool Wet Republic at MGM Grand on Friday, March 5, and Liquid Pool Lounge at ARIA on Friday, March 12.

In adherence with State of Nevada restrictions for nightclubs and dayclubs, all three venues will pivot from their regular offerings. OMNIA will resume operations of the terrace area of the venue as a lounge, which provides sweeping views of the world-famous Las Vegas Strip in a unique outdoor socially distant environment. Wet Republic Ultra Pool and Liquid Pool Lounge will re-open as an extension of the resort pool to support customer demand during the summer season.”

Adjustments for Safety

Although these locations will be reopening, they won’t look like they did a year ago today. The email explains limitations aimed at increasing safety for both guests and locals; “Reservations are required for hotel and non-hotel guests and all visitors must be 21 and over. No General Admission is permitted under current local restrictions.

With health and safety protocols at the forefront, the venues have moved to touchless menu systems via scannable QR codes from cell phones. VIP sections will be separated to allow for physical distancing and rigorous cleaning plans will also be implemented.”

Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak recently announced a plan to implement reopenings safely across the state, and Vegas has eagerly embraced the opportunity to bring people back to its hemorrhaging hospitality locales. Per the Las Vegas government website, “As of February 15, 2021:

Moving to 35% capacity:

  • Gyms, fitness studios, yoga studios, martial arts studios, and similar establishment
  • Gaming floors
  • Arcades, racetracks, bowling alleys, pool halls and similar activities
  • Restaurants & bars: indoor dining & beverage service. Outdoor dining will not have a capacity limit, but will have to adhere to social distancing requirements. Reservations will no longer be required and the maximum number of patrons per table will increase from four to six.

Moving to 50%:

  • Libraries, museums, art galleries, aquariums and zoos
  • Places of worship
  • Retail stores and indoor malls
  • Medicinal and recreational cannabis establishments
  • Community/recreational centers (incl. public pools)

Public gatherings and events can increase to 100 individuals or 35% of fire code capacity. Organizations may begin submitting large gatherings plans beginning on Feb. 15, but no events can resume until March 1. Events have to be reviewed by local health authorities and approved by appropriate state agency — the same process that was in place prior to the Statewide Pause.

Brothels, adult entertainment establishments, karaoke and day clubs and night clubs will remain closed until at least May 1.”

Although it feels like a glacial speed to those hurting over the past year’s shutdowns, it’s a start.  

Reopenings Offer Hope to Hospitality Industry 

Liquid Pool Lounge

Announcements that the Hakkasan Group is reopening these top tier locations has triggered a ripple effect. Across the hospitality industry, reactions have been mixed but mostly positive. Some worry that it’s too soon and that the potentially premature reopenings are going to cause a surge in coronavirus numbers. Others argue that it’s time to find a way forward for businesses that doesn’t involve keeping some of their most lucrative amenities shuttered. 

Hoteliers are certainly finding reasons to celebrate though. After a year of having to promise basically nothing but a room to stay in, they can now offer more on-site amenities to guests desperate for some pandemic distraction.

With the Hakkasan Group’s announcement, Vegas lovers can now return to some of what makes Vegas so much fun. As the weather warms up, these reinvigorated locations are sure to draw plenty of COVID-weary people looking to relax and enjoy some socially distanced fun around others.