Hakkasan Group Grows Again, Adding Restaurants in Bodrum and Istanbul

It’s been a stellar year for hospitality giants Hakkasan Group. After a difficult 2020, 2021 has been nothing but upward

Hakkasan restaurants Bodrum Istanbul

It’s been a stellar year for hospitality giants Hakkasan Group. After a difficult 2020, 2021 has been nothing but upward growth. Just days after announcing the stunning and forward-thinking acquisition of Hakkasan by Tao Group, Hakkasan is once again sharing wonderful news: They’re opening new restaurants. This time, in Bodrum and Istanbul, Turkey. The world’s preeminent hospitality group turns everything it touches to gold, so the new restaurants are likely to be more of the same peerless quality. 

Bodrum and Istanbul Soon to Enjoy Hakkasan’s World-Class Experiences

From Las Vegas today, Hakkasan Group announced another direction of growth for its flagship brand Hakkasan. They’re adding two new restaurants, in coordination with Alfarden Group and Astas Holding. In a statement, Hakkasan announces, “This further collaboration will launch the first Hakkasan to open within Mandarin Oriental Bodrum, currently scheduled to open summer of 2021. Then to follow shortly thereafter, Hakkasan in Mandarin Oriental Bosphorus slated to open in the later part of 2021, making the Turkey outposts the 11th and 12th worldwide locations for Hakkasan and providing evidence of the brand’s loyal following and affinity across the globe.”

Hakkasan’s brand grew out of Soho, London, first opening in 2001. When you enter a Hakkasan restaurant, you’re going to be able to avail yourself of unique, specially crafted cocktails, award-winning cuisine, and a signature and unique service experience and soundtrack. Every Hakkasan restaurant is somehow both individual and unique, but comprised of the same luxury and quality you can expect from the brand.

Considered one of the top Chinese cuisine restaurant destinations in the world, Hakkasan restaurants will bring the mix of traditional Chinese food and a contemporary twist to its two Turkey locations, making for a delightful dining experience. 

“We know diners within exciting markets such as Bodrum and Istanbul demand more than an average night out. We are thrilled at the prospect of bringing the finest modern Cantonese menus and a luxury experience that can only be found at Hakkasan to Turkey through expanding our partnership with Alfardan Group and launching a new relationship with Astas Holding,’” said Angela Lester, Hakkasan Group’s executive vice president of business development, in a statement. “For years we have pushed the boundaries of what to expect from our restaurants. We look forward to sharing our evolving Hakkasan philosophy with even more people throughout our continued growth in the region.”

Bodrum Lies at the Northern End of the Gulf of Kerme

Hakkasan restaurants Bodrum Istanbul

Bodrum, just off the Aegean Sea, was built on the ancient ruins of Halicarnassus. The city itself was founded when Crusaders squatting in the region established a small outpost, and built a castle called the Castle of St. Peter, which remained in Christian control until the time of the Ottoman Empire. The city is beautiful, with its picturesque port and rolling hills, making it the perfect place for diners to enjoy the view from a Hakkasan restaurant.  

For the Bodrum location, Hakkasan has planned an open-air concept that will give diners a jaw-dropping view of the Mediterranean. 

Istanbul, Ancient City and Principal Seaport of Turkey

Istanbul is a city with a long and storied history. Once the heart of ancient Byzantium, Istanbul was long named Constantinople, after the Roman Emperor, Constantine. A city wrapped in as many walls as it is secrets, Istanbul lies across a Peninsula between Europe and Asia and has spent the past two and a half millennia at the crux of many disputes. 

Because of its central and vital location, Istanbul has been one of the most coveted cities in human history. At the center of swirling eddies of culture, religion, and strife, the city has absorbed much of what’s been thrown its way, making it a unique and vibrant compendium of history and human experience. 

With the combination of ancient buildings and modern updates, Istanbul is a city of extremes, but in a way that somehow makes it seem perfectly content with its own image. For the Istanbul Hakkasan restaurant, it will overlook the Bosphorus, providing 180-degree views of the ancient and scenic waterway.  

Hakkasan and Tao

Tao Hospitality Hakkasan Group

The addition of the Bodrum and Istanbul restaurants is just Hakkasan’s newest exciting development in recent days. Just last month, the group announced that it was being acquired by Tao Group, another of the world’s premiere hospitality groups. 

The combination of two of the world’s greatest hospitality powers promises to change the industry and offer the best of both companies to their customers. While Tao Group has acquired Hakkasan, Hakkasan will remain in charge of the day to day details of their own properties, keeping that special experience guests expect.