Hangout Music Festival Announces Lineup for 2022

This summer get ready for the comeback of a massive music festival with all your favorite artists. The gulf shore


This summer get ready for the comeback of a massive music festival with all your favorite artists. The gulf shore of Alabama is excited to invite festival lovers from all over the world to a three-day event of bangers, booze, and bands for a weekend you will never forget.

Spread out on the beach of Gulf Coast Alabama, this festival has a perfect spot for every festival lover including wading in the water, taking in some tent time, beach volleyball or a simple view from the crowd beyond the stage of the performers that will be appear. This event has stressed how excited they are to be back and kicking after a year of no music festivals and assure this year will be better than ever.

What Is Hangout Music Festival


Hangout Music Fest will take place at a popular event location called “The Hangout” smack dab on Gulf Coast Beach in Alabama. You make be raising your eyebrows at the sound of a music festival in Alabama? of course we know some of the most famous music festivals reside in Sunny California and Florida but what we can assure is Alabama knows how to get down too! The festival has been putting on its three-day event since 2010 and has been learning and growing in the business of music festivals. Hangout is currently one of the most well-known and sought-after music festivals in the United States and has proudly earned that title.

The real question is, what makes Hangout special enough to get you there? for starters Hangout Fest has a stellar location right on the beach in perfect weather. Most music festivals are desert bound or in open fields which is awesome but if you are beach people like us, this festival sounds rocking. The festival is three days long, longer than some popular festivals, this is great because you can enjoy the location and event for a decent amount of time! hotels line the Gulf Coast Beach making accommodation in close proximity to the event so you don’t need to spend half your day or night getting back and forth! Hangout has a lot of passion and big vibes to it, there is something about a lineup of 70 artists that hypes the entire beach up as you have never seen before. Popular artists that create party and dance vibes are the highlight of the event simply because, who doesn’t like to jump and splash around in the ocean, with glow sticks, while ZEDD plays in the background ???

Details and Tickets

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The real point of this article is to inform you of who is going and when you can buy tickets! The wait is no longer, pre-sale tickets have already begun and you better move fast to get your spot! the location of the festival (The Hangout) is a full-service restaurant with drinks, foods and snacks plus vegan vendors will also be available at the event! The festival will start May 20th and go on the 22nd of 2022, times and schedules of when artist perform has not yet been released but stay on the alert for what days your favorite artists play so you don’t miss a thing! the lineup is simple to explain, IT IS A LOT!

Many artists from every genre you could think of is excited and scheduled to spend a wild weekend with all you attendees and it’s going to be amazing. Tickets for the festival start at $400 for the entire weekend and will go up from that price point when different perks and benefits are added to your trip! all guests 18 and over are welcome to the festival and tickets can be purchased at StubHub for quick and easy access!

This event won’t be worth missing and to prove it, here is the 2022 Hangout Lineup. We hope you get your festival fix this year at Hangout and enjoy a chance to live out your best summer.