Update: Happy Dad Seltzer: The New Taste of The Summer

NELK on YouTube has been at the center of a few controversies over the years, but they’ve also been the

Happy Dad

NELK on YouTube has been at the center of a few controversies over the years, but they’ve also been the driving force behind some really amazing life-changing moments. Now, the Nelk Boys are looking to change something else: the taste of Summer. Happy Dad Seltzer is a brand spankin’ new Nelk Boys product and it promises to change the way people drink this Summer. With a cool, refreshing, best-in-its-class taste, Happy Dad Seltzer is starting the Summer off the only way the Nelk Boys know how: big and bold.

UPDATE 6/14/2021


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Happy Dad Seltzer launched today, and the response was huge. A video on NELK’s Twitter showed fans camping out the night before launch, and a long line of people who refused to miss out on the influencer-brand new seltzer line. Products sold out within minutes of opening, and the boys seemed jubilant that their fan base showed up to support their new venture in such a big way.

All month, the NELK team has been surprising fans with samples of their new seltzer and showing up in public to hype the brand. They even gave Food God, food influencer star, a sample to try – and his response? “Great.” He continued, “This is really good.” Food God added in wonder, “This is really good.” The PR efforts have definitely paid off; people have been clamoring to try the new drink.

CELEB‘s Nik Richie took a trip to BevMo to score some Happy Dad, and was able to buy 4 cases with a 2 case minimum in place. Kat from BevMo shared, “We are getting about 500 calls a day about this.” Richie even made a playful video on Instagram in support of the launch. It’s clear the NELK Boys have won the hearts of seltzer drinkers everywhere.

Nelk Boys Go Big

Happy Dad

The Nelk Boys channel – sometimes referred to just as NELK – is known for pranks, pranks, and more pranks. Always hilarious, sometimes edgy, frequently irreverent, the Nelk channel embodies the carefree and fun-centered content of YouTube days of yore. Reminiscent of some other big name YouTubers like the Paul brothers, the Nelk Boys usually manage to be troublesome yet not offensive. And one thing you can say about Nelk that they have big hearts and care deeply about their fans and viewers. Even when they’re pulling pranks, they care about the people they’re pranking.

Members (current and recurring) include Kyle Forgeard, Stephen Deleonardis, Lucas Gasparini, Salim Sirur, and “Jimmy Gambles”. The channel sprang from the depths of Forgeard’s creative mind in 2010. Then called NelkFilmz, Forgeard brought it into being with the help of Niko and Marko Martinovic, and Lucas Gasparini.

The content creators for the channel have seized popularity to continue to grow the channel and make bigger, wilder, more gasp-worthy pranks.

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The Canadian boys have segued their brand into Full Send and successfully sell merchandise and run a wildly popular Instagram page. Full Send’s president is none other than John Shahidi, co-owner with his brother Sam of Shots Studios, one of YouTube’s most successful branding and talent companies. Full Send launches capsule lines of merchandise from time to time and their rabid, mostly college-aged fans show up and sell it out in short order.

But the members of the group don’t live just for pranks. One member in particular, Deleonardis, is known for being a troublemaker in the best way possible. Deleonardis gives away cars. Usually Teslas, which run $40,000+. The Nelk Boys content creator uses his own channel SteveWillDoIt to frequently surprise both those in his life close to him, and perfect strangers, with life-changing opportunities. Using his own money earned from merchandise sales, Deleonardis is like Santa Claus. In one video, Deleonardis presents a single mother of two who is living out of a hotel with her children with tens of thousands of dollars and a brand new Tesla car.

Happy Dad Seltzer – The Taste of Summer 2021

Now they’re ready to conquer the next medium and have released their own seltzer brand, Happy Dad. The Happy Dad website shares, “Happy Dad hard seltzer will never let you down.

We know there are thousands of other hard seltzer brands out there, but here’s why Happy Dad is the GOAT of all hard seltzers. It’s better tasting, has the perfect amount of carbonation, and it has f–king electrolytes. Most important of all, it isn’t in a bulls— skinny can. Like c’mon, why is every hard seltzer in a sh—y skinny can?

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Besides that, Happy Dad’s water is naturally filtered by limestone and is crafted in small batches to ensure quality. It is also brewed at the 2nd oldest brewery in all of America. They even kept their operation going through the prohibition days. Pretty bada–.”

The second oldest brewery flouting prohibition to keep going sounds like the perfect partner for the intrepid Nelk Boys, and with a Seltzer plug like that – who can resist? Tapping into the new taste of Summer ’21’ is as easy as trying some Happy Dad.

How to Try Happy Dad Seltzer

Happy Dad

But to try it, you have to find it. So where can you get a Happy Dad and join the future of seltzer? Well, you have to reserve it because orders don’t open officially until June 14th.

TheFocus shares, “The Happy Dad & Nelk Boys brand confirmed the release date on Twitter today as they revealed the new seltzer drink would first be available to buy in California and online for selected states from Monday, 14 June.

The beverage will be available to buy in Nevada, Georgia, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Florida from July. It will be released in Texas, New Jersey, New York and Canada in August.

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The brand has yet to confirm when it will release Happy Dad across all states in America and whether it will be available internationally.”

But once they do, you’ll be able to place your orders anywhere and get ready for some refreshing boozy fun. But remember, the Nelk Boys fans don’t let merchandise go to waste so you’ll be competing against a horde of their most loyal followers. It’ll be worth it, but put on your battle pants when you get ready to reserve. Visit Happy Dad to reserve your spot and get ready for the best seltzer you haven’t tried yet.