Harry Styles Announces a Third Album Titled “Harry’s House”

Harry Styles Announced the coming of a third album via his Instagram early this morning (March 23rd). The announcement was

Harry Styles Announced the coming of a third album via his Instagram early this morning (March 23rd). The announcement was made with a beautiful cinematographic video teasing different audio and visuals. Harry posted to his personal Instagram what we can assume to be the album cover with the simplistic caption “Harry’s House. May 20th.”

Harry’s House

Harry Styles Announces a Third Album Titled “Harry’s House”

Following the orphic worldwide takeover, and then succeeding hiatus of One Direction, Harry Styles released his first self-titled album in 2017, featuring the memorable track sign of the times. Subsequently, his sophomore album Fine Line captured our hearts with watermelon sugar and Adore you in 2019.

Posted to his HQ Instagram was a short 40-second clip teasing the release. It consisted of different fast-paced clips of scenery and the artist himself entering a classic opera theater. The clip closes out with a set being pulled up around him, coming together in the final seconds as a house, representing the album’s title.

Succeeding a world tour for Fine Line, fans are ecstatic for the coming of the new era of Styles’ career. The tour finally was able to take place in 2021 after multiple reschedules all related to COVID-19. Harry’s Home is said to have 13 tracks and will be available May 20th for download on all streaming services.

Harry’s House is the predecessor to multiple movies he is set to star in the coming future, including Don’t Worry, Darling directed by his other half, Olivia Wilde. he is also set to act in a film called My Policeman.

This announcement comes amidst multiple projects by the multitasking artist. The singer-songwriter has been juggling a new beauty line, a new acting career, and we now know writing new music all in the last year. In addition to all of these side-gigs, Styles is said to be headlining Coachella this year.

Harry Styles Headlining Coachella

Harry Styles Announces a Third Album Titled “Harry’s House”

Coachella will be a monumental moment for the festival and the singer himself. To headline both weekends with such a well-known artist is sure to bring more traction than ever to the desert-based festival. Harry Styles will be performing alongside big names like Billie Eilish, Doja Cat, Phoebe Bridgers, and Maneskin.

Festival lineups are always telling for any big things coming, and seeing Styles on the lineup was a huge hint that something was to come in the near future. It wouldn’t be outlandish for styles to headline without new music coming but it definitely makes more sense for there to be more in the works behind the scenes.

The release of the third album is exciting, but not a total surprise to most fans. Speculation that new music would be released either before or following his Coachella performances had been floating around social media. The ‘Lights Up’ singer also was pictured filming a music video in the streets of London in February of 2022.

He and a band were seen riding around in front of Buckingham palace on an oversized bed and singing along to unknown music. There was a good amount of speculation whether or not the project was another of his ads for a Gucci campaign or for unreleased music.

Pleasing The Fans

Harry Styles Announces a Third Album Titled “Harry’s House”

Adding to his long list of ventures, Styles has also started a beauty line. Pleasing is a beauty line that has skincare and nail-polish products. Harry Styles has always been known for pushing beauty standards and norms, and the nuanced line is the perfect outlet to continue to push the limits.

The “life brand” as Styles refers to it originally dropped a set of polishes including a pearlized white, a clear iridescent topcoat, a blue-based black, and a pearlescent pink. All of the colors have names related to the theme.

The most recent launch, Shroom Bloom, is described as an “eclectic supernatural wonder” and includes “acid drops lucid overnight skin serum” and a new hand and nail balm. It also features a whole new nail polish line and assures the products are biodegradable and plant-based, fitting in with the artist’s clean and eco-friendly image.

The most recent media release sports Mick Fleetwood as the frontman in all of the brand’s new clothing and merchandise. the micro-launch photoshoot was taken in Maui, and the launch was available to the public on March 15th.