Healing Through Music – Sam Garrett’s Announces New Release

The English singer-songwriter is known as a spiritually connected artist, aiming to bring healing through his music. Two years after

Sam Garrett

The English singer-songwriter is known as a spiritually connected artist, aiming to bring healing through his music. Two years after his debut album, Sam Garrett announces more than one reason for his fans to get excited again.

Garrett rose to the scene at the early 2010’s with his first EPs showcasing his potential and songwriting talent. In 2019, he introduces his first full body of work a loyal and expanding audience he had built through releases and touring over the years.

At first listen, his work would have lined in perfectly with the other top artists in the genre. A genre, that at the time was easier to define for Sam Garrett. Acoustic guitars, heartfelt lyrics and soft vocals, a recipe that worked beautifully well.

About two years later, the multi-instrumentalist has added a lot of layers to his repertoire. And it doesn’t sound forced or try hard. Much more, it seems to be the organic growth that came with his journey. Because Garrett is always on a journey. Creative, as a writer, and also spiritually. And it’s the spiritual path that he is taking the listeners on with his recent work.

No, Sam Garrett is not a preacher or on a mission. Much rather we are listening to an artist that experiences himself deeply connected to nature, and has surrendered to the idea of exploring life through tenderness.

The latest singles aren’t completely free of elements you might associate with the term “spiritual”, but that is for the best. Given his strong songwriting as a foundation, pieces of mantras and root reggae rhythm patterns have become a inevitable part of his music. And contrary to taking away anything from his style and sound, these new stylistics only add depth and layers to his work.

After the first releases in collaboration with his partner Mollie Mendoza, including the impressive “Asatoma”, it will be extremely interesting to hear this mix of elements on an LP.

Fans Have More Than One Reason To Be Excited

Sam Garrett

In a way, Sam Garrett is still on his journey that he started with his debut album ‘The Dancer & The Wonder’ in 2019. Still, the singer-songwriter is discovering love and life through the art of surrender and compassion. Many speak of 2021 as a year where of a massive shift in people’s perception of society and their purpose and roles in this world – surely also contributed by the global circumstances of the last 20 months. Garrett’s style and topics have evolved in synchrony.

He’s surely not the first artist to tell you that sound and music can have a healing effect on the mind. But Garrett’s approach is much more a shared experience than a personal one. Healing through music and sound, an approach that finds its audience in the right time. The mantras, and positive messages in his music inspire listeners to open up for alternative ways of thinking, exploring their own connection with nature and purpose.

Now he announced that there is more new music on the way.

Two years after he explored love through devotion and surrender on his successful debut LP ‘The Dancer & The Wonder’ Garrett announced not one, but two upcoming projects to be released soon.

One of them being a roots reggae album featuring fellow songwriter Paul Izak, will be a gem to look forward to. Stylistic elements that are far from new to Garrett, emphasized by his feature partner –sounds like the ingredients to a very good album. A release date is yet to be confirmed, the album is expected to be released in spring 2022.

But first, Garrett and his partner Mollie Mendoza are ready to unleash their long player into the world. After a few singles including the mentioned ‘Asatoma’, the couple is looking forward to drop their collaborative album this winter. A lot of new music for the loyal Sam Garrett fans, and those to be.