Heartstopper’s Kit Connor Forced to Come Out as Bi as Fans Heckle him for ‘Queerbaiting’

Heartstopper star Kit Connor received a flood of love from costars and fans after he was forced to reveal that

Kit Connor

Heartstopper star Kit Connor received a flood of love from costars and fans after he was forced to reveal that he’s bisexual.

The 18-year-old was on hiatus from social media but came back to address accusations that he was “queerbaiting.”

Connor was immediately supported by some of his co-stars and biggest fans, horrified that he was forced to come out before he was ready because some people apparently missed the whole point of the star’s most iconic role.


Kit Connor Comes Out as Bi – But Not on His Terms

It should be a moment to celebrate.

Kit Connor came out publicly as bisexual, and under any other circumstance it would have been a celebration of authenticity and self-expression and a sense of self confidence.

Instead, it was dark and shadowed by hate that pushed him to reveal his sexuality in the first place.

People reports, “It all started when photos surfaced of Connor holding hands with his A Cuban Girl’s Guide to Tea and Tomorrow costar Maia Reficco. Connor, who plays a bisexual teen on Heartstopper — still coming to terms with his sexuality — was then accused of ‘queerbaiting’, or hinting and being a part of the LGBTQ+ community, but never actually crossing the line from a heteronormative lifestyle. Many see the practice as offensive because it offers the benefit of building an LGBTQ+ fanbase without actually being part of the community.”

Connor felt as though he had to address the criticism, and returned briefly to Twitter to do so.

He wrote, “back for a minute. i’m bi. congrats for forcing an 18 year old to out himself. i think some of you missed the point of the show. bye.”

In Heartstopper, Connor plays a bisexual teen who falls in love with his school’s only out gay boy, played by 18-year-old Joe Locke.

Part of Connor’s character is his realization that is in fact bisexual, and the way he comes out to his best friend-turned-lover (Locke’s character) and his mom as he navigates his newly awoken sexuality.

It’s the height of hypocrisy and lacking self-awareness for fans of that exact book series (now Netflix series) to then turn around and blast Connor for not being “gay enough.”

This phenomenon is known as “bi erasure” where people who are bisexual are often elbowed out of the LGBTQ community if they’re in heterosexual relationships for not being “gay enough.”

Connor’s forced outing is another reminder for the LGBTQ community that just because someone’s in a hetero-passing relationship doesn’t mean they aren’t bisexual.

And a stark reminder for fans of Heartstopper to stop and think before they speak, because they might be the Ben Hope in someone’s story without realizing it.

Fans and Costars Rally Around Kit Connor

Even though no one should ever be forcibly outed or feel forced to out themselves, there is a silver lining for Connor.

Because instantly on the heels of his announcement on Twitter, co-stars and fans stepped up to support him and cheer him on.

Connor’s co-star, Joe Locke, tweeted, “You owe nothing to anyone. I’m so proud of you my friend 💕.”

Sebastian Croft, who plays the aforementioned bully Ben Hope, wrote, “Kit Connor, the world doesn’t deserve you. Love you my friend ❤️.” Because of course Croft is nothing like Ben in real life – unlike many of the people who originally dogged Connor for queerbaiting.

British MP Nadia Whittome wrote, “Being forced to come out is being outed and it’s disgusting. I’m so sorry you’ve been put through that. Sending you so much love and solidarity, Kit ❤️.”

And professional swimmer Michael Gunning added, “Reading tweets like this is heartbreaking… especially when Heartstopper taught so many people around the world the true value of someone’s personal coming out story. I’m so sorry you had this moment taken away from you Kit, but let’s hope people will learn from it! ❤️❤️.”

Connor’s heartbreaking post received thousands of supportive comments, proving that hate won’t win.

Heartstopper will be back on Netflix for seasons 2 and 3, and it would be surprising if Connor’s experience wasn’t represented in the story.