Heather Morris Responds To Backlash After Defending Late ‘Glee’ Costar Mark Salling

It looks like Heather Morris is not here for people hating on Mark Salling. Yep, the actress just defended her

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It looks like Heather Morris is not here for people hating on Mark Salling. Yep, the actress just defended her late Glee costar on Twitter, after a fan covered his face with the vomit emoji while sharing a throwback picture from the show.

So What Exactly Went Down?

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It all started on December 7, 2020, when a Glee fan celebrated the 10-year anniversary of the Christmas episode of the iconic singing show by sharing a few stills from it to Twitter.

“10 years ago today A Very Glee Christmas aired,” she captioned the post. “Artie got his magic legs, we all fell in love with Coach Beiste and Brittany reignited the magic of Christmas for everyone.”

The tweet seemed to catch the eyes of Kevin McHale, who played Artie in the Fox series, because he retweeted it and added, “This album goes hard though.” But when Morris noticed that the fan put an “offensive” sticker on top of Salling’s face, she was not here for it.

“The vomit face on Mark’s face is offensive,” the actress quickly fired back.

Why Did The Fan Cover Mark Salling’s Face?

For those who don’t know, back in 2015, Salling was arrested and charged with receiving and possessing child pornography. After pleading guilty in October 2017 and getting sentenced to four to seven years in prison, the actor took his own life at 35 years old.

After Morris defended the late actor, she started to receive a lot of backlash online from her fans. But she didn’t back down. She claimed that although Salling’s “actions are unjustifiable,” he was still “a part of the Glee family.”

“I don’t feel the need to ever justify something because somethings are better left unsaid. Y’all who have lots of things to say, I get it, I UNDERSTAND you… Somethings are unforgivable. But this holiday season, amongst ALL holiday seasons is INCREDIBLE hard for so many of us,” the 33-year-old explained on Twitter. “We did not lose just two cast members, we lost three. And it is SO incredible tough to have to act like that third one is invisible, because even though his actions are unjustifiable, he was a part of our family at one point and he was mentally SICK. Yes pedophelia is a sickness but… Although I don’t want to have to say all that, it’s truthful. So THANK YOU for treated me with such disrespect and unkindness during a time that I can’t get through a day without balling my eyes out at the loss of my entire Glee family… thank you.”

What Happened To Naya Rivera?

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Unfortunately, the Glee cast has faced numerous tragedies over the years. Back in July 2020, Naya Rivera was reported missing after her 4 year old son, Josey, was found sleeping alone in a boat on Lake Piru, CA. Then, the actress’ body was discovered on July 13, 2020, and she was sadly declared dead at 33 years old.

Robert Inglis of the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office Search & Rescue Team told Us Weekly after the star’s tragic death, “The best thing that we can say that contributes to a lot of the drownings is when people go swimming and they are not wearing their life vests. And they jumped off the boat. It doesn’t take much to get exhausted if you’re not in shape. Winds do kick up at that lake, and the boats start to get away and you are trying to go after that boat … You could get a leg cramp. If you are wearing a life vest, you could rest and someone can go back and pick you up, or call for help or something like that.”

At the time, police also told to Us that Josey was found wearing a life vest, but that “another vest [was found] on board the boat for an adult, so it looks like [Naya] was not wearing” hers.

After her passing, Morris took to Instagram to remember Rivera. She wrote, “We started out as the closest friends and then like all new things, we went through a bit of a rocky phase. However, we stuck by each other’s side and created the most beautiful friendship built out of love and understanding. The last I had the chance to see you in person, I had left oranges outside our home for you to take. I wanted to say hi through the window but my phone didn’t ring when you called (which it never does, f**king T-Mobile), so instead you and Josey left two succulents on our doorstep as a thank you. I planted those succulents and I look at them everyday and think of you. I still listen to your EP on repeat because from the moment I heard it, it struck me and I always wished the world knew more of your voice. You sent me over 5 dozen SnapChat videos when you and Josey woke up in the morning and I kick myself that I didn’t save one of them. You always shared recipes and I admired your love for food. We vowed to spend every Easter together, even though COVID stole this last one from us. You are and always will be the strongest and most resilient human being I know, and I vowed to carry that with me as I continue to live my life.”


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“You constantly taught me lessons about grief, about beauty and poise, about being strong, resilient and about not giving a f**k (but still somehow respectful),” Morris continued. “Yet, the utmost important lesson I learned most of all from you was being a consistent and loving friend. You were the first to check in, the first to ask questions, the first to listen… You cherished our friendship and I never took that for granted. We never took photos together because we mutually hated taking pictures… Our relationship meant more than proof. I have countless pictures of our babies playing, because we shared that kind of pride and joy. So I’m showing the world a photo of our little goof balls for you, because I know that meant more than anything and they remind me of you and I. I speak to you everyday because I know you’re still with me and even though I’m feeling greedy that we don’t get more time together, I cherish every moment we had and hold it close to my heart.”

What Happened To Cory Monteith?

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Cory Monteith also sadly passed away on July 13, 2013, after he was found unconscious in his hotel room. His cause of death was “a mixed drug toxicity” consisting of heroin and alcohol, and it was ruled as accidental.

On the three-year anniversary of his death, Morris wrote on Instagram, “Three years ago my best friend was about to get married, I was seven months pregnant and was delivered the news that Cory had passed. I was weary to get too emotional in fear that I would go into labor too early. Not only was Cory the most genuine, always the guy to stop and say hi to fans, but he made everyone around him laugh… Obv this photo is proof. He was our family. We miss you bud. #3yearswithoutcory.”


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