Selling Sunset Cast Feud: Heather Rae Young Breaks Silence – ‘The Ship Has Sailed And Will Not Return’

Selling Sunset on Netflix has become one of their breakout hit shows. While the third season is getting ready to

Selling Sunset on Netflix has become one of their breakout hit shows. While the third season is getting ready to premiere on August 7th, 2020, we recently caught up with star Heather Rae Young

In our conversation, we talked about the upcoming season, the cast feud, the drama between stars Chrishell Stause and Christine Quinn, and Young’s relationship with beau Tarek El Moussa.

“The third season definitely has a lot in store—from me walking off set when things get heated, to going wedding dress shopping with Christine to Amanza and I working on mending our relationship while conquering a stressful project together,” Young began with sharing of what’s in store for the new season. “You will see it all—from breakups to makeups and even a wedding.”

Speaking Of Relationships – Heather Rae Young Reveals All…

Speaking of relationships, we were curious as to how Young’s romantic relationship with El Moussa is going. 

“My relationship with Tarek is incredible,” she shared with us. “He is my best friend, my love, and my favorite person.”

Detailing how they met, she told us that “We met in Newport Beach at a place called Woodys. His boat, ‘Bad Decisions,’ was parked next to a boat I was on. One of my friends happened to be on his boat, and when I saw her I jumped over to say hi. Tarek turned around and introduced himself. He asked me to go to Paris with him and I said no at the time, but after we started dating he kept his word and whisked me away on a romantic Parisian vacation.”

“We have been inseparable since our first date and we are just so incredibly happy and in love,” she added.

So could we possibly see El Moussa- who is famous in his own right for his show Flip or Flop with ex-wife Christina El Moussa– on Selling Sunset with Heather?

Heather Rae Young Selling Sunset

Young shared that “Due to network conflicts, he isn’t able to be on my show but maybe sometime down the line! You will, however, soon be able to see us on camera together for the first time for his show, Flipping 101 on HGTV.”

We wondered if it was difficult for Young, being on a reality show, to enter into a romantic relationship with someone who was already a reality star in their own right, as well as with someone who already had an ex-wife and children.

To this, Young detailed that it wasn’t “hard at all. Relationships shouldn’t be hard or a chore to enter into, they are a choice, and I made the best choice. We are in love, soulmates, and best friends.”

“We decided to commit 100% on our second date,” Young added, “which meant I was committing not only to Tarek but also to his children as well, who I adore.”

Cue The Selling Sunset Drama!

We then turned to Young’s show, Selling Sunset, and the drama surrounding the upcoming third season.

“I am friends with all the ladies,” Young began with sharing, “and I have a unique and different relationship with each of them individually.  Let’s just say there are some I trust more than others.”

A lot of the drama this season- at least from the trailer- is set to surround Stause’s very public breakup with her ex-husband, This Is Us star Justin Hartley.

“Any breakup is devastating,” Young began with sharing when asked what it was like to watch Stause’s relationship fall apart while filming, “and even more-so when it’s in the public eye.”

“Chrishell is one of the sweetest girls and I have nothing but love and support for her,” she added. “We filmed together the night before I heard the news and it hit me very hard. I have a huge heart and I am in love with love, so it definitely was shocking news to hear. My heart broke for her and I even had many moments that I cried for her.”

Speaking of Stause, we were curious about Young’s opinion on the long-standing drama between Stause and Quinn. 

“Its non-stop drama with those two,” Young told us. “I don’t have a side, but I do read or watch their interviews sometimes and just shake my head in disbelief.”

So does Young ever think Stause and Quinn can mend fences and be in a place where they’re actually friends? 

“I don’t,” she sadly shared. “I had hope in the past, but I truly think that ship has sailed far, far away, and will not return.”

Time, Sweat, and Tears

Like the rest of the world, Young is also dealing with the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. We asked her how she was handling this and how it was impacting her real estate business.

To this, she shared that “I have my ups and downs. I had to stop watching the news because it was making me sad and anxious. I had a few days where I would just cry from fear of the unknown. But I am surrounded with so much love from Tarek, the kids, and our family, so I try to focus on the positive, not the negative in my day-to-day life.”

“My whole life slowed down a lot,” she added. “Tarek and I were non-stop traveling for work and obviously we had to put everything on hold. I am ready to get back to normal life and work and have been doing a lot of Facetime showings and virtual tours.”

While Heather noted that filming while managing a full-time real estate career was a “new challenge” that “took some getting used to,” she wrapped with telling us that “I am just so thankful to everyone that is watching and supporting our show.”

“We put a lot of time, sweat, and tears into sharing our real lives in front of the cameras,” she added, “and when the cameras turn off, our lives don’t.”

We look forward to seeing Young- and the rest of the women on the show- when it returns next month.


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