Heather Thomson Accuses RHONY Cast of Drug Use, Claims Luann de Lesseps is Fake

Heather Thomson looked back on her time on The Real Housewives of New York City during the September 22 episode

Heather Thomson RHONY

Heather Thomson looked back on her time on The Real Housewives of New York City during the September 22 episode of her new podcast, In My Heart With Heather Thomson.

Five years after leaving her full-time role on the Bravo reality series after three seasons, Heather spoke to her former cast mate, Carole Radziwill, about some of the more shocking moments she experienced, including an alleged late-night drug binge between her ex-co-stars in St. Bart’s.

“I was sleeping hard [in my room] and all of a sudden I heard a knock at the door and I heard Luann’s deep voice and I got nervous,” Heather recalled, according to a transcript of the episode shared by Reality Blurb on September 30.

After Luann entered the room in which she was staying, the infamous pirate, who recently denied having relations with Luann on Watch What Happens Live, followed his rumored flame and also joined Heather.

“What’s crazy was, she had brought me a joint and she said, ‘We brought you this!’ and I’m like dead asleep, I’m like, ‘Hey thanks! Appreciate it.’ And then…other things happened,” Heather continued. 

According to Heather, her co-stars went from presenting her with a joint to using “stronger drugs.” As for what those drugs were, Heather didn’t disclose that information. Instead, she simply revealed she had distanced herself from those drugs, and those who were doing them, and went back to bed.

“Stronger drugs came out and I was like, ‘Woah!’ I remember saying to Luann like, ‘I’m not into this. I’m asleep and there’s cameras right outside,’ and I’m just like, ‘You guys gotta get out of here!’” Heather shared.

De Lesseps Tried to Cover Her Tracks

Luann De Lesseps

While Luann has tried for years to hide what went down between her and the pirate in St. Bart’s, insisting for years that the two of them were never intimate, Heather told her listeners, and Carole, that “everybody knew” exactly what went down between them during their girls getaway years ago. That said, Luann still attempted to cover up the supposedly obvious situation with a story about her Italian friends.

As Heather recalled, Luann came to her the morning after her wild night with her co-stars and the pirate and attempted to convince her to get on board with a phony story that would downplay what happened between her and the pirate.

“I remember Luann coming down to my room before production started filming and she probably hadn’t even been to sleep. And she was like, ‘Okay, darling, what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna say a bunch of Italians came over.’ I was like, ‘No we’re not!’” Heather stated.

Although Heather didn’t care what happened between Luann and the pirate, she refused to sign up to lie about what she saw. 

“I go, ‘Girl, I don’t care what you did, I’m not gonna say anything about the pirate or whatever, but I’m not gonna lie for you, so just forget about it,’” Heather explained. “Then the first thing that happens when the cameras are rolling, she’s like, ‘So tell everybody about the Italians last night!’ and I was like, flabbergasted, I was like, ‘Uh … yeah, I don’t really [know] much about any Italians.’”

Sonja Morgan May Have Also Slept With the Pirate

Sonja Morgan

Following the odd behavior of Luann on the night of the reported drug use, Heather said her and her cast mates’ trip “became a fight between Luann and [Sonja Morgan] about the pirate” and ultimately, she caught Sonja in a very compromising position with the pirate.

“We were running from the cameras when they were about to close down or something, we were running away [and] I open the door and there was Sonja and the pirate in the room in a very precarious situation,” Heather told Carole, revealing that Sonja jumped out of bed as soon as she saw Heather open up the door. 

“She jumped off the bed like super girl and flew across the room with her heels kicked out behind her and her hands straight ahead and she closed that door!” Heather revealed. “I had everybody up behind me and I knew what I had just seen. The pirate was in there, Sonja was in there, and they had some party favors in there, and, you know, I saw more than I wanted to.”

Looking back at the years she spent on The Real Housewives of New York City, Heather said she had “a lot of fun” and shared “a lot of laughs” with her cast mates on the show. That said, she didn’t always enjoy the way in which her co-stars made her feel as if she was “back in college” by engaging in “raunchy sh*t.”

Heather Believes Luann is a Fake

Heather also didn’t enjoy the way in which Luann seemingly conned her into thinking she established a “real friendship” with her early on during their trip to St. Bart’s.

“We were having a normal conversation and for some reason I told her my dad was from Scotland and I said, ‘He just passed.’ And she said, ‘Oh my God, I’m so sorry, I just lost my dad,’ and we had this really nice conversation about it and in a way it bonded us,” Heather said.

Then, months later, when the series began airing, Heather learned that her supposedly bonding moment with Luann was actually far from that.

“When I watched the show, all of that got edited out and when I said, ‘Yeah, I just lost my dad,’ they cut right to a talking head of Luann [and] she goes, ‘Uh… not exactly conversation for a cocktail party, honey!’” Heather explained. “And that was the edit I saw and I remember my stomach flipped and my heart turned and I thought, wow man … that’s cold!”

Although Heather and Luann did enjoy some nice moments with one another, seeing what Luann had said about her when she wasn’t around led Heather to question the authenticity of Luann’s behavior in general. And, eventually, she told Carole that she realized their cast mate wasn’t real at all.

“I learned nothing with Luann is genuine,” Heather slammed.

Thomson May Have Been Fired From RHONY

RHONY Heather Thomson

While Heather has said that it was her decision to walk away from the cast of The Real Housewives of New York City in 2015, rumors swirled at that time which suggested both she and Kristen Taekman were fired. 

“They were not invited back,” a source told Naughty Gossip. “They refused to bring the drama and that is what the show is all about. Heather put out a statement saying she quit, before the real news got out.”

The insider also revealed that Heather had insisted that when it came to her absence on the show’s eighth season in 2016, she made the choice to quit the series because there was simply more bad than good happening when she sat down and weighed her options.

“When the opportunity came to do this show, I had this list of pros and cons,” she said years ago. “Three years in, the pros list is just gone. They don’t exist anymore.”

A 13th season of The Real Housewives of New York City is expected to begin filming sometime later this year.