It’s Time to Book Your Holiday Hotel, and Harvest Inn Napa Valley is a Delightful Romp Through the Vineyards

Fall is just around the corner and it's time to start thinking about the way you want to spend those

It's Time to Book Your Holiday Hotel

Fall is just around the corner and it's time to start thinking about the way you want to spend those crisp cool nights and golden warm days.

In the heart of wine country, Napa Valley California, lies an inn with an autumn soul – and a promise of the kind of getaway that rejuvenates and reinvigorates you while relaxing you from head to toe.

When booking your autumn and winter getaway this year, consider Harvest Inn Napa Valley – the home away from home that sings to your wine-lover's soul.

Harvest Inn Offers Oasis and a Glass of Class

Of course when you visit Napa Valley, you expect to taste some of the finest wines in the world.

But to explore the rolling countryside and partake of the SoCal bounty, you have to have a place to call home base.

Guests at the Harvest Inn have two kinds of accommodations to choose between, and both offer something you won't want to miss. First to consider are the Vineyard Rooms. With panoramic views of the Whitehall Lane Leonardini Family Vineyards (but of course), you can feel like California royalty – or dream that you're nestled in the heart of Tuscany, because both will feel equally real.

The other accommodation options are the Harvest Inn Rooms. While they don't provide views of the vineyards, they do provide singular views of the breathtakingly manicured gardens, fountains and beautifully landscaped grounds – all with a charming cottage feel.

The interior decor throughout the property is a unique blend of wood tones and neutral palettes, with local touches of art and design which make you feel immersed in the Napa Valley life.

Half-moon brick fireplaces, cottage ceilings and furniture and soft hints of color that draw inspiration from the surrounding countryside make it the perfect place to set up your home base of exploration and wonder before setting foot outside and breathing the fresh Napa air.

Strolling Through Napa Valley Vineyards

From entrance to the back of the property, each foot of Harvest Inn is a breathtaking blend of perfectly landscaped paired with an homage to the natural wonder of the land.

Whether you're there for wine-tasting, strolling the property, indulging in some local cuisine or maybe even a wedding, Harvest Inn is the perfect St.Helena backdrop to the vacation of your dreams.

Guests will find themselves listening to the soft whisper of the property fountains, hearing the leaves rustle through the vineyards' leaves, or stroll across the charming stone bridge filled with dreams of another world.

Head to the spa for some world class pampering or hop on over to St. Helena’s Wine Country Kitchen and taste local fare paired with global innovation. Guests at the Harvest Inn are welcomed to local wineries for select tastings, making it the perfect partner to your palate's wildest dreams.

It’s Time to Book Your Holiday Travels

If you're even thinking about making Napa Valley your Fall or Winter vacation destination, now is the time to book.

Experts say that ticket prices for airfare and hotel rooms are dropping now, but will likely go back up again in October – so strike while the iron is hot.

With a vacation that is nothing short of magical in the heart of California's wine country, a Harvest Inn vacation is exactly what the doctor ordered. Maybe not your doctor, but if you tell him about it, we bet he won't have any objections.