Horrified Fans Beg ‘1000-lb Sisters’ Amy Slaton to ‘Clean Your Floor’

When “1000-lb. Sisters” star Amy Slaton posted a rare video of her sons to Instagram this week, she probably didn’t

Amy Slaton

When “1000-lb. Sisters” star Amy Slaton posted a rare video of her sons to Instagram this week, she probably didn’t expect the comments that would soon start pouring in.

The video itself is completely innocuous.

It shows 2-year-old Gage and 11-month-old Glenn standing in front of a TV on an entertainment center, enjoying a little music.

The tots are grinning, engaged, and clean from head to – well, not head to toe. But they’re clean and seem incredibly well cared-for.

That’s apparently not enough for the haters and naysayers who flooded Amy’s comment section though.

As the toddlers coo, babble and dance, people were sniffing around for something to complain about. And they found it – on the bottom of Glenn’s feet.

One follower wrote, “Clean your floor,those babies feet are black.” Another added, “Just take a baby wipe and clean there feet.”


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One fan chirped, “My gosh wash their feet,” and another wrote, “I bet Gages diaper is soaked.”

And one fan wrote a whole short story about their thoughts; “Ummm, sry when u have kids u have to keep a clean floor. My grandson is 8yrs old now, and he has had dirt on his feet, but that looks like it’s been couple days since there feet got washed. I dnt care what people say that is nasty!! The little one has to crawl on a dirty floor and u think it’s ok,? I dnt think so!!”

Apparently, obsessing about dirty feet requires poor grammar.

But other fans didn’t leave Slaton to face the haters alone, they raced to the comments to provide support – and a little perspective.

One wrote, “Adorable! Also, growing up my sister and I were black footed spring through fall every year. We played outside all the time – with no shoes on. Geesh, this is a video of two happy little boys. When did people lose their manners? 🤷‍♀️”

Another added, “Amy you have the sweetest, cutest kids!!! Also, I’m a cleaning fanatic and my grandkids feet get dirty (they also love to run around outside with no shoes, dirty feet. Who cares, let kids have fun. That’s what bathtubs are for🤷🏾‍♀️)”

And another added a valid point about letting kids go shoeless, writing, “I hated shoes when I was little.. the trolls can shove it about dirty feet. Best to stretch the arches when they are little. Barefoot helps them to be grounded.”

And the supportive comments continued:

“Some of these comments!! Funny I have seen people worry so much about other people’s lives and have opinions, meanwhile their home life sucks and they are far from perfect!! Leave the sh–ty comments when you look in the mirror!! Ridiculous!!”

“They are getting so big! Such cuties! These people commenting about their feet obviously don’t have kids that live in the country where they play outside a lot and get dirty feet!”

And one follower summed it up succinctly: “Dirty feet = happy child 🥰.”

Slaton is undergoing a contentious divorce with ex Michael Halterman, and took a moment to share some joy in the midst of all her chaos. While some trolls focused on all the things they could find wrong, the rest of the comments showed support and grace – many of those comments from moms who understand how quickly kids dirty their feet and how little it matters in the grand scheme of things.