Hotel Jackson Invites You to Head Up Into the Mountains and Enjoy a Breezy Tetons Warm Season

Up in the Tetons, summer is slow to arrive. Like the lazy days of summer itself, the mountain region takes

Hotel Jackson Invites You to Head Up Into the Mountains and Enjoy a Breezy Tetons Warm Season

Up in the Tetons, summer is slow to arrive. Like the lazy days of summer itself, the mountain region takes its time switching seasons and committing to warm breezy days.

Now, summer has arrived in earnest, and it's the perfect time to head up into the mountains to explore the beautiful vistas and natural adventures of the Jackson Hole area.

Hotel Jackson provides the perfect place to stay when setting off into the wild green yonder and may make summer your favorite season you didn't expect to love.

Hotel Jackson Welcomes Summer Vacationers

In the Tetons, summer is a gentle promise of warmth, breezes, and perfect outdoor weather. Snow has fled from all but the highest peaks and the streams, rivers and alpine lakes are the perfect refreshing temp for a summer days splash.

But you'll still need a place to lay your head at night, and Hotel Jackson is head and shoulders above the rest. Located right off the Town Square in Jackson Hole, it's a modern-meets-rustic home base for the adventurer or homebody at heart.

The hotel's unique 4 suites and 55 rooms embrace a style that the hotel describes as a "contemporary retelling of the traditional West."

CELEB has explored Hotel Jackson before, explaining, "Each room is an artful blend of modern and rustic, with weathered wooden feature walls, feather motifs, and clean gray and white color schemes through their 'Superior' and 'Premium' rooms. For a playful pop of country, plaid bedspreads finish the vibe. Each room feels like a rustic cabin escape with the benefit of modern sleek fireplaces, flat-screen TVs, and oversized windows to take advantage of the desert views.

The overall hotel structure is boxy and modern, with clean lines, stepped architectural features and a wood-and-glass blend. The lounge is oversized and luxurious, with tall windows to bring light and exterior beauty right into the heart of the hotel, and a two-story wood-burning fireplace that fixes those chilly Autumn nights and ski Winter nights with the perfect atmosphere." With summer here, open the windows wide to take advantage of the mild summer weather and breathe some fresh air on your escape from the urban hustle.

Guests can enjoy eats in the Town Square or stay on property and indulge in FIGS, a restaurant and bar that offers traditional Lebanese food.

Jackson Hole in the Summer

From your perch at Hotel Jackson, consider taking an eBike tour to see what nature has to offer. Hotel Jackson has teamed up to offer a hassle-free ebike ride directly from the hotel to Grand Tetons National Park. Supplies are limited so to reserve your bike in advance as they recommend, call 307-733-2200 or email

This year also marks the 150th anniversary of the opening of Yellowstone National Park. To celebrate, Hotel Jackson is offering guests a chance to book a deal now through October 1 that will include a 5% donation of the proceeds from your stay towards Forever Yellowstone, a non-profit supporting the preservation and wellness of the park. In return, guests will receive Yellowstone, A Land of Wild and Wonder, a photography forward book by regional author and photographer Christopher Cauble. To book the deal, visit the website.

Jackson Hole is one of the world's best skiing and winter adventure destinations, but that doesn't stop when the weather turns warm, it just changes things up a bit.

Instead of skiing the slope, adventurers can go hiking, biking, horseback riding and swimming – all against the backdrop of the breathtaking Tetons. Wildflowers sprinkle the mountainside and butterflies, bees and birds enjoy the bounty and beauty of one of America's untamed vacationer's dreams.

Jackson Hole itself is a quaint and charming town that invites you to rest awhile or get up and go – whatever your heart desires. This summer, consider an unconventional destination. Maybe they don't have tropical beaches – but you also won't sweat to death or be covered in mosquitos. That alone is hard to pass up, even before you consider the gorgeous natural wonders of the Tetons and the welcoming vibe at Jackson Hole.

To plan and book your stay at Hotel Jackson, visit the website.