‘House of Gucci’ Posters Show Jaw-Dropping Transformations of Cast

Ridley Scott‘s movie adaptation of the House of Gucci book has just released jaw-dropping character posters. With stars like Lady

House of Gucci Lady Gaga

Ridley Scott‘s movie adaptation of the House of Gucci book has just released jaw-dropping character posters. With stars like Lady Gaga, Adam Driver, and Jared Leto at the helm and a juicy story to tell, the movie is already guaranteed to be a success. But the character posters are making the case that it’s going to be even better than fans anticipated. Leto’s transformation alone is enough of a reason to tune in and watch the Gucci family’s dirty secrets come to life on the big screen.

House of Gucci Hype


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Now that the character posters are here, everyone’s losing their minds. But we need to break down what exactly is so shocking about these pictures. Except of course for Leto, because that story tells itself.

  • With that in mind, let’s start with Leto’s transformation. The sex-icon rockstar and actor who maybe runs a cult is known for his Jesus-like countenance and flowing chestnut locks. For his portrayal of Paolo Gucci, Leto again dons prosthetics, this time making him unrecognizable. The fit and chiseled actor is now balding, with jowls, a bulbous nose, and a generous double chin. While Paolo is objectively not an ugly human being, the movie portrayal is a shocking far cry from Leto’s usual looks. 
  • Jeremy Irons: The beloved Academy Award-winning actor looks much himself as Rodolfo Gucci, with his signature suave style. But his transformation is completed with a dapper pencil moustache and thick-rimmed glasses. 
  • Al Pacino: Pacino looks pretty much like himself, if he was an ’80’s shark. In the character poster, Pacino’s hair is slicked back and he’s wearing a pair of rose aviators, gazing down grimly at the camera.
  • Adam Driver: Driver is the only major cast member to be nominated for an Academy Award who didn’t go on to win one (yet!). However, as murder victim Maurizio Gucci, Driver looks every part the successful businessman with wide-rimmed glasses and his signature black tresses lightened to a medium-brown. 
  • Lady Gaga: While it can be argued that Gaga’s style runs the gamut and could conceivably include her Gucci look as an everyday item, the pop superstar looks stunning. Dressed in black with a lace veil, crimson lipstick and the gaze of Italian royalty, Gaga’s poster promises that she’ll play the part of murderess Patrizia Reggiani Martinelli quite well. 

The posters are just the newest in a long line of hype surrounding the upcoming film, although a theatrical trailer has yet to be released. The cast members have fallen perfectly into their roles and it will be a pleasure to see them come to life on screen.

The Gucci Family Drama

House of Gucci Al Pacino Lady Gaga

The book that the film is based on is The House of Gucci: A Sensational Story of Murder, Madness, Glamour, and Greed by Sarah Gay Forden. It delves into the true and too-sensational-to-believe story of the Gucci family, whose rise to super-wealth is paralleled only by its fall from grace.

A summary for the book and family story reads, “On March 27, 1995, Maurizio Gucci, heir to the fabulous fashion dynasty, was slain by an unknown gunman as he approached his Milan office. In 1998, his ex-wife Patrizia Reggiani Martinelli–nicknamed The Black Widow’ by the press–was sentenced to 29 years in prison, for arranging his murder.

Did Patrizia murder her ex-husband because his spending was wildly out of control? Did she do it because her glamorous ex was preparing to marry his mistress, Paola Franchi? Or is there a possibility she didn’t do it at all?

The Gucci story is one of glitz, glamour, intrigue, the rise, near fall and subsequent resurgence of a fashion dynasty. Beautifully written, impeccably researched, and widely acclaimed, The House of Gucci will captivate readers with its page-turning account of high fashion, high finance, and heart-rending personal tragedy.”

There are still many Gucci family members around, although they tend not to speak of their family’s tragic past. However, one family member had some thoughts to share about the casting for the movie. Per IndieWire, “After the first look photo from House of Gucci was released earlier this year, Patrizia Gucci, the great-grandchild of house founder Guccio Gucci, released a statement to The Associated Press condemning the project. One of the biggest concerns Patrizia Gucci has with Scott’s new film is the casting of Al Pacino and Jared Leto as Aldo and Paolo Gucci, respectively. As the Gucci heir said, ‘My grandfather was a very handsome man, like all the Guccis, and very tall, blue eyes and very elegant. He is being played by Al Pacino, who is not very tall already, and this photo shows him as fat, short, with sideburns, really ugly. Shameful, because he doesn’t resemble him at all.’

As for Leto, Patrizia condemned the set photos revealing the Oscar winner’s ‘unkempt hair and a lilac corduroy suit’ as Paolo. ‘Horrible, horrible,’ she said. ‘I still feel offended.’”

If only the rest of the family were so forthcoming about their sordid past, people might not be so interested in the movie.

When and Where Can You Watch House of Gucci?

House of Gucci Lady Gaga Adam Driver

It’s almost become the new normal since the start of 2020 that theatrical releases are accompanied by home streaming options. However, House of Gucci and another of Scott’s upcoming films – The Last Duel – will be released in theaters only.

The release date is set officially for November 24th. Although many people are understandably hesitant to venture back into enclosed public spaces like movie theaters, this debut is not one to be missed. With an all-star cast and delicious family drama to unfold, you’ll want to experience this one in theaters.