Roadtrippin’ Hoxton Style: Hit the Highway This Summer in a Luxury Campervan

The Hoxton in Los Angeles is well-known for its open door policy. The hotel seamlessly blends with the neighborhood it’s


The Hoxton in Los Angeles is well-known for its open door policy. The hotel seamlessly blends with the neighborhood it’s in and allows those who stay to feel like a part of the city. Last year, the hotel line offered a Camp Hox pop-up that sold out amidst much acclaim. This year, Camp Hox is back, and they’re offering campervans and a signature Hoxton experience with luxury on the road. Choose from several four-night trips in Europe or a three-night trip in California and see what it feels like to take Hoxton with you on the go. 

Camp Hox 2021


If you’re looking for a summer road trip that’s a cut above the rest, consider Camp Hox’s campervans. When enjoying a Camp Hox vacation, you don’t have to worry about creating an itinerary or any of those tedious details that make road trips sometimes more trouble than they’re worth. You can explore California’s rugged coasts and rolling wine country, Holland’s flower fields, Normandy’s stately charm, or the UK’s stellar green, rocky south-east coast. Each itinerary includes several days on the road and one night at the hotel of your departure. For European trips, the duration is four nights (with the 4th being in the hotel), and for California, it’s three nights. 

In a statement, Camp Hox promises, “Think Hoxton comforts to be enjoyed against a backdrop of rolling hills, vineyards, and charming seaside towns. Enjoy campfires, wild swims, BBQ dinners, drinks under the stars, waking up to wildflowers, and journeys with the windows down and sea breeze in your hair. This is a summer adventure done Hoxton style, all to be enjoyed with your nearest and dearest.

Each van will include all the Hoxton touches, including Roberts radios, Blank toiletries to use and keep, Hoxton linen and towels and Origin coffee for lazy mornings. Guests will also have a portable BBQ for dinners outdoors, bikes for off-road adventures, camping chairs for picnic stops, snacks for the road, and a well-stocked fridge with free beers, wines and soft drinks to work through.”

Everything a Camp Hox Vaca Gets You

Oh, and lest we forget—bubbly is part of the package. In the van, you’ll get a couple of half bottles of Veuve Cliquot, Veuve glasses, a tote bag, and a full bottle of Veuve back at the hotel. They’re not joking around when they talk about bringing luxury on the road. All along the route, all the best places have been tested and added to the itinerary as possible stops to save you the trouble of guessing at destinations. 

A Win(e)d Down the Windows California’s Camp Hox vacation includes:

  • “A Mercedes Sprinter by Texino (in Europe: the VW T6)
  • A Weber Grill
  • Sips from Nomadica Wine and Straightaway Cocktails
  • Olive oil from Pineapple Collaborative
  • Windrose Farm campsite pre-booked and paid for
  •  A night stay at The Hoxton, Downtown LA at the end of the trip (in Europe, travelers choose from Shoreditch, Holborn or Southwark)
  • Full trip itinerary with all recommendations for stops, picnic spots, beaches and more (costs for activitiesand food and drink not included)
  • Blank toiletries to use on the trip and keep
  • Origin coffee machine and freshly ground coffee
  • Camping chairs
  • Mini fridge stocked with soft drinks, Minor Figures Oat Milk and more
  • Sibling Rival breakfast burritos to enjoy on your first morning
  • Snack packs to keep you well fuelled by Lark Fine Foods and more
  • Hoxton bed linen and towels
  • Hoxton-curated playlists — no road trip is complete without one
  • Holiday essentials: beach ball and playing cards.”

Luxury Campervans and RVs


Camp Hox is likely to be a huge hit just like last year’s pop up. The Hoxton brand isn’t just well-known, it’s beloved by travelers and locals alike. If you can bring your favorite hotel with you out into the world to experience some fresh air? Sounds like a dream come true.

But The Hoxton isn’t the only business trying out this #vanlife model. Once of Beacher’s Madhouse fame, Jeff Beacher is known for a company called Outdoorsy, which rents luxury RVs and campervans to those looking to explore while on vacation. The Outdoorsy model has everything from the affordable to the over-the-top and can help you organize your trip, but doesn’t offer the intensive itinerary and door-to-door service that Camp Hox promises. However, the Outdoorsy vehicles are available year-round, whereas Camp Hox has a limited duration. 

The #vanlife lifestyle has been picking up steam over the past few years, especially during the pandemic as people looked for a way to escape the confines of a stationary home but maintain social distancing. Influencers are making the life seem glamorous and full of adventure, even if it comes with its own set of challenges and tribulations.

With a year of people locked at home, Camp Hox’s campervan vacation is hitting at the perfect time, and their vacationers will be well-poised to enjoy the slowly reopening locations they’ll be traveling through. Visit Camp Hox to plan the trip of a lifetime. Camp Hox is available from May 27 through September 27, with designated pick-up days. A valid driver’s license is required to rent a van, and insurance laws vary by location.