Ibiza Will Be Open for Fun This Summer – But There’s a Catch!

Fans of the electric atmosphere on the Spanish island of Ibiza are in luck: it will be open for fun

Ibiza Amnesia

Fans of the electric atmosphere on the Spanish island of Ibiza are in luck: it will be open for fun this summer. Amnesia has announced its summer line-up and other superclubs will be welcoming partygoers. However, there’s one small catch: you will need a vaccine passport. 

Have Passport, Will Travel?

Ibiza Passport

In the end of February, Spain’s Minister of Travel, Reyes Maroto, announced that the country would be implementing the use of vaccine passports. A sometimes-controversial tool in the battle against COVID-19, a vaccine passport helps insure that travelers have been vaccinated and are less likely to pose a risk to the local population. 

EDMTunes shares, “Spain plans to require vaccine passports or travel certificates for those wanting to travel around the country and its outlying islands which include the; Canary Islands and Balearic Islands, and Ibiza.

Minister Reyes Maroto said this would allow for ‘an element of safe mobility and adopt common protocols that give travelers the confidence that they can travel safely.’ She also stated that they ‘Already have safety protocols in place but we want to take another step to help restart travel as soon as the coronavirus situation allows for it.’”

Spain is heavily dependent on tourism and the advent of the vaccine and passports will allow them to recoup some of the staggering losses they and other European destinations have been dealing with since the start of 2020. Ibiza in particular is a nearly total tourism economy. 

Amnesia Announces Closing Show

Now that Spain has a plan for how to bring tourists safely back to their beaches and club destinations, superclub Amnesia in Ibiza has announced a full summer line-up. However, because of the fluid nature of the pandemic, they are withholding many details and leaving options open. They are also reminding people that capacity will be reduced and those who are intending to attend their events should plan well in advance once information becomes available. 

Per DJMag, “Amnesia is the first Ibiza superclub to confirm that it plans to host events this year, and has opted to announce its season of parties in reverse order as a precautionary measure. The club said in an official announcement that it is ‘presenting the end but leaving the start open.’

No further details have been shared about the closing event, but Amnesia has stated that it will feature ‘all the world renowned superstars you would expect’ and that it will go on for 24 hours.

The club has also stated that capacity for all events will be significantly reduced this year, and encourages those who wish to go to purchase Early Bird tickets.”

Although they are the first to make the open announcement, other clubs should be able to re-open starting in June and fans of the music scene in Ibiza are itching to return to the unique experience of an Ibiza nightclub. 

How to Enjoy Ibiza in and Out of Clubs


But if you’re worried about the close-quarters and large crowds of the superclubs in Ibiza, the island still offers plenty of options for those looking for a summer destination getaway. 

TravelDailyNews has cooked up an amazing list of suggestions for the intrepid Ibiza traveler:

“1. Party and attend events 

Even if you are not into partying, it would be a shame to miss something that is such a big part of Ibiza’s cultural identity. If you want to go big by attending some of Ibiza’s biggest parties and events, then plan your visit to Ibiza in time for:  

  • Feria Ibiza Medieval 

In the second week of May, from Thursday to Sunday, it’s one of the most awaited events on the island when the walled enclosure of Ibiza’s old town and its visitors go back to medieval ages. Expect to be entertained by magicians, puppeteers, jugglers, and jesters while exploring the offer of many craft markets and food stalls. 

  • Ibiza Gay Pride 

Nothing screams light, color, and love like the Ibiza Gay Pride, which takes place in mid-June. It’s an event organized by the Ibiza citizens gathered around the Ibiza LGBTQ association to help the LGTBQ community gain more visibility and affirmation of their rights.   

  • DJ Awards 

DJ Awards, also known as DJ Oscars, take place at the end of the summer season. They recognize and shine a light on DJs, other musicians, and individuals who have impacted the electronic dance music scene worldwide. Since 1998, the event takes place every year in a well-known Ibiza venue.   

  • Ibiza closing parties 

Signaling the end of the clubbing season and winter when most of the clubs shut down, Ibiza Closing Parties occur at the end of September and into the first two weeks of October. It’s safe to say how clubs close with a big bang leaving the crowd to wait for the next summer and a new round of unforgettable parties with much anticipation.”

2. Consider working your way through the summer

It may sound counter-intuitive, but the many employment opportunities of the seasonal Island offer a way for you to pay for your own vacation. If you can get a job in the industry you’re looking to vacation in, you can get behind-the-stage access to some of your favorite locations and events. Plus, you actually get paid to lay your head down at night in the dreamy and electric locale. 

“3.Explore Ibiza Old Town Dalt Vila (Per TDN)

You will not want to miss walking the squares and cobbled lanes of a UNESCO World Heritage site located on a little mountain by the sea – Ibiza’s old town Dalt Villa also known as the Upper town. It offers fantastic photo opportunities that seem to lurk from everywhere. 

Dalt Villa’s principal landmarks are: 

  • The Cathedral of Santa Maria d’Eivissa
  • Central Square Plaza de Vila 
  • Portal de ses Taules, the main entrance to the town with a drawbridge 
  • Bastion of Santa Lucia 
  • Portal Nou, the entrance at the eastern end of Dalt Vila 

Portal Nou leads to a world-class contemporary art museum. The square in front of the cathedral hides the Archaeological Museum that houses artifacts from the Phoenician and Carthaginian eras found in Ibiza’s necropolis of Puig des Molins.”

4. Arts and Body Crafts

Ibiza’s endless offerings of local craft markets is sure to delight those looking to bring home some local flavor or color. And as the beaches are plentiful and easy to access, you can spend some time sculpting your abs while you’re there. Ibiza offers not just an electric nightlife and world class EDM events, but an unrivaled natural beauty. 

Ready to Go?

Does all of this have you longing for the soft whisper of Ibiza waves or the energizing thrum of an EDM concert? Keep your eyes peeled for more information. With Amnesia determined to re-open, Spain offering a path forward for tourism, and clubs likely to re-open this summer, both EDM fans and beach lovers are very close to being able to plan for their Ibiza summer.