Introducing Silk Sonic: Bruno Mars and Anderson Paak Form a Band

Last week, Bruno Mars and Anderson Paak announced a new collaboration between the two of them. This collaboration would not amount to only one

Silk Sonic

Last week, Bruno Mars and Anderson Paak announced a new collaboration between the two of them. This collaboration would not amount to only one song either. They have formed a new band named Silk Sonic. It was revealed that the funk legend, Bootsy Collins gave them the name. The album is titled, “An Evening with Silk Sonic.” Silk Sonic’s debut single, ‘Leave The Door Open’ was released on March 5th along with the intro to their album together.

Bruno Mars’ Shift

Silk Sonic

Bruno Mars came on the scene with a trio of monumental pop hits. But his first big hit was on the B.o.B song, “Nothin’ on You.” He then released his debut album, “Doo-Wops & Hooligans” to resounding success. This album is what made him a household name. Songs like ‘Grenade,’ ‘Just The Way You Are,’ and ‘The Lazy Song’ are still some of the most well-known hits in the past decade. He would later be featured on the larger-than-life song, ‘Uptown Funk,’ which catapulted him to an even higher level of stardom. But it wasn’t until Mars’ third album that he truly hit his stride. With “24K Magic” there was a stylistic shift for the highly decorated pop singer. He leaned more into the ‘Uptown Funk’ sound but with much more substance. It was more R&B-centric and featured some of his best music to date.

Anderson Paak’s Previous Works

If you didn’t know any better, you might think Anderson Paak only recently started making music. The fact is, Paak has been around much longer than many know. In 2014, he released his debut album, “Venice.” While “Venice” was good, it wasn’t until Paak’s second album, “Malibu,” that he reached the heights fans know he is capable of reaching. After the release of his first two albums, Paak began to become more well-known. He has consistently released quality efforts every album and has only gotten sharper on the mic. He received a Grammy for his fourth album, “Ventura.” After multiple successful releases within the genre, Paak has since been the de facto face for neo-soul.

This isn’t the first time Paak has worked with another artist for a collaborative effort. In addition to Silk Sonic, Paak is also one half of the duo NxWorries. The duo consists of Paak and producer Knxledge. They’ve released two projects under the name to critical success. Paak also frequently works with the LA band, The Free Nationals. He almost has as many collaborative projects as he does solo projects. Yet, with every collaboration, comes some of Paak’s best music he’s made thus far.

How Did Silk Sonic Form?

Silk Sonic

Bruno Mars and Anderson Paak first met on the 24K Magic World Tour. Paak was his opening act for the European portion of the tour. After the tour, they remained friends and became frequent collaborators. Paak worked with Mars on his fourth album, ‘Ventura.’ Once the lockdown started, they met up in the studio and began working on music together. Fans of both should be excited for the album because this collaboration is a no-brainer. Paak and Mars are influenced by the funk/soul/R&B genres in their recent musical outings. The duo announced that the album will be narrated by Bootsy Collins. Having a legend like Collins in the studio should ease anyone’s worries about whether they do it right.

What to Expect from “An Evening with Silk Sonic”

We don’t know much about the album quite yet. All we have is the the-minute-long intro to the album and the single, ‘Leave The Door Open.’ But in recent interviews, Mars has described the album as “a live show” where he and Paak are performing and Collins is hosting the night. The intro and the first single both feature live instrumentation and give us an idea of how the album will sound. The duo also released visuals to accompany the release of their debut single. The music video features Mars, Paak, and their band in the studio playing the song in front of adoring fans. The video feels like a blast from the past with all the silk, gold, and grooving. All that’s missing is Bootsy Collins and a shag carpet.

Mars and Paak’s musical chemistry together is off the charts. They appear to be life-long collaborators even if they had only met four years ago. When listening to the song and watching the video, this isn’t a cash grab for them. It is two artists who love the music that has come before them and want to make something in the same vein as their predecessors. The video feels like something released from a well-established duo that is on their fourth album together. Mars and Paak have been in the music industry separately for nearly a decade, but now they’ve come together to make something they should’ve done years ago.