Is There Going To Be A ‘Kissing Booth 4?’ Here’s What We Know

It’s official, The Kissing Booth 3 is finally here, and we cannot stop watching it! That’s right, the highly anticipated

Kissing Booth 4

It’s official, The Kissing Booth 3 is finally here, and we cannot stop watching it! That’s right, the highly anticipated third movie finally premiered on Netflix on August 11, 2021, and it was even better than we all imagined it would be! But wait, is this the final flick in the series or will there be a fourth?! Do we have to say goodbye to Elle and Noah or will their story continue? Here’s what we know and what the cast has said about the possibility of another movie…

Joey King Said Goodbye To Her Character

Joey King

Sorry, you guys, but Joey King (who played Elle) took to Instagram to say goodbye to her character after the third movie premiered, so it seems like it may be the end of the series after all.

“My first time at the booth, and my last time. Five years apart,” she captioned two pics from on set of the first movie and the third. “Thank you Elle, I’ve loved being you. And thank you to everyone who had a hand in making these movies what they are. The Kissing Booth 3 is now streaming on Netlfix. The end of an era, excuse me while I go sob in a corner somewhere.”

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Plus, her costar Joel Courtney echoed her sentiments in a post of his own, writing, “@thekissingboothnetflix 3 is out tonight!!!!!!!! I can’t verbally describe how EXCITED I am for you all to see the movie and I hope you really like it. Number three is my favorite from the trilogy. Anyway, watch number one and then number two and then stream the third and final installment of The Kissing Booth trilogy tonight!”

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Jacob Elordi (who starred as Noah in the franchise) also confirmed that this was the final movie while chatting with Vanity Fair.

“This is really the last kiss,” he said.

There Could Be A Spinoff One Day

So this may be the series, but the good news is there may be a spinoff in the works! That’s right, the author of the books that the movies were based off of, Beth Reekles, actually wrote two spinoff books — The Kissing Booth Road Trip and The Beach House (A Kissing Booth Story) — so it’s definitely a possibility that they may be turned into movies!

“Everyone knows it’s TOUGH having a long-distance relationship — especially when your boyfriend is as sizzlingly hot and exciting as Noah Flynn. Elle’s thrilled her bad-boy-turned good has made it into Harvard, but being stuck back in Los Angeles isn’t much fun without him. So there’s only one thing for it… a road trip to visit!” a synopsis for The Kissing Booth Road Trip reads. “And what could be better than packing up your best buddy’s convertible sports car, heading out on Route 66, and looking for fun and adventure along the way? Maybe only the person waiting for you at the other end…”

The synopsis for The Beach House (A Kissing Booth Story) reads, “Every year Elle Evans spends a perfect summer at Lee and Noah’s beach house — there’s sea, sun, and plenty of flirting. Elle can’t wait to hit the beach again — but this year, things are a little different. Elle and hotter-than-hot Noah are now officially dating — it’s amazing, and Elle’s never been happier.”

The Stars Love The Ending

Jacob Elordi Joey King

For those who missed it, all throughout the third movie Elle struggled with the decision of which college she should go to — Harvard to be closer to her boyfriend, Noah, or Berkeley with her best friend Lee. In the end, she decides to leave them both behind and choose what’s best for her — studying video game design at the University of Southern California. Unfortunately, she and Noah split near the end of the movie but in the final scene things seemed hopeful for them! The film ended with a six-year time jump. She and Lee have just graduated college and they decide to return to their home town and the kissing booth one last time — where she runs into Noah! They agree to meet up for a date in the future and smile at each other as they walk away, hinting that it’s not the end of them after all. 

And it turns out, the cast really like how the series wrapped up! When asked about the ending, Elordi told Access, “It’s real, and there’s a lot of hope. A lot of room for the future.”

“I started these movies when I was 17,” King also said during an interview with The New York Times in August 2021. “We were just like, we hope people like it — if anyone even sees it. Little did we know what a big impact this would have. I’ve never tired of playing Elle. It’s so fun. Watching this story be wrapped up so nicely in like a beautiful bow, I think it would be a little hard to come back after that. We made this ending exactly what I think it needed to be. Selfishly, do I want to play Elle again? Absolutely. But I think that the story is on its final chapter.”