It’s The Most Wonderful WINE of The Year

It’s November which means that the holiday season has officially begun. Oh yes. ‘Tis the season of Cameron Diaz with

It’s November which means that the holiday season has officially begun. Oh yes. ‘Tis the season of Cameron Diaz with the perfect set of wines from Avaline to pair with everyone’s favorite romcom, The Holiday.

The Holiday Collection

Avaline Holiday Wine Collection – photo courtesy of Avaline

Now available is Avaline’s Holiday collection which includes six hand-selected, limited-edition wines from around the world. Each bottle is inspired by the glow of a cozy night by the fire, selected by Avaline’s winemaker.

Avaline’s seasonal set includes:

  • Viognier – Rich and textured, with notes of white rose, citrus blossum, and tangy lemon
  • Sauvignon Blanc – Dry and light, with crisp notes of lime zest, melon, and fresh honeysuckle
  • Syrah – Full bodied, with lush notes of raspberry, lavender, and toasted clove
  • Bobal – Medium-bodied with tart notes of red berries, florals, and subtle hints of juniper
  • Merlo Medium to full-bodied, with bright notes of cherry and soft hints of black tea
  • Penedés Tinto – Full bodied, with notes of black cherry, roasted strawberry, and a touch of fresh-cut cedar

 “Like Most Good Stories, Ours Starts With a Few Glasses of Wine”

Cameron Diaz and Katherine Power have taken the bottle into their hands to create something natural and free from the unwanted extras that’ll pour beautifully into your glass and most importantly, your body. They shared, “It’s wine at its purest, created with discerning drinkers (and friends) in mind, who embrace the pleasure of a whole life and relaxed approach to wellbeing.” Who wants to raise a glass to that?

As if you weren’t already bought in, it gets better. Avaline can be delivered to the comfort of your own home. However, if you’re anything like me and want something when you want it, you can also take a quick trip to your local wine shop to have it that night. Don’t get too impatient though. Wait until you’re home to break that baby open. It’ll be worth the wait, I promise.

Gift, host, and make new memories this holiday season with a bottle made with “only the good notes,” (as Miles would say) a.k.a. the delicious taste of Avaline wine.

So, get cozy and start the season off on a high with your favorite bottle and The Holiday starring the funny and talented, Diaz.