Jamie Foxx Remains Hospitalized 3 Weeks After Medical Incident, and it’s ‘Not Good’

Actor, comedian and singer Jamie Foxx has been hospitalized in Georgia for three weeks now, and family has asked for “prayers” as doctors scramble to run tests.

Jamie Foxx alive

Jamie Foxx was first hospitalized for an unspecified “medical complication” three weeks ago, and he still remains in the hospital.

Now, family and friends are asking for prayers for the actor, comedian and singer.

Foxx, whose real name is Eric Marlon Bishop, is in a hospital in Georgia and doctors are reportedly running tests to see what’s happening.

Foxx was in Atlanta to film “Back in Action” when he fell ill, and he has remained there ever since.

TMZ reports, “Jamie Foxx remains hospitalized more than 3 weeks after suffering a medical emergency, and those closest to him say he needs all the prayers and well-wishes his fans can muster.

While his exact condition remains secret — tightly guarded by his family — we’ve spoken with sources close to Jamie who echo the same plea — ‘Pray for Jamie.’

It was April 12 when Foxx’s daughter, Corinne, announced her father suffered a ‘medical complication.'”

Foxx’s presence is being sorely missed in Hollywood already.

He is the host on the popular show “Beat Shazam,” which went into production on its newest season days after Foxx was hospitalized. Sources have told TMZ that Foxx will not be on this season of the show, and that they are looking for a new host to replace him.

Fans of Foxx are already panicking in comment sections online, and understandably so – with little information to go on and nothing but dire news, his condition remains a concerning mystery.

Some fans said that the development of family asking for prayers is “not good” with others simply offering their best wishes and kind words for a speedy recovery.

Foxx is 55 years old.