Jeffery Epstein Suicide Death Story is Flawed—Who Killed the Millionaire Pedophile?

The official Jeffery Epstein suicide death story is flawed, to say the least—it has more holes in it than a

Jeffrey Epstein was it suicide

The official Jeffery Epstein suicide death story is flawed, to say the least—it has more holes in it than a truck of Swiss cheese—so, who killed the millionaire pedophile?

As soon as news broke of Epstein’s death, questions started flying, because the narrative of the supposed suicide just didn’t sit right. Over the course of his mysterious, and highly controversial career, the 66-year-old had accumulated an array of super-powerful and mega-rich friends in very high places.

In addition to an astronomical amount of money and bountiful luxurious possessions that he kept a very close eye on. Multiple witnesses claim that both Epstein and his alleged “Madam” Ghislaine Maxwell, boasted about having “pin-hole” cameras secretly hidden all over his mansions, penthouses, private islands, yachts, jet, and offices.

That alone could result in one heck of a lot of compromising footage of his elite and powerful pals engaging in who-knows-what? In fact, many speculate that video footage from Epstein’s hidden cameras could make for some very valuable blackmail material and potential leverage if needed.

Jeffrey Epstein suicide death story

Authorities claim Epstein was found unresponsive and motionless, “slumped on his knees with a cloth noose around his neck” around 6 am on August 10, 2019. The gruesome discovery was made by two prison guards while they were delivering breakfast to inmates on the 9th floor of the Metropolitan Correctional Center in lower Manhattan.

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The 9th floor of the notoriously grim and filthy Federal facility is where the SHU (Special Housing Unit) is located, and it’s where the high profile, most dangerous, or potentially at risk prisoners are kept.

The guards immediately hit the alarm and a medical response team was dispatched to the scene to transport Epstein to hospital. He was photographed being wheeled out of the MCC into an ambulance, strapped to a gurney, handcuffed and with a ventilator over his face. Despite an “exhaustive” effort by medical staff to revive inmate number 76318054, as Epstein was now known as, he was declared dead a short time later.

Jeffrey Epstein suicide death story sends shockwaves around the world

The Jeffrey Epstein suicide death story sent shockwaves around the world and immediately sparked numerous conspiracy theories. People weren’t buying into the official line and speculation began—if Epstein hadn’t committed suicide, then had he been killed? And if so, how and by who?

Epstein’s attorney,  Reid Weingarten, expressed “deep skepticism” that his client had taken his own life, insisting he had been “upbeat and excited” and “ready to fight the case against him” during their last meeting. Weingarten went on to testify that Epstein hadn’t shown any signs of depression, and claimed that his client’s injuries were “far more consistent with assault” than suicide.

The lawyer also testified that Epstein had appeared “scared” and nervous of one inmate in particular, his former cellmate, Nicholas Tartaglione, whom, it was claimed, had made a direct threat to kill the disgraced financier.

Alleged prior attempt and Tartaglione connection

It transpired that Epstein was alleged to have attempted to take his own life previously, just three weeks prior to his actual death. At the time of the first supposed incident, Epstein had been sharing a cell with Tartaglione, a former cop who’d been jailed for committing four homicides and was facing the death penalty.

In an eery foreshadowing of what was to later follow, prison authorities claim Epstein had tried to hang himself, but that Tartaglione had raised the alarm just in time and prevented his cellie’s death. However, when Weingarten quizzed his client about the ligature marks around his neck and what had caused them, Epstein claimed, “I got up for some water in the middle of the night and don’t remember anything else from then.”

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MCC immediately placed Epstein on suicide watch, moved him to a single cell with restricted contents, instructed guards to perform checks on him every 30-minutes, and assigned a fellow inmate, Bill Mercey to act as his “suicide counselor”. Mercey was serving time for federal tax evasion, after underreporting income from the escort agency he was running, and he was housed in a different unit but says he spent a lot of “one-on-one time” with Epstein.

Mercey boasts that the two got on well and shared a lot of “common interests”—presumably because both were predators who used women for their own sexual gratification and profit.

According to Mercey, Epstein didn’t appear depressed, he had actually adjusted to prison fairly well, and he had no complaints about his current situation, aside from whining about being given the “wrong kind of laxative” once.

Scared and looking for protection

Mercey claims that Epstein acted and appeared scared rather than depressed and that he’d even confessed he wanted to pay “a black inmate” to protect him.

“The last time I saw him, he was eating his dinner sitting on the floor, with his food between his legs,” Mercey told the in an exclusive interview. “I thought that’s a long way down from a $77 million mansion to eating prison food sitting on a stone floor.”

Despite stating he didn’t appear depressed and seemed “adjusted” to his new life, Mercey doesn’t question the official Jeffrey Epstein suicide story, believing he did in fact take his life. In the British documentary, “Who Killed Jeffrey Epstein” Mercey explains the reason why he believes it was suicide and not murder:

“There’s no way somebody got in there to kill him. “You know how many people you would have to pay off to be able to do that?“How much it would cost?”


Because Epstein didn’t have a whole roster of billionaire pals with enough money and power to ensure they always get what they want, right? Not to mention, innumerable uber-rich, powerful and elite men who would not want any “dirty little secrets” coming out if Epstein decided to spill the tea and cut a plea.

Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Jay-Z, Prince Andrew…. that’s just a few of his favorite friends, the list is seemingly endless……

The plea deal of all plea deals

Weingarten mentions another reason why he doesn’t believe his client took his own life. According to the attorney, Epstein was confident that the sickeningly saccharine “sweetheart deal” he’d managed to wangle back in 2008—two years after he’d first been arrested for committing “multiple sex crimes against minors”, would get him off the hook yet again.

The deal, that was brokered and signed off by Alex Acosta, the Florida state prosecutor at the time who went on to be appointed Labor Secretary by President Trump, was absolutely unbelievable and shocking.

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The full details didn’t surface until years later though, and it was revealed Barry Krisher, a high profile and expensive attorney whose clients include O.J. Simpson, Mike Tyson, and Donald J Trump, amongst others, had somehow pressured Acosta into dropping all but one of the charges against Epstein.

Acosta had been presented with a 53-count indictment against Epstein following an extensive investigation by the Palm Beach PD and a two-year probe by the FBI. The indictment included testimony from over 50 different females—many had been underage at the time the offenses occurred, many were trafficked around the world, all had been sexually assaulted or abused by Epstein and his buddies—but despite hard-core intimidation tactics being applied by Krisher’s legal team, many stated that they were willing to testify in court.

What resulted though was Acosta basically “ripping up” the indictment and announcing the case would be tried by a “grand jury” rather than by a trial jury. The major difference between the two is that a grand jury is basically less serious than a trial, as it allows the Judge to overrule or completely ignore the jury’s conclusions, and, more importantly, it’s held in “strict secrecy”.

During the grand jury, the prosecution called only one witness to testify—Jane Doe #1 and subjected the 14-year-old to a barrage of questions about her sex life, drug use, and alcohol intake.

Just in case you missed that—the prosecution attacked and discredited its own witness, the victim of the man they were supposed to be prosecuting. The almost farcical proceedings resulted in Epstein pleading guilty to just two offenses, procuring an underage girl for prostitution, and soliciting a prostitute, both against the same victim, Jane Doe #1.

NOTE TO WORLD: There’s NO SUCH THING as an “underage prostitute”. When a 53-year-old man pays a 14-year-old girl for sex, she is NOT a prostitute—she’s a child and a victim of sexual abuse and/or assault. PERIOD.

The pedophile was sentenced to a measly 18-months behind bars but released after 13 due to “good behavior”. Krisher also managed to persuade Acosta not to add Epstein’s name to the sex offender’s registry.


Even more shocking, during his incarceration, Epstein was allowed to leave jail each and every day to work from his office—where multiple eyewitnesses recall a steady flow of very young girls coming in and out constantly.

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But, the really mind-blowing part of Epstein and Acosta’s agreement is that it was a “non-prosecution deal” which gave him total immunity from any federal charges that might follow. In addition, the deal guaranteed the same protection to “all and any other unknown parties” who may have any involvement in the crimes.

Then, just to smother the cake with icing, not one of Epstein’s victims was informed of the plea deal—which, even to a legal-world outsider, would appear to be in strict violation of the USA’s Crime Victim’s Rights Act.

But hey, no biggie! Right?

Again and again and again

Following his release from jail, Epstein immediately got back to business, rehabbing his reputation, building his empire of powerful and elite pals, and sexually assaulting and trafficking yet more young girls around the world.

It was just business as usual for Jeffrey, he was like the Teflon Don of pedos, seemingly untouchable, given protection and granted a license to do whatever-the-fuck to whoever-the fuck his heart desired. And, he would have gotten away with it if it wasn’t for that pesky female reporter—and his victims—who just wouldn’t let it go.

Come on now ladies! He did his time, fair and square, can’t y’all just get over it?!!! Everybody else seemed to have no problems “moving on and forgetting about it all” and/or just turning a blind eye to “Jeffrey being Jeffrey”.

Epic media take-down

It all started going downhill, rapidly, for Epstein after the Miami Herald ran an epic three-part take-down of him, called “Perversion of Justice” that a whole team of reporters, headed by journalist Emily Michot worked tirelessly on.

Michot’s team started digging deep, combing through the flight logs from Epstein’s private jet—The Lolita Express (keeping it classy there Jeff) and uncovering the names of his rich, powerful and famous pals who’d flown on it (oftentimes accompanied by unnamed females, and always with hidden cameras secretly running presumably).

Then, they got hold of the entire unredacted NYPD investigation file into Epstein and interviewed over 60 women who had previously made accusations and given statements to cops. But shit got real, real fast after Michot somehow managed to gain access to all the details of the previously “restricted” and secret Acosta deal—blowing everything sky high.

Epstein was heading straight to jail, and this time he would NOT be passing go.

I did NOT have relations with that man

The ink was barely dry on the Miami Herald’s front page before everybody started desperately trying to distance themselves from Epstein.

Bill Clinton swore he hadn’t been in contact with him “in over a decade”, but yeah, well, we all know about Bill’s relationship with the truth. Clinton also vowed he’d never been to Epstein’s island, despite eyewitness claims to the contrary and his name appearing on the Lolita Express flight log four separate times.

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Alan Dershowitz, a lawyer in Trump’s impeachment defense team who also defended Epstein during his first trial, claimed he had “nothing to hide” when it came to his relationship with Epstein. And, the Harvard law professor really knows how to double down, because after he was sued for “defamation” by Virginia Roberts, who claims Epstein trafficked her to a bunch of his wealthy mates, including Dershowitz and Prince Andrew, he immediately countersued.

Meanwhile, another woman, Sarah Ransome, has made the exact same claims against Dershowitz as Roberts has. Hmmm….coincidence?

Acosta resigned after disclosure of the “sweetheart” deal he brokered with Epstein, claiming “it would be selfish for me to stay in this position and continue talking about a case that’s 12-years old rather than the amazing economy we have right now”.

Wow. Just, wow.

How incredibly selfless of Acosta, he’s like a modern-day Gandhi, but totally completely absolutely nothing like Gandhi at all, in reality.

Then there’s the President of the USA, Ah Donald!

Trump told reporters that he was “not a fan” of Epstein’s, however, that was contrary to what he told NY magazine in 2002 when he positively raved about his pedo pal:

“I’ve known Jeff for 15 years. Terrific guy.“He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side.”

Oh, and for somebody who wasn’t a fan of Epstein, Trump certainly knew how to put on a convincing front. Video footage from a 1992 party at Mar-a-Largo shows the two men laughing and joking together while gawking at some cheerleaders—Trump points at one and says, “she’s hot” before groping a couple of other women and busting out with some spectacular dad dance moves.

It’s pretty epic.

Funnily enough, it’s also worth noting that Virginia Roberts worked at Mar-a-Largo, as did her father. It’s where she first met Ghislaine Maxwell, who then delivered the then-15-year-old into the arms of Epstein.

Autopsy discrepancies

The autopsy that resulted in the Epstein suicide death ruling, has a number of inconsistencies.

Dr. Michael Baden observed the autopsy being carried out, on behalf of the Epstein estate, and he concluded, “I think that the evidence points to homicide rather than suicide.”

Baden noted that the position of the ligature mark around Epstein’s neck was too low for it to have been from hanging—the “furrow mark” was at the bottom of his throat rather than at the top, just below his chin. Baden said that meant Epstein would have had to have “pulled the noose downwards himself” and that the ligature mark location indicates strangulation rather than hanging.

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The noted pathologist also pointed out that Epstein’s Hyoid bone was fractured in three places, and claimed, “that’s extremely unusual in suicidal hangings and could occur much more commonly in homicidal strangulation.”

Five theories

So, how did he die? If it wasn’t death by suicide then who killed Jeffrey Epstein?

Here are five theories:

He was murdered by another inmate or a member of the prison staff on the orders of somebody, or some people, in a position of high power (dead men can’t talk)He was murdered by an outsider who managed to break into the prison (highly unlikely)He did just kill himself because he knew the game was up and he was facing life behind bars (pretty unlikely)It was recognized that he was “on the edge” and was given the tools and the shove that was necessary to “push him over” and kill himself. (Epstein had been taken off suicide watch after just one week, and even though it was ruled he should always have a cellmate with him at all times, the day before his death his cellie was released from jail, so he was left all alone. Plus, photos taken at the scene show numerous sheets and blankets strewn around his bed, in addition to a sleep apnea machine with a long cord attached to it, on the floor. Hardly what you would leave with a prisoner who had supposedly attempted to hang himself just three weeks earlier)He’s still alive and kicking! The whole thing was faked and he’s living it up somewhere with Ghislaine and her father Robert Maxwell, JFK Jr. and Elvis (because nobody actually ever dies really in conspiracy theory world)The aftermath

Not surprisingly, the death of such a high profile prisoner suddenly brought a ton of unwanted attention onto the facility where he died. An investigation was launched into the events and circumstances leading up to the discovery of Epstein’s body, and, erm… well…..

It was discovered that the two prison guards who were on duty that night were supposed to be carrying out checks on Epstein every 30 minutes, but they were “overworked” and after surfing the internet for a while they both “fell asleep”.

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Coincidently, there were two security cameras pointed at Epstein’s cell door, but they both just so happened to have malfunctioned that night! Both of them! So there’s no footage available.

Meanwhile, the only people who have been arrested in this whole fiasco are the two people on the lowest rung of the ladder—the two “sleeping” guards. Michael Thomas, 41, and Tova Noel, 31, have been charged with “conspiracy to defraud the United States and with making false records” and both are facing time behind bars.

Funny, isn’t it, how two low-income African Americans are the only people being forced to pay the price? Not one single rich old white dude in sight.

And by funny, I mean, funny-peculiar…… not funny-haha.

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