Jenelle Evans Partnering with Donald Trump to Battle CPS?!

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans is frequently making headlines, but this time the headline is even wilder than usual.

Jenelle Evans and Donald Trump

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans is frequently making headlines, but this time the headline is even wilder than usual. Evans has reached out on Twitter to beseech none other than the President of the United States, Donald J Trump, to aid in her battle against CPS.

Why is Evans squaring off with CPS?

As we explored in a prior story, Evans’ children were removed from her custody after her husband admitted to killing the family dog. The situation was volatile and complicated, and Evans posted a series of YouTube videos explaining her side of the story. Evans claims that the dog was mean, and husband David Eason confirms Nugget was, “kinda mean.” Nugget would chase the children and bite at tires, but the couple had been, “working with the dog.” What that means is unclear. However, on one fateful day, Nugget’s bites triggered an unexpected response in Eason. Their youngest child Ensley leaned over to kiss Nugget on the head, and received a bite to the face. In the YouTube video, Eason explains, “So that was like, not the first time and that same day, that the dog had done something of that nature. Well, you know, I took it upon myself to put the dog down. And that’s the way my family has always done it when the dog bites somebody. There’s been dogs in the past that bit me. And my dad put the dog down. My dad’s friend’s dog bit me, and he brought the dog to my house and put it down and then brought it back home, which was kind of crazy, but it happened. I mean, a lot of people around here, if your dog goes running in their yard, they’ll just shoot it. They’re not gonna call you and tell you. They’ll just shoot it because they’re scared or it was chasing their cat or getting in their trash or trash cans and it happens a lot. That’s something I would never do. There’s dogs on my property. I’m gonna chase it off and… try to bite me. Yeah, I mean, protect myself. I will protect my family too.”

“And, you know, I regret it. But sometimes that’s the way it works.”

CPS removes the children

The children were removed from Eason and Evans’ custody in May of 2019, as concerns of abuse became the focus of an investigation. Evans used the YouTube series to try to share her point of view and explain what happened as far as she’s concerned. A few months later, CPS returned custody of the children to the Teen Mom 2 star, but that wasn’t the end of things.

More trouble for Evans

Jenelle Evans

In October of 2019, Evans left Eason amidst renewed accusations of abuse.  Eason has a history of abusive behavior, including allegations from a court filing where Evans claimed Eason had locked their child in the car and scared them both. PageSixrecounts the documents, “Jenelle, 27, also accuses David, 31, of locking her 5-year-old son, Kaiser Orion Griffith, in a running car.

‘While Kaiser was trying to unlock it, David continuously locked it again with my spare key, scaring both me and Kaiser,’ the reality star says in the documents, per E! News.

She reportedly recounts 11 other incidents involving David that allegedly took place over the past two years.

Evans leaves, and then comes back

On Oct. 31, Jenelle filed the temporary order of protection for herself and her three kids, Kaiser, 10-year-old Jace Evans, 10, and 2-year-old daughter Ensley Eason. She only shares Ensley with David. Her other kids are from previous relationships.” By March of 2020, Evans claimed Eason was not abusive and the pair was back to working things out. 

After patching things up, the pair split again in June after Eason was arrested for more violent behavior. Eason entered into an altercation with a man who accompanied Evans to the home to help her collect her things as she planned to leave Eason, and Eason struck him with a pistol. In an earlier CELEB story, we explored what happened, “David ended up getting arrested and it’s noted he now faces ‘charges of assault with a deadly weapon” as well as a ‘charge of communicative threats.’

Jenelle spoke to Celebernation after the incident and stated that ‘I’m shaking and saddened by this, its time for me to move on from this relationship and find happiness for my kids and myself elsewhere.’ The report goes on to note that Jenelle plans to file a restraining order Monday, as the judge was not available until then to grant one. In addition, she is currently staying with a relative and David has already gotten out of jail. He will have to go to court for this in July.”

But in true Evans fashion, the pair was back together a month later, leaving fans to wonder how safe her kids are at home with the abusive and violent Eason, despite Evans’ protestations of his innocence.

Now Evans appeals to a higher authority 

Donald Trump

Still furious from the trauma her family experienced during the investigation of CPS, Evans is now reaching out for help in investigating CPS in her area. After President Trump tweeted that he was headed to North Carolina, Evanstweeted, “You should help me investigate CPS in my area.” Fans agreed, but many added that CPS should be investigated as to why custody was ever returned to Evans and Eason, given their turbulent relationship and history of violence. One fan tweeted,“Yes, Mr. President. Please investigate why CPS has yet to step in and properly protect the children who inhabit the land. Sufficient evidence has been provided and still nothing is being done to help them.”

Unclear as to whether the President will help or not

It does not appear that the President has responded to Evans yet, but it’s clear that Evans is not ready to let go of what happened. The Teen Mom 2 star will continue to maintain her and Eason’s innocence, and will fight to exonerate their names. Fans remain worried about the safety of the children, but CPS hasn’t responded to either worried fans or threats by Evans of intervention by the President.