Jenelle Evans Dog Murder – Teen Mom Exposes Truth On CPS Investigation

UPDATE: Since our original post, a shocking new bit of information has been alleged on Twitter involving Jenelle’s Mom, MTV,

Jenelle Evans David Eason Nugget

UPDATE: Since our original post, a shocking new bit of information has been alleged on Twitter involving Jenelle’s Mom, MTV, and CPS. This update is towards the end of this story, as it pertains to this story specifically.

For a long time, it has been known that Teen Mom 2 alum Jenelle Evans’s husband, David Eason, murdered her dog, Nugget. It’s also been known that, after Nugget’s murder, Evans and Eason had Child Protective Services take their children away. While they ended up regaining custody of their children, Evans did end up being let go from Teen Mom 2 due to this entire ordeal.

While a lot has gone down since then- with Evans announcing she was leaving Eason, getting a restraining order against him, only to return back to him- she has now taken matters into her own hands to document what actually went on during this turbulent period with the dog murder and CPS. 

Jenelle Evans Dog Murder Video

Last night, Evans dropped the first episode of her new YouTube series, I Have Something To Say. In it, Evans, Eason, and Evans’s mom, Barabra Evans, all appear to tell their side of what happened with Nugget’s murder and CPS. 

‘The Dog Incident’

Evans begins the series with footage of her upset- and her daughter crying- only to then state that “Within the next few episodes I’m going to explain the corruption, distress, trauma introduced to my family by CPS of May, 2019. I am doing this to expose the truth to what happened despite all the media reports. I’m also doing this to share with my fans what really happened.”

While Evans goes on to detail how smoothly life was going with her, David, and the kids up for quite some time, she states “Then, there was the dog incident.”

Eason then appears on the screen to share what exactly went down with Nugget- and why he murdered her.

“So about Nugget,” Eason begins with explaining. “She was. I mean, she was a loving dog to me, but she was not loving towards our kids at all. And I mean, I love the dog. The kids loved it. But she didn’t love the kids. And anytime we were taking a video of the kids riding their bike, playing outside, we’d have to delete the video not even be able to post the kids playing with the dog because the dog didn’t play nice. She would bite their feet. She would bite the, the wheels on their bicycle. Like sometimes that dog would get hurt really bad. Because she would run up and bite the tire of their bicycle as they’re riding through the yard. She would get hurt,  roll over, start crying and then go do it again. She wasn’t, you know, always she wasn’t always vicious, but she had a lot of vicious vicious tendencies. She really was kind of mean.”

“We put up with it for a long time,” Eason continues detailing. “I mean, you could even see there was a video of me think it’s on YouTube. I’m riding the four wheeler. She’s trying to bite the tires on the four wheeler. I couldn’t even ride the four wheeler outside without her trying to bite it. And she would even chase the car sometimes. She bit Ensley on the face more than one time. And the first time it happened, we should have gotten rid of her, but we had been working with the dog. We had been trying to reward her. Whenever she was being nice to Ensley or being nice to Jace or Kaiser. It seemed like it was working. And so that was one of the reasons I was taking the video that day that Ensley got bit on the face is because we never hardly had that many good videos of the kids playing with the dog. And I wanted to have like a nice little sweet video of them together on the couch, just watching a movie. And Ensley goes to give her a kiss on the head. That’s all she did is bend down.. And then boom, she got her on the cheek.”

Jenelle Evans Dog Murder Video

“So that was like, not the first time and that same day, that the dog had done something of that nature,” Eason adds in his explanation of what went down with Nugget. “Well, you know, I took it upon myself to put the dog down. And that’s the way my family has always done it when the dog bites somebody. There’s been dogs in the past that bit me. And my dad put the dog down. My dad’s friend’s dog bit me, and he brought the dog to my house and put it down and then brought it back home, which was kind of crazy, but it happened. I mean, a lot of people around here, if your dog goes running in their yard, they’ll just shoot it. They’re not gonna call you and tell you. They’ll just shoot it because they’re scared or it was chasing their cat or getting in their trash or trash cans and it happens a lot. That’s something I would never do. There’s dogs on my property. I’m gonna chase it off and… try to bite me. Yeah, I mean, protect myself. I will protect my family too.”

“And, you know, I regret it,” Eason wraps with saying about Nugget. “But sometimes that’s the way it works.”

‘CPS Took My Children Away’

Then, Evans returns to the screen crying to tell us that “Then, on May 10 2019, CPS took my children away. First, they started with Kaiser… on May 10 2019, I received a voicemail from Kaiser’s teacher at school. And it said that his grandmother came and picked him up. She had no rights. She had no grounds. She had no custody. The dad Nathan, he has supervised visits with Kaiser, which is my son Kaiser. So I got a voicemail on May 10 2019, stating that the grandmother had came and picked up Kaiser. She didn’t know why. She said that day that CPS came to the daycare and actually was asking her a bunch of questions. They interviewed Kaiser, and they didn’t tell her any details about that interview, or any allegations or concerns that they had. They just went back, told Nathan’s mother go pick up Kaiser And she drove from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, all the way to Leland, North Carolina to pick up Kaiser.”

“May 10 2019 was Mother’s Day weekend,” Evans continues explaining. “After receiving that voicemail I called David and I said ‘What is going on?’ And he said, ‘I just spoke with the superintendent and Kaiser school and she’s really concerned saying that CPS is coming for no reason’. She told her she told the CPS supervisor that she had no concerns of any kind, that Kaiser was doing great. But the social worker took it upon herself to tell all the other parties to take away my children. I want to give you a little background on the social worker. Susan Hilburn was the Columbus county CPS worker that was on this case the entire time. She illegally took my children out of the home with no signed judgment, saying that she had any grounds to. No signed paperwork.”

Jenelle Evans Dog Murder Video

Evans goes on to reveal that “After I got the voicemail from Kaiser’s superintendent at his school, I called David. David said you need to call your lawyer. I call my lawyer immediately. You know what  my lawyer told me? My lawyer said, ‘Go get your son.’ So at the time, Maryssa was at her grandmother’s house for the weekend because it was Mother’s Day. So she went to her mom’s house for the weekend. She was gone. We had Ensley with us. Kaiser was taken from school early before we normally pick him up. So my lawyer told me for you know, they have no signed paper saying that you can have your children taken away. They have no rights, no grounds to any of this. Go get your son. So I drove all the way to South Carolina, to Nathan’s mother’s house.”

“When I got there,” Evans continues stating, “I saw one of her vehicles in the driveway. And then I was like, Alright, let me try to knock on the door. So I try to knock on the door. No answer. I was trying to blow up Doris, blow up Nathan on the phone. They kept telling me you can talk to Kaiser later. I was advised not to let you talk to Kaiser. Nathan was all angry at me ignoring me on the phone. I was just trying to talk to my son and he was very confused and I know he was shooken up. He just got taken out of school by his grandmother and he doesn’t even know why. And he thought he was coming home to celebrate Mother’s Day.”

Evans has more to state on the situation, detailing that “After I went to South Carolina, and I didn’t get Kaiser, I had no- I felt so I felt so helpless. I just wanted to get Kaiser back.So I called- so I called the Myrtle Beach Police Department. And I asked them for help. And they said, if you can locate your son, you can find him and you are allowed to get him legally because CPS has no legal signed papers saying they can take away your kids.”

“So I called Susan Hilburn,” Evans continues explaining. “And I called her immediately and I said, ‘What are the allegations against me?’ ‘Well, you have to come to my office to voluntarily sign your children over to foster care or to a relative first, then I’ll tell you the allegations.’ I said, ‘No, you can tell me right now on the phone the allegations.’ And she said ‘no, I’m not telling you the allegations’. I called up my lawyer. He said she has to tell you the allegations. I called up the super attendant of CPS Melinda. Remember that name Melinda. Melinda still has not- still has not called me back about my case. Melinda if you’re hearing this, you still didn’t call my lawyer back about my case. My lawyer call Melinda. At that time the super attendant of Columbus County CPS. She ignored my lawyers calls. She ignored every single one of them. He called about four times before five o’clock, before she got off of work. And she never answered his call about my case.”

Jenelle Evans Dog Murder Video

Evans goes on to add that “So then Mother’s Day weekend comes… Nathan and his mom, let me talk to Kaiser on the phone… I call my mom, I say, ‘can I have Jace for the weekend?’ And she said ‘no.’ She said, ‘because CPS told me and advised me not to let you have Jace.’ I said, ‘Do you understand that there’s no signed order saying they can take my kids away? I can see Jace for the weekend like my normal visit’. She told me ‘No, I can’t. I’m scared.’ I was so furious.”

Barabra Talks

Evans’s mother, Barbara, then appears on the camera for the first time to explain why she kept Jace from Evans on Mother’s Day. 

Jenelle Evans Dog Murder Video

“I kept Jace away… from Jenelle, Mother’s Day of 2019 because CPS called me and told me that I was not allowed to take Jace to her house,” Barbara begins with explaining in the video. “Now I didn’t see any paperwork from CPS about it. They just call me on the telephone And told me that… they did not want me sending Jace to Jenelle’s house for Mother’s Day. They just told me that there was some calls made to their office. And at this time, they felt it was unsafe for Jace to be at Jenelle’s house. I just thought it was kind of strange. And I said, Okay, and they would not give me an explanation at that time. No, I didn’t have any concerns. I thought, in fact, I thought this call was like really kind of weird. It really took me by surprise, nothing was going on. Jace… didn’t really understand it either. He just said, okay, you know, because I really couldn’t explain to him why he couldn’t go. I just said, you know, you’re not going to your mother’s this weekend, and I don’t think he realized it was even Mother’s Day.”

Mother’s Day 2019

Evans then reappears to explain that “So then Mother’s Day weekend comes… it’s just a holiday. I understand that. But when you’re a mother, and you don’t have your child on Mother’s Day, you can give me any present in the world. I just want my kids with me on Mother’s Day. That’s all I ask for- to spend time with them… Me and Ensley, we spent the Mother’s Day weekend just milking our goats in our backyard. David built a goat stand for me. So it was really awesome. And I ended up milking goats for the first time and it was a lot of fun. I really wish the kids were there to experience it. But you know, it’ll be it’s, it’s in the past.”

“I call my lawyer on Monday, May 13 2019,” Evans continued sharing. “I asked him for an update about the custody case and with CPS and he actually told me that they are trying to plan to go to court to have the judgment signed saying that they have legal rights to take my kids away. Now, before they were going to court, my lawyer said to him, my lawyer said to Susan Hilburn, patches McQueen, who is Susan, which is a social workers, boss, and Melinda, he said, ‘Do not go to court and have those papers signed without me there, because I need to speak to the judge. I need to know the allegations. And I need to tell him the situation and what’s going down.’ And what did they do? Behind my lawyers back without him being present, went and got the paper signed to legally take my kids away.”

Evans then noted that “After the order was signed, the allegations come out. So then finally, I was able to see the allegations against me. Number one, they went and interviewed Jace at school. Jace said, ‘I don’t David’s anger problem. Number two, was the dog incident. Of course, they had investigate that. I understand. Number three, when Susan Hilburn went and interviewed Kaiser at school, in front of his teacher, she said, Do you like David? Do you love David? You know, the regular questions. And all he said was, ‘I don’t like when they call David when I’m in trouble at school.’ That is it. No hitting, no neglect. Just an anger problem by David. That is all their allegations against us. And they took my kids away like that. Of course there is a bunch of other little allegations in there and if I had the paperwork I would definitely show you guys but I’m gonna show you as much paperwork as I can.”

“CPS has tried to come at me ever since I had Jace,” Evans added in the video. “When I had Jace, they made me sign papers- scared me into signing papers- voluntarily giving my mother temporary custody, because they said that I was neglectful. I didn’t know how to measure a baby bottle and give him formula-  just all these fake allegations that weren’t even true. I didn’t even read the paperwork at the time. I just signed it and why? Because I was so scared of going to court and fighting. I was 17 at the time. I needed time to learn.”

Believe My Voice, Not The Media 

Evans continues detailing her issues with Jace and CPS when Jace was a baby, stating that “I didn’t know how to measure a baby bottle. Okay, I feed Jace’s baby food. I would make baby videos I would make picture albums, just for Jace. But all of that went unnoticed. So CPS had me sign my kid to my Mom. I still regret not fighting it to this day because now that I’ve went this whole CPS thing, I can fight anything in the world. Bring anything against me. Bring anything against me because I will fight it. I will fight it as hard as I f–king can. I was so insecure for so long. Because I was backed up into a wall. I was backed up into a corner. For years. I was so scared. I was owned.I was owned by a network.”

“And then because of being on this show,” Evans adds in the video, “and because of being on TV, I have people calling CPS over the years. I had them show up in Myrtle Beach. I had them show up in Brunswick County, which is where I used to live with my mom. New Hanover County which is Wilmington, NC, and Columbus County. Now, within all these CPS investigations, they have all been closed. They have been investigated. They interviewed the kids every time. They did home safety assessments. Even here in Columbus County, they’ve checked on me three times before this situation ever even happened before they even filed to take my kids away.”

Evans goes on to note that “They come. They interview my kids, they look at my house, they say, Okay, we’ll check on you in a couple weeks. They come in a couple weeks, they check on the kids again, check on everything, check their school, check it all, I have nothing to fucking hide, nothing to hide. And they thought I did.”

“They thought I had secrets,” Evans also notes. “And I don’t have any secrets. And please don’t believe any of the media. Believe my voice. Believe what I tell you.”

Shocking Update 

Since a lot of this story pertained to CPS- with Barbara even noting “I didn’t have any concerns”- a shocking new bit of information has been posted to Twitter.

As can be seen above, an account known as “Roux” (@ustacloud) that has leaked alleged information pertaining to Evans before tweeted that “Babs and MTV producers were notifying CPS all the time and je thought it was the ‘hatters’ …not saying it wasn’t hatters calling but Babs and mtv were also doing I’m floored by the lies Babs was telling..but not surprised if that makes sense.”

It’s interesting, as the tweet directly accuses Barbara (and MTV) of calling CPS on Evans which would appear to be in direct contrast to her claiming she “had no concerns,” CPS telling her to keep Jace away took her “by surprise,” and that “nothing was going on.”

While anyone can allege information on Twitter, well known Teen Mom blogger The Ashley’s responded to the tweet and doubled down on it. Specifically, The Ashley‘s claimed this allegation to be “100% true.”

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