‘He’s Going To Shoot Us’- How Jenelle Evans Got Fired From Teen Mom 2 Finally Revealed

Monday evening, former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans released the first episode of her new YouTube series I Have Something To Say. While Evans’s

Monday evening, former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans released the first episode of her new YouTube series I Have Something To Say. While Evans’s husband, David Eason, addressed murdering their dog Nugget, Evans addressed what went down with the Child Protective Services (CPS) investigation that ensued. In the wake of all of this, as fans know, Evans ended up being cut from Teen Mom 2. In the second half of the episode, Evans addressed what went down with MTV letting her go. 

‘They’re Letting Me Go’

“My assistant manager at the time he called me and he said I have some news to share with you,” Evans began with detailing. “And I didn’t want to answer the phone because I already figured what the phone call was going to be about. And then he texted me and he said, you’re- the MTV crew and the producers want to talk to you. And I said ‘it’s okay. You can talk to them. I think I already know what it what it’s about.’ And he said ‘I’m sorry.’ And I said ‘they’re letting me go, aren’t they?’ And he said ‘yeah.’”

‘They Went Berserk’

Eason then told his side of things with MTV, explaining that “Now when it comes to MTV, for one, I didn’t want to work with them anymore. In the middle of all this drama. Of course, we get fired from MTV, which I was already let go. They never said you’re fired. They might have said something about we’re not gonna film with David anymore in their episode on television, but they didn’t tell me I was fired. Not directly. They did the same thing with Jenelle, which was completely unfair, that they would fire Janell over something I did. All these abusers. They got people on this show that abuse everything. Abuse everything. Abuse every damn thing and each other But then they single me out. Something’s fishy about that. Especially that they let Jenelle go. She didn’t do anything. Jenelle didn’t do anything to anyone.”

Jenelle Evans Fired Teen Mom 2

“The last time that she went to New York and filmed for them,” Eason continued explaining, “I stayed in Philly. And she went to the city to film so I wasn’t even anywhere around. And she starts calling me. And she was like,’babe, I’m sick. I’m really sick on my stomach.’ And I’m like, ‘me too.’ I’ve been in house At the Airbnb, I was there all day by myself and I was shi–ing my brains out and throwing up all day long, and I didn’t know why. We caught a stomach bug. So when she called me and said she felt bad, I was like, oh, man, if she feels anything like me, she needs to lay down somewhere. And I mean, I know it’s bad timing. And it’s not the only sick- that’s not the only time she’s ever, you know, gotten sick while we were filming. But we obviously had a stomach bug. And she says she was throwing up, she was sick.”

Eason elaborated that “It went on for a while until they said she finally said they wouldn’t let her leave and she needed to leave. And I’m like, well, they can’t just tell you. You’re not allowed to leave if you want to leave. And she literally kept going on with me saying that they were not going to let her go. That she had to stay there and film regardless. Now, I don’t remember at any point them taking legal guardianship of my wife or anything of the sort that says that she has to follow their orders. But you can’t just hold someone against their will. So I was getting pretty pissed off and I was sick, I didn’t feel good, like at all. So I basically just texted Larry, the producer, and I said, Hey, you know, if you guys don’t let her go, I’m gonna come over and pick her up. And they can’t be anywhere around David. So I figured if I say that, they’re gonna take it literally. And they’re gonna be like oh we’ll just let her go. Before David comes up here. And I wasn’t going to go up there. I was sick. I was in bed. And I was in Philly. So I was definitely not going to go up there. Um, you know, they take things like that so seriously if I say like, you know, I’m coming to get her later. Whoop Dee frickin doo. And so I just I don’t understand why they went berserk.”

There’s A Clique

Then, Evans’s Mom, Barabra, returned to the episode to tell her side of being let go from MTV.

 “After the dog incident with David,” Barbara began with explaining, “you know, Jenelle and I were let go from MTV. And I- it was just like, I just don’t feel that it was like fair. Because, you know, there’s other people on that show on that show- on the OG show- Amber Portwood and she was going around with a machete and trying to kill her boyfriend, hurt her boyfriend and cursing screaming and all this craziness happened- punches him in the face does all this. She was fired from MTV for five years. She went to jail. And she’s still on the show.”

Jenelle Evans Fired Teen Mom 2

Barbara continued elaborating that “There’s other girls from Teen Mom OG and young- what is it- young and pregnant. And those girls had racial comments. A lot of people have racial comments. A lot of people talk nasty stuff. So you know, there were girls on the young and pregnant show who had racial comments, who said nasty things. Whoa, whoa, you know, I mean, Amber Portwood she put up- blasted me out on Instagram and said or the internet (one of them two). And she’s calling me a drunk and she’s telling me to go suck somebody’s blank blank blank and I’m like, Oh my God. I said she’s saying that about me? I’m like, 60… she’s telling me to go do that. And so she doesn’t get fired from MTV… I think that there’s, like a clique, almost like not clique, I would say, favoritism. There was favoritism in that show, you know, and it’s wrong. It was wrong.”

“I mean, don’t get me wrong,” Barbara continued, “Jenelle is no angel, you know, and I don’t condone her behavior. But, you know, the deal was it was to sign up and your life would be portrayed on TV. So it was really no justification why we were you know, let go. Okay. And the thing is, it’s like Jenelle and I, I had the same contract as Jenelle and the other girls on Teen Mom 2. Well, they let Jenelle go, but just because I’m Jenelle’s mother, I was let go. And that’s not right. Why should I be let go? I’m on a separate contract. My contract doesn’t say, well, we’re only going to keep you because you’re Jenelle’s mother. That’s wrong. So, you know, it was just was kind of shocking.”

Jenelle Evans Fired Teen Mom 2

Barbara does see some upsides to not being on the show, as she noted that “Since we’ve been off the show, it’s been kind of actually good because we’re out of that public life. We don’t have people making up stories all the time. CPS isn’t been getting called anymore. You know, it’s rough being a public person. We did that show for 10 years. So yeah, now we’re life is going, you know, moving on. Jenelle has the opportunities and the 10 years we learned, you know, it was fun when it happened. It was- sometimes it was horrible. But basically, you know, it was just something we did- a job for 10 years.”

They Never Said ‘Fired’

“MTV never said that we were fired,” Barbara continued sharing. “And to this day, they will not say that we were fired. You know, we were just not added on to the season. We just… when they ended that last season with us, you know, never put us back on the show, and they just let our contracts expire.”

Barbara then went on to address their last reunion where Evans got into an explosive fight with Nessa Diab over Diab’s boyfriend, Colin Kapernick.

Jenelle Evans Fired Teen Mom 2

“So the last time we did our reunion show,” Barbara began with dishing, “we were in New York with Teen Mom. And you know, Jenelle and I- Jenelle went on stage with Dr. Drew and Nessa. And so usually when we do our reunion show, they have a clip. They show you a little clip of the season we just filmed, and then Dr. Drew discusses that season. So Jenelle goes to sit down, and all a sudden Dr. Drew doesn’t say anything but hello. And then Nessa starts asking Jenelle all these questions about, you know, ‘how can you say these things about my boyfriend’ and ‘I can’t believe you posted this online’ and Jenelle’s sitting there like, ‘what are you talking about? I don’t know what you’re talking about.’ She said ‘you know what you’re talking about. My boyfriend, you know, Colin Kaepernick. You’re talking about him. Bah, bah, bah, bah. And don’t you understand intention?’ Nessa is going off talking about her family, her boyfriend, her boyfriend’s family. And Jenelle said to her, she said, ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about. But we’re not here to talk about you and your family and your boyfriend… We’re supposed to be here to be talking about my show. My episode.’ And she wouldn’t- she would not let it go. Nessa would not let it go. So Jenelle got very upset and she left the stage.”

“Not only that, Jenelle- MTV would not let David be in New York City when we filmed,” Barbara continued. “So me, Jenelle, and David and the kids stayed in Philadelphia. So me and Jenelle had a two, two-hour ride to New York City and Jenelle was sicker than a dog, oh my god, she had like a, such a bad stomach virus. So she was so sick, and she rallied and made it to New York City to do this filming.”

Barbara had more to share regarding Diab, stating that “So after Nessa kept talking about her family, and her boyfriend and, you know, she, you know, his, his platform and all that Jenelle walked off the stage. So, they got us back on the stage this time I was on I said, I’m going out there with Jenelle. So Jenelle started, you know, the minute we get out there now, Nessa started all over again with Jenelle. And I was furious. And I and I said, ‘What are you doing?’ I said, ‘This is nothing. This has nothing to do with you. We’re here to talk to Dr. Drew.’ Nessa would not shut up. All she wanted to do was talk about her boyfriend, Colins’s platform, and how hurt she is about it and all this. And what it was all about was somebody posted a story about her boyfriend, Colin Kapernick, about his platform and put it in the negative. And they put it on Jenelle’s fan page. And it was not Jenelle who did that and Jenelle’s trying to explain that and Nessa basically called her a liar on camera.”

Jenelle Evans Fired Teen Mom 2

“So finally, you know, Jenelle just got up, left,” Barbara explained. “And I went right behind her, I ripped my headphones off, I threw them on the floor, and that was that. We were done. We went to the dressing room. And Jenelle was so oh my god, she was so sick. They had a call and a paramedic for her that they’re gonna take her to the hospital. The paramedic was there, they’re gonna run IVs on her. And you know, she had a temperature and Dr. Drew was so concerned. He came into the dressing room with us and made sure that Jenelle was okay. Dr. Drew was even feeling her stomach. He was so concerned. We love Dr. Drew. And that was that two hours we had to go home back to Philadelphia two hours. So So, so, so sick, she was.”

Barbara then revealed that she thinks production set this fight with Nessa up, stating that “I think that um, the whole- the whole incident with Nessa was a setup with the producers. Before Jenelle and I even went on that stage that night, Dr. Drew- he didn’t know anything about it, because he was like, perplexed when Nessa started, you know, opening her mouth about her boyfriend’s platform, but I could see Nessa was reading off the teleprompter.”

“So therefore all this episode with Nessa on stage our last reunion show was all a setup by the producers,” Barbara reiterated. “All a setup they had they knew they were good. They planned this even before we walked in the door that night because they knew that they were going to let Jenelle go, so they wanted her to go out with a bang for the ratings. It’s always about the ratings.”

“And then you know, so after you know after this whole thing, Jenelle, you know, when Jenelle left stage because Nessa would not lay off of her,” Barbara added. “Yeah, Jenelle left the stage and I followed her and I stayed by her side I was cursing everybody out. I was throwing the F bomb and all that. And I wouldn’t leave her side. And how dare they do this? She was so sick. And they all thought, Oh, Jenelle’s like faking. You know, she’s not really sick. We had a paramedic there. She was sick. How dare they do this to us. I’ll never forget it. It was so hurtful. 10 years. We gave them 10 years. Only Dr. Drew- God bless his heart, I love him so- he was the only one who didn’t know anything about this. He was so- he came right out and made sure Jenelle was alright. He was feeling her stomach. Made sure you know, what can we do for her? They wanted to take her to the hospital. Horrible, horrible experience.”

“But you know, that’s what they do,” Barbara wrapped with addressing the reunion drama. “That you know what? Because we’re not part of the favorites. 

‘He’s Going To Shoot Us’

Barbara then got into talking about why she things MTV parted ways with them, explaining that “I think you know, MTV- the reason they let us go was- Jenelle go- because It was about the whole thing about the dog incident for one. Our producer, you know, thought David was gonna shoot him all. He said, Oh my god, I can’t go to the house anymore. I can’t go to North Carolina. We can’t be around David. He’s going to come. He’s going to shoot us. He’s going to take the whole crew and shoot them in the driveway. We can’t be anywhere around him.”

“So because of all that,” Barbara continued, “you know, which David was very angry at that time, don’t get me wrong. I don’t condone his behavior at all. He was very scary at that time. But he wouldn’t- I know he wouldn’t be like murdering, you know, people.”

Barbara had more to add, stating that “You know, after that happened they told us that we could no longer film in North Carolina. So we went you know, we would have to go to other places like Atlanta. Florida, we couldn’t even film, like, at Myrtle Beach which is 60 miles away. That was too close- couldn’t do that. So, you know, it worked out. They made it difficult for us because we had to fly with kids. We got kids in school. All these things are happening, and they just made it very difficult for us.”

Jenelle Evans Fired Teen Mom 2

Barbara also revealed how many positive things that Jenelle and her filmed that got edited out, stating that “And then there were so many things that Jenelle and I filmed, and they were all edited out. Oh, and this is over, like not only at the end, but this is like, during the 10 years. There were a lot of good, good, good things that were filmed. I remember there was one, you know, me and Jace were going to a grandmother’s/grandson’s dance. We’re all dressed up. We danced. They filmed it all my house, edited it out. Edited it out. Jace is on the Boy Scouts. Edited it out. Jace was in baseball. You know, good Me and now having good conversations- heart-to-heart conversations. Edited out. They always were looking for like the drama for, you know, the drama for the ratings like make Jenelle. You know, I and- Jenelle was Jenelle was wicked man- it made her look so bad. And it was so a lot of times so hot breaking and heart wrenching to watch that as a mother. I mean, it was just horrible.”

“Is the fame worth it?” Barbara wrapped with saying. “I don’t know.”

(Almost) Overdosing On Heroin

Evans then returned to the screen, explaining that “Towards the end of filming, I gave it my all. They told me they didn’t want to be around David. I said fine. I went out of l went out of town and filmed all the time. I gave them so many suggestions to film. They told me no, no, no, no, we don’t want to do that every time and then when it came down to it, we would go film my original idea and plan. The reason being why they didn’t want to be around David was just because of his anger issues. My old producer Kristen, she, we got along over the years, we got along over the years, here and there. I mean, there was something about her I just didn’t trust. I would always hold up a guard with her because I felt like she was being fake in front of me. And then behind the scenes, she was like basically telling her bosses, I’m just doing this to be on Jenelle’s good side so we can film what we need to film, so she didn’t lose her job. She would always try to befriend me, but then go behind my back.”

Jenelle Evans Fired Teen Mom 2

“When they let me go I was- I was really upset,” Evans continued. “I mean for a while. I’m not gonna lie. I told MTV. I think maybe it’s best if I go. I think this is causing a lot of stress and a lot of depression on me. And I don’t think I can handle it anymore. And I kept telling them that things need to change. Like, can you listen to my voice? Can you listen to my ideas? Can you just listen to me? But nothing was ever good enough. I asked to be involved with editing. They didn’t let me. I gave them new ideas. They didn’t care. Nothing went into nothing went into a single thought what I said to them. Nothing. They just looked over all of it. It’s just crazy over the years, you know, you film me on heroin. You film me nodding out on heroin- almost overdosing. You filmed me talking about stealing my mom’s credit cards when I was 17. I let you film every single one of my child’s births. And then I would film it on my phone and give you the footage. I did everything I could. Input all that ever I could into this show to make it work over the years… For all of that to be thrown away for nothing? Please tell me what I did. I would just like an explanation. Just like, just tell me what I did wrong.”

A Sense Of Relief

Evans then address how she feels now that MTV let her go, explaining that “I feel a sense of relief. I feel a sense of freedom. Before I would just- when I was younger, I would just say whatever. I would let all of it go. I wouldn’t care what anybody viewed thought of me. What I put out there, I wouldn’t even- we’ll go over the content I was going to post before posting which got me in trouble sometimes. So I’ve learned over the years to not be as don’t shout your opinion as hard as you used to.”

Jenelle Evans Fired Teen Mom 2

“But with that being said,” Evans added, “it also pushed me into a wall and pushed me into a corner. And then towards the end of the show, I felt like every, every step I made was wrong. Everything I did was wrong. Everything I said was wrong.”

Evans had more to say, stating that “Then I had CPS after me, and then I had fans harassing me telling me I should die, telling me my kids should be taken away. Telling me don’t be with your husband. Don’t work it out. You too are f–king psycho. Just, it was just way too much. So I feel like now, being away from that platform, I have a voice. And I’m not scared to talk anymore. For the past year, I’ve been so confined and I’ve been such an introvert since being off the show that I’ve been scared to talk to anyone about anything, and I just feel like I have more freedom now. I feel like I can express myself more without having to worry about if I’m going to get fired or not.”

It’s Not Fair

Evans wrapped the first episode of I Have Something To Say with addressing how unfair it was for MTV to let her go. 

“Do I think that it was fair MTV, let me go?” Evans asked rhetorically. “No, I do not. Especially after, you know, the Amber Portwood incident happened. Back years ago when she went to jail for five years and you know, then she gets out they continue the show, which I, you know, was fine about. I, you know, I didn’t have opinion about it. I was like, go for it girl. Get back on the show, get the money. But you know, then the machete incident happened. And they didn’t let her go. So what did I do that was so bad and so scary and so hurtful to be replaced?”

Jenelle Evans Fired Teen Mom 2

“But overall, you know, we filmed from 2009 to 2019,” Evans added. “It was very, it was a very awesome experience. There was a lot of ups and downs and I was able to document my whole life and a lot of you guys related to me, followed my story, and still do. I appreciate it. Hopefully, maybe we can get something going on in the future where I can continue to share my life with you guys because I feel like that’s what I’ve been made to do now. You guys just keep following me.”

“I really appreciate the support and I feel like these- these several episodes are going to give you guys a lot of insight to what happened behind closed doors after MTV stopped filming,” Evans added.

Evans wrapped the first epode with noting that “If you think about it, MTV would have had one of the highest ratings for their season if they followed this entire CPS investigation because in the end, it was a victory and we won.”

Evans has promised new episodes of her YouTube series will drop every Monday, so make sure to stay tuned for the next one.


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