Jenelle Evans Proven To Be Selling Makeup Kits With Mold!?

Fans and followers of Teen Mom Jenelle Evans likely remember that she tried to come up with a makeup brow

Jenelle Evans makeup kit

Fans and followers of Teen Mom Jenelle Evans likely remember that she tried to come up with a makeup brow kit called JE Cosmetics towards the end of 2019, but that didn’t generate much income.

Makeup Kit Fail?!

In fact, reports at the time claimed she had only sold 150 kits out of the 3000 kits that had been manufactured according to a report from Radar Online.

Radar had spoken to a source at the time that noted “XJ Beauty sent Jenelle a termination letter on September 19. It stated that XJ Beauty will no longer be involved or work with JE Cosmetics and Jenelle Evans.”All of the inventory will be sent to her by October 19. Jenelle hasn’t signed the letter yet.”

Around the same time, Evans posted to her Instagram story that “Due to the issues with the other company we were working with, we have decided to cut ties. We are sorry for anyone not happy with their kits. We will be doing meet and greet/giveaways for the kits while coming up with new products.”

Jenelle Is Back In Business!

While there was a period of delay, Evans announced this year that she would be selling her brow kits again. The Sun spoke to her ex-manager, Johnny Donovan, who said he believed these were the old brow kits she had from last year, not new, fresh inventory. 

“She bought so many units,” Donovan revealed back in May of this year. “She purchased 2,000 eyebrow kits. It’s the same kits.”

“They were left at a warehouse,” Donovan added. ”She’s trying to get rid of them since she was stuck with a lot. I wish her luck!”

Evans also spoke to The Sun at the time, confirming the kits were sent to her home “not too long ago”- although she didn’t give a specific date. 

“I am selling them out of my home,” Evans continued dishing. “I have a huge 40’ x 40’ building I am storing them in. I am really happy I can tell my customers that I am personally delivering them and including special ‘Thank You’ note.”

Evans wrapped with telling The Sun that “Since posting on social media I have received many orders and it has been keeping me very busy. I will continue to sell my products and no one is going to stop me!”

Uh Oh – People Aren’t Happy With The Makeup Kits!

As always seems to happen in the world of Evans, though, she has run into trouble again- and this time with her JE Cosmetics Brow Kit.

Instagram user @makeup_rachell decided to take Evans to task after they ordered one of her kits and were not happy with it. 

“NEGATIVE REVIEW ,” they initially posted on July 12th. “Ordered from @j_evans1219 to try the brow kit and what arrived was disgusting. The eyebrow colors have mold and dirt in the pallet, the highlight was broken and completely fell out. The whole kit was just dirty. Do not from #jecosmetics.”

@makeup_rachell went on to post another post, explaining that she had messaged Evans about a refund. “ UPDATE ,” Rachel began. “I’ve gotten an overwhelming amount of messages on my @jecosmeticsinc brow pallet from @j_evans1219 here are few more pics as requested. Please see as well all you have to do is turn the eyebrow pallet upside down and the pieces fall right out. Wherever these were stored evaporated the glue that held them in. Also here is a better close up of the mold and the crappy thanks for buying my terrible product handwritten note. Still no word on my refund at this time”

Always one to get quickly infuriated rather than own up to anything, Evans’s @JEcosmeticsinc account wrote “Despite all the rumors some have been spreading about our kits, our makeup is clean and sanitized. Before shipping every product is inspected. All of our previous customers are happy and satisfied with their product! Order your kit now #LinkInBio.”

@makeup_rachell reposted Evans’s Cosmetics Inc explanation, writing “ Latest I post honest makeup reviews. I give everyone a fair chance. But I have never had such horrible customer service in my life. To be told that I am, the customer, am wrong. Then it is fedexs fault. Now to find out I won’t get a refund but she’ll send another kit. Who would want another kit after getting what I received? I know what mold looks like and I know what mold smells like. Also then to go to her social media, before addressing the issue with me, and say I am starting rumors. This was a joke and truly handled in the worst way. At some point the owner of the company needs to take responsibility and stop blaming others.”

@Makeup_Rachell seemed to indicate that she believed that the product was actually being shipped with mold. 

Here is the YouTube video where @makeup_rachell discussed this:

She then went on to post screenshots of a conversation via Instagram DM with Evans in which she completely called Evans out. Again, rather than try to placate the customer, Evans claimed she was “being blocked.”

“Looks like @j_evans1219 couldn’t handle the truth about @jecosmeticsinc review,” @makeup_rachell wrote with the above screenshots. “I continue to ask her to explain how this so called ‘fuzz’ got inthe wax. I called her out on deflecting and dodging my questions and what happens?!?!……she blocks me ‍♀️ you want to run a business don’t sell shi**y products unregulated, unsterile environment.”

Here are the screenshots:

Taking Her To Task!

Rather than let this go, @makeup_rachell decided to order a kit to test for mold. 

“So for an update,” @makeup_rachell shared, “I did pick up a mold kit!!! However it is one that will be sent out to a lab. So it is going out in tomorrow’s mail! As soon as I get the results back I will be sharing! But the black spots have gotten worse over the days and is definitely growing!”

While Evans’s JECosmeticsInc Instagram had claimed all previous customers were “satisfied,” another Instagram user @msztiinymakeup opened her JE Cosmetics Brow Kit with @makeup_rachell on Instagram Live. 

@makeup_rachell shared “ OMG Well @j_evans1219 I seen ya with bad mad makeup products ‍♀️ On live @msztiinymakeup and I got you! We opened her brow kit live to see her kit was even worse then mine!!!!!!! Rust in the pans, a freaking hair in the kit, and what looks like mold to me!!!!!!! No blaming anyone else but yourself for this one girl. We got it all live start to finish!”

The Results Are In!

Finally, today was the big day @makeup_rachell was waiting for. Her results arrived from the lab she sent Evans’s brow kit to be tested for mold- and, lo and behold, they came back POSITIVE for mold. 

“ THE RESULTS ARE IN ,” @makeup_rachell shared. “Ladies and gentlemen the lab has discovered it’s fungus in the makeup Absolutely disgusting. How can anyone sell a contaminated product and not care?! JE cosmetics needs to be shut down immediately!!!!!”

As can be seen on the below screenshot, both “hyphae” and “non-sporulating fungi” were found to be present. Hyphae, by definition, is “each of the branching filaments that make up the mycelium of a fungus.” 

Without giving an opinion on Evans or her product, we can definitely attest that mold in any product that’s being sold for use on humans is downright disgusting. 

Jenelle Responds!

For what it’s worth, Evans did respond with the following message to the claims:

“Our makeup is completely clean and the FDA can come stop by if they need to,” Evans stated. “I have made out 200+ orders and you mean to tell me you two are the only ones with ‘mold?’ I find that hard to believe. Seems like it was purposely contaminated for attention.”

“You really expect for me to believe a home kit?” She added. “Right.”