Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans Ironically Has Advice for Kailyn Lowry on Co-Parenting

It’s no secret that there have been tensions between Teen Mom 2‘s Jenelle Evans and Kailyn Lowry over the years.

Jenelle Evans Kailyn Lowry

It’s no secret that there have been tensions between Teen Mom 2‘s Jenelle Evans and Kailyn Lowry over the years. At times, they’ve been able to put it to rest for a while, but something always seems to drag it back to the surface. This week, a disagreement between Lowry and her ex Chris Lopez has Evans weighing in on a surprising topic: co-parenting. Evans has gone through no shortage of co-parenting drama in the past, so it’s ironic that she would choose to weigh in on Lowry’s co-parenting woes.

What has happened with Evans’ co-parenting in the past?

Evans certainly hasn’t had a spotless history with co-parenting. Evans and ex Nathan Griffith have a 5-year-old son together named Kaiser. Their relationship was relatively short-lived, but the drama that would follow was not. When Evans married David Eason, Griffith began raising concerns that son Kaiser was being abused by Eason.

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CPS investigates Evans, twice

In 2018, CPS opened an investigation into bruises found on Kaiser after he returned to Griffith from a visit with Eason and Evans. Kaiser reportedly told Griffith that Eason had hit him with a stick, which prompted the investigation. However, no wrong-doing was found and Evans retained custody. In 2019, Evans and Eason would lose custody after Eason shot and killed the family dog for biting their toddler on the face. CPS investigated, removed the children, and Evans waged a 3 month battle to win back custody. Ultimately, the children were returned, but Evans and Eason were on the rocks as his violent behavior escalated and culminated in his arrest.

When Evans and Eason split, she co-parented harmoniously with Griffith

In late 2019, Evans filed for an order of protection against Eason, and her relationship with Griffith improved markedly. Since Griffith felt as though Eason was abusing Kaiser, his relationship with Evans was strained and antagonistic as long as she was with Eason. However, the pair was able to co-parent in harmony once Eason was out of the picture, but it all came to a screeching halt when Evans and Eason reconciled in early 2020.

Jenelle Evans

Co-parenting woes between Evans and Griffith

In mid-2020, Griffith spoke out again about his concerns that Eason was abusing Kaiser. Evans shot back that Griffith was, “skipping out,” on visits with their son, accusing him of pretending to care. In a series of tweets, Evans publicly addressed Griffith and aired out their co-parenting struggles, lashing out at Griffith with, “scream on the top of your lungs to social media but don’t call to check. Skip out on visits and cut short the ones you do attend. You’re not really concerned, just playing pretend.”

Evans continued, “and that goes for all of you. #IftheShoeFits.”

So why is she weighing in on Lowry’s co-parenting?

Lowry has had a very public and messy break-up with ex Lopez, with Lowry accusing him of not spending time with their son. In an explosive back-and-forth on Instagram, Lowry accused Lopez of not consistently being involved in their sons’ Lux and Romello Creed’s lives. While Lowry is currently co-parenting well with her other 2 exes (fathers of her oldest two children), the Teen Mom 2 star seems unable to strike a harmonious balance with Lopez.

Lopez vs Lowry over toddler hair?

The argument between Lopez and Lowry came to a head this weekend after Lopez cut son Lux’s hair without getting Lowry’s permission first. Lux had long and flowing hair, which Lowry shared a picture of on her Instagram stories captioned as, “before.” After that, Lowry shared an image of, “after,” which shows the hair several inches shorter and cut unevenly. The mother of four titled the after image, “Parenting with a narcissist be like… …control tactic.”

Kailyn Lowry

During an Instagram Live, Lowry explained her feelings on the situation, “It’s just like, I’m just at a place where it’s like, ‘OK, you could f— with me all you want. You can choke me, you can put your hands on me, you can burn my book on social media, you can cheat on me. Do whatever you want, right? But the second you do something to my child, I’m gonna come out of character because you’re using the child as a manipulation tool.”

Evans jumps in as a paragon of parenting perfection

Evans couldn’t help herself from taking a jab at Lowry and decided to side with Lopez on social media. Evans tweeted, “I would have cut that little boy’s hair too,” before adding another tweet, “It’s really sad to see when the mother is the difficult one and holds the child away from the father while co-parenting. You can hate the other parent all you want but they aren’t going away like you want sooooo bad. #SorryNotSorry.”

Evans then added, “So please everyone.. just co-parent peacefully because no matter how much of a grudge you have against the father… there’s nothing that will ever prevent them from visitation rights.”

A fan questioned Evans’ feelings on Griffith, and Evans responded, “we are working out things without going to court. Kaiser always visits with Nathan.”

But fans weren’t completely convinced. Over the years, Evans has threatened to force Griffith to go through the court system to gain custody, and Evans doesn’t currently have custody of one of her children. In response to her tweets, several people accused Evans of hypocrisy.

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Lowry passively hits back

Kailyn Lowry

In response to Evans’ barrage of tweets aimed at her parenting, Lowry thought to fight back. However, the mother of 4 felt as though the fans did all her work for her in questioning Evans’ hypocrisy. Lowry responded on Instagram, “I don’t even have to respond because ya’ll did the work right here in these comments. We all know what’s what, love y’all.”

Comical Choking

As of this morning, Evans is back at it, going in on Lowry again on Twitter.

Jenelle Evans Kailyn Lowry

“You know what I find ‘comical’ Kail?” Evans began this morning with addressing Lowry. “Your podcast. All you do, since you’ve existed on TV, is be a complete b–ch and one horrible friend. You can talk about me on your podcast and do interviews about me… but don’t own up to that.”

Jenelle Evans Kailyn Lowry

“And Kail…” Evans continued. “I’m truly sick of hearing my name and Brianna‘s [SIC] still brought up to this day. Why are we so relevant to you? Maybe focus on you, not me #JustAThought.”

“Like I said…” Evans added. “I wouldn’t have to comment on anyone’s life if they didn’t comment on mine.”

Jenelle Evans Kailyn Lowry

In a tweet that has been deleted, Evans went even more in, stating “One last thought… what’s super comical to me is that you claim someone hits, chokes you, etc. yet you got pregnant by him twice. Maybe you’re the issue.”

Evans also claimed she is getting DM’s from Lopez’s father, tweeting “Got Chris’ dad over her Doing me out of no where [SIC] too.”

Lowry and Evans can’t seem to put the past to rest

Although both have made a point to avoid each other, it seems as though they’re destined to keep sniping at one another. With such a rocky history of co-parenting, it was pretty bold of Evans to attempt to give advice to anyone. Lowry seems to have found a way to do it with at least two of her exes, so hopefully she will find a way through with Lopez as well. While Evans seems to feel as though she and Griffith are doing well, he may not agree. Whatever their current situations are, both Teen Mom stars would do well to avoid taking stabs at each other on social media and focus on themselves. Lowry has her hands full trying to move on from the relationship with Lopez and find a way to get him involved with his sons in a positive and non-toxic way. Decisions like haircuts should be made between both parents, and moving forward Lopez will need to think before taking drastic steps. The most successful co-parents work together on every decision, with their goal in mind being the best possible future for their children. It’s not an easy balance to strike, but Lopez and Lowry will have to make it work.