Teen Mom 2 alum Jenelle Evans is no stranger to drama with her former Teen Mom co-stars. While the women on the show have definitely had their share to say about her, she’s not been an innocent bystander either (think about the time she burned Kailyn Lowry’s haircare products on Instagram, for example).

Recently, Evans re-posted a throwback picture of Facebook of her with former Teen Mom 2 co-stars Leah Messer and Cheslea Houska calling them “fake memories.”


Earlier this year, Evans had participated in an interview where she had numerous things to say about the Teen Mom stars including calling Lowry “b*tchy” and Teen Mom OG star Mackenzie McKee (who was initially on the canceled Teen Mom 3) “thirsty.” 

Mackenzie McKee Speaks!

Last week, McKee appeared on The Domenick Nati Show and the topic of Evans, as well as former Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham came up. 

In response to Evans, she said that she believes she “probably feels a little bit threatened right now because she’s not on the show. I don’t have a problem with Jenelle.”

McKee then even came to Evans’s defense, especially in terms of people who are constantly criticizing Evans’s body. Specifically, McKee stated “It makes me cringe when people comment on her body. I hate it. I have stuck up for her a million times. I don’t really care what bad things she has to say about me. I don’t have a problem with her.”

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McKee then addressed the “fake memories” post Evans shared. 

“I don’t think she has the right, and, you know, we’re all human and we’re all more alike than we think, but she doesn’t have the right to call people fake,” McKee shared. 

McKee also noted she had only met Evans in-person once, but somehow Evans called her thirsty.

“She doesn’t seem to be a fan of me,” McKee noted, “And that’s OK.”

Teen Mom’s Can Be So Mean!

McKee went on to also be asked about Abraham, and she did not hold back at all and called her out.

“She’s mean,” McKee shared. “She’s a genuinely mean person. She is 100 percent mean and a bully.”

McKee had more to add about Abraham, especially regarding the things she said about McKee when she joined the Teen Mom OG cast. 

“Like, I get asked to be on a show,” McKee added, “and I say yes. I get asked to share my story, and my mom gets to share her story, which was the most beautiful part of it all because she wanted to, she genuinely wanted to share love and spread love. And then, the next thing we know, Farrah is in interviews saying I want to be her. She’s mean.”

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Analyzing this interview, it’s very clear that McKee was really respectful of Evans, even though Evans had called her thirsty in the past, and McKee was blunter about her feelings on Abraham. 

Somehow, it seems that Evans did not listen to the interview whatsoever, as she is now lashing out at McKee this morning for “calling her mean”- which is hysterical in and of itself, as McKee called ABRAHAM mean, NOT EVANS.

Evans Says She’s Blocked!

Evans lashed out on her Twitter this morning, writing “If I’m ‘so mean’ why do we follow each other on IG and you constantly like my pics? I’ve never met you before, you know nothing about me. Let’s keep it that way.”

“Oh forgot to tag you in my last tweet Mackenzie,” she added.

“Oh yeah,” Evans then realized, “have her blocked on here.. someone tag her for me. Thanks.” 

Evans also added a heart emoji to her last tweet, as can be seen here:


While Evans has definitely done face-palm worthy things in the past, this one definitely places high on the list—  attacking someone for saying something about you in an interview that they didn’t even say. And for someone who claims they don’t want drama, Evans certainly tried to stir the pot big-time this morning and seems to be escalating a new feud. It remains to be seen if McKee will respond again- and we’ll be sure to keep you posted. 



  • 🦩🤿, July 29, 2020 @ 10:03 am Reply

    Wow…JE is EXTRA jealous of ALL TM cast these days!!
    She probably shouldn’t have been a complete POS like we’va all warned her for years. In any other scenario I would feel awful, but JE is pure evil.
    Case and point.
    She is attacking anyone and everyone hoping for a bite of some(any) sort just to potentially get a few clickbait articles out of it. Its pretty sad but we all know she can only thank her trashy self
    Anything to avoid getting one of those j-o-b things…

  • Shannon, July 29, 2020 @ 12:10 pm Reply

    Janelle is alway a DRAMA FUCKEN QUEEN** every since I’ve known her she’s always been that way like she has a mental health problem **** she’s so ungrateful and disrespectful towards her mom even though she’s raising her son and she’s always being a bitch towards her mom… if I were her I’d be greatfull to have her instead she’s getting married to multiple men…. * she don’t deserve respect in the matter of fact McKenzie McKee deserves a lot of respect she’s so awesome and has the best heart ❤️

    • Sara, July 29, 2020 @ 9:55 pm Reply

      First of all I’m sure Mackenzie has said things about jenelle in the past that she definitely shouldn’t have and secondly jenelle doesn’t owe anything to ANYONE they have all disrespected her too INCLUDING her own mother you don’t call your child names and unlovable and get treated like you’re the best person in the world and she STOLE Jace from her because she isn’t done screwing up the kids! Jenelle has not married multiple men she has married TWO! One doesn’t even count!

  • Rachel, July 30, 2020 @ 12:49 am Reply

    She is human just like the rest of us I feel bad for her I don’t think she had home training and had to raise herself. I am a huge fan of jennells and I’m not going to stop being her fan cuz shit got fucked up that’s not loyalty and I’m a loyal bitch

  • Sarah, July 30, 2020 @ 5:08 am Reply

    I had always loved Jenelle because she reminded me of my own daughter not anymore I’ll stick with Mackenzie. She speaks eloquently and acts like a lady. Jenelle get help for your mental illness:

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