Jeremy Renner Celebrates Birthday in Hospital, Tells Fans, ‘You’ve made my spirits sing!’

If Hawkeye is the heart of the Avengers, it’s clear that Jeremy Renner is the heart of Hollywood. A likeable

Jeremy Renner

If Hawkeye is the heart of the Avengers, it’s clear that Jeremy Renner is the heart of Hollywood.

A likeable guy who once walked away from fame because it was all too overwhelming, the Marvel star has been stealing hearts from his hospital bed over the last week and a half.

Renner was injured in a catastrophic snow plow incident on New Year’s Day (while helping a neighbor, of course), and fans have been waiting eagerly for every update to insure that he’s getting better by the day.

Unfortunately for Renner, this week he marked a bittersweet milestone while in the hospital: his birthday.

While it’s heartbreaking to celebrate such a big day in a hospital bed, it’s a relief that he was able to celebrate it at all – and fans have made it extra special, according to the star.


Jeremy Renner Thanks Fans for Birthday Wishes from his Hospital Bed

Renner has been in the hospital since he was first listed as being in “critical” condition on January 1.

But this past Saturday, January 7, marked Renner’s 52nd birthday.

People reports, “During Renner’s birthday on Saturday, the actor received a number of birthday messages from Marvel Cinematic Universe costars like Chris Evans and Hailee Steinfeld, while youth academic and athletics program The Base Chicago shared a cute video on Instagram of children in the program holding up signs that spell ‘Renner’ and waving their arms as they sang along to 50 Cent’s lyrics, ‘Go shawty, it’s your birthday. We gon’ party like it’s your birthday.'”

Renner wrote in the comments of the clip, “You’ve made my spirits sing!!!!”

He shared the clip to his social media as well, writing, “I love you all sooooo much !!!! Thank you 🙏.”

Evans, who played alongside Renner in the Marvel franchise, wrote on social media, “Happy Birthday to one of the toughest guys I know! Sending so much love your way ❤️,” as he shared a black and white photo of the pair together at a movie premiere.

Renner’s sweet birthday message is his third update from his hospital bed.

Last week, he shared two videos which stole the hearts of fans (and new fans) everywhere.

It’s a new side of Renner, embracing his status as a star during a vulnerable moment.

Because there was a time when it was all too much, and he had to step away from fame.

Jeremy Renner is a Role Model for Balancing Fame and Humility

Marvel fans will remember how expertly Renner portrayed Hawkeye in “Avengers,” and also how glaringly absent he was during the “Avengers: Infinity War” movie.

While Renner said it was a casting and storytelling decision made by the showrunners, it’s no secret that there was some behind the scenes motivations for Renner to take a brief step back and take a deep breath.

Back in 2019, Renner told Variety, “‘I think it ultimately had to do with the storytelling of it all,’ Renner told Marc Malkin when they sat down for the second episode of ‘The Big Ticket,’ Variety and iHeartMedia’s new film podcast. ‘You leave it to the Russo brothers to make those decisions.’

And perhaps another compelling reason? ‘I wanted a vacation,’ Renner cracked. ‘I had stuff to do, man. Take a break.’

Fortunately for fans, Hawkeye [was] back for ‘Avengers: Endgame,’ the 22nd film in the MCU.

That said, Renner still isn’t exactly used to the fame and visibility that has come with being a part of the ‘Avengers’ franchise.

‘You’re on a Cheerios box all of a sudden,’ he said. ‘I remember when I was a kid growing up in the ’70s, a Wheaties box, if you got on that was like, ‘Wow, you’re like a big sports star or something.’ ‘

And then he added with laugh, ‘I’m on underwear, too.'”

But whether or not Renner feels more comfortable in his superstar skin, we’re glad he’s sharing his journey with the world – and even happier that he’s recovering.