Jersey Shore’s 30 Most Memorable Moments, Ranked!

From the first time Jersey Shorehit TVs across America, people either loved it or hated it. Since the Jersey Shore

Jersey Shore cast

From the first time Jersey Shorehit TVs across America, people either loved it or hated it. Since the Jersey Shore cast first won hearts across the country in 2009, much has changed. With 2020 being as turbulent as it is, we felt like it was time to turn the clock back and revisit a happier time: once upon a time in Jersey Shore. We’re revisiting the show’s 30 most memorable moments, and bringing them to you.

Without any further ado, let’s travel back in time:

30. Mike is one Heck of a Date

In episode 6 of Season 2, Mike showed his usual charming side as he brought a date home to the, “Smoosh Room.” However, he wasn’t quite up for the horizontal tango yet, so he decided to take a break and prepare himself a full plate of food, then proceed to eat it before returning to his lady love du jour. Charming, really.

29. Dirty Secrets

After mysterious plumbing problems had the cast pointing fingers at one another, in episode 8 of season 3, the answer was finally revealed. A disgusting pair of women’s underwear had been gumming up the pipes in the house, but none of the women would claim them. Eventually, they all agreed to blame one of the men’s erstwhile dates and moved on. But that smell probably lingered! 

28. Snooki Waxes Political

Snooki had some feelings about politics in episode 1 of season 2. Snooki explained that she doesn’t do tanning anymore and blamed a 10% tax placed by then-President Obama. Snooki said, “I feel like he did that intentionally for us. [John] McCain would’ve never put a 10% tax on tanning, because he’s pale and would probably want to be tan.” Snooki 2020, who’s with us?

27. Time to Sanitize the Smoosh

The girls decided in episode 7 of season 2 that it was time to tackle the problem in the Smoosh Room; the ick factor. They donned garbage bags and gloves, and armed themselves with cleaning spray, and dove in headfirst to disinfect the one night stand haven. Their bravery is impressive to this day.

26 That’s One Shot, Kid!

After someone mocked Snooki’s Halloween corset at a club on episode 8 of season 1, the cast got into a yelling match with another group. They walked away, but Ron decided to get the last word – er, punch – in, and ran back to punch one guy, knocking him out cold. Ron crowed, “That’s one shot, kid!” but was soon filled with remorse as he was arrested for aggravated assault. 

25. Epic Prank: Tiki Party in the Living Room!

Paul and Vinny cooked up an elaborate prank while everyone was out camping. In episode 11 of season 5, the reigning prank champs decided to flip the house inside out. They dragged everyone’s furniture – from bedroom to living room and back again – out onto the roof-top patio. In exchange, they lined the living room with astro turf, and put an inflatable, “hot tub” inside along with the patio hammock. To say the cast was floored when they got back is an understatement, but arguably Mike had the hardest time as rain later showed up to ruin his day and his belongings. 

Pauly D

24. No, Not the Hair!

Although the roommates thought they had planned for every eventuality in episode 1 of season 4 by bringing plug adapters with them to Italy, one by one they watched in horror as their hair dryers short-circuited in the over-powered Italian outlets. One dryer was a survivor, however, and their perfect coifs were saved. 

23. The Underpaid, Not-so-silent Castmate

Although we’re exploring moments, this is more a series of moments. The duck phone deserves more accolades, as it’s iconic ring became a familiar alert that drama was about to go down. Without the duck phone, would we even have half of the moments gifted to us by Jersey Shore? We think not. Thank you, duck phone. 

22. Mike Fights a Wall – and Loses

Mike and Ron had been butting heads for awhile, but it all came to a peak in Italy. In episode 5 of season 4, Ron flipped some of Mike’s furniture over, so Mike retaliated with a head-butt. Against the wall. The concrete wall. He gave himself a concussion and a neck sprain. But the good news is, that wall never again got in between Ron and Mike. 

21. Ron Ron’s Juicy Secret

Ron kept the recipe for his Ron Ron’s Juice secret for a long time. Although viewers were first introduced to it in season one, they weren’t told the ingredients until almost a decade later, during a 2018 reunion. It’s mostly vodka, with a pinch of watermelon and cranberry. Juicy.

20. Mmm, Pickles

Fans of Snooki are well aware of her love for pickles. In episode 3 of season 1, Snooki explained, “Pickles is my thing… …I eat it a specific way. I suck the juice out first.” Foodies everywhere swooned, and the guys in the house gave her a hard time for her very vocal love for the phallic veggies. But Snooki would not be deterred, after all; pickles is her thing.

19. Ron Invents an Iconic Phrase

Ron, his juice, and his anger problems could all probably have been billed separately since they all made such distinct appearances on the show. In episode 6 of season 1, Ron embarked on another unexpected path to stardom: that of a wordsmith. After Sammi and Ron tried to walk away from a couple who was harassing them on the boardwalk, Ron turned to the man and crafted the most perfect of Jersey Shore lines, “come at me, bro!” Although Ron made it through the night with a black eye and no new arrest record, it was hard to say who came out in top on that fight. Don’t come at us for that though, Ron; you can swing a mean left hook.



18. Eat Your Heart Out, Gucci Luggage

Angelina isn’t one to stand on ceremony. Or tradition. And she certainly made that clear when she used black trash bags to move in and out of the house in season 1. This creative answer to a luggage problem earned her the nickname, “Trash bags,” thereafter.

17. Leave the Hamsters Alone

“Trash Bags,” Angelina had another creative nickname. After catching flack from the roommates for not cleaning up after herself, Angelina finally pushed everyone over the edge after she left a used menstrual pad on the bathroom floor. Mike, chivalrous as always, left it under her pillow, which turned into a fight between the pair. Mike dropped the mic when he called her a, “dirty little hamster.” Although we’ve never seen hamsters leave dirty menstrual pads lying about, we’re sure Mike’s insult was inspired.

16. Lobster Luxury

No one quite does life like the Jersey Shore roommates, and Snooki and JWoww thought they’d invite a lobster along for the ride. After rescuing the unlikely critter from master chef Mike, they placed him in tap water to give him a new life away from the boiling pot. Lobsters, of course, need salt water. It was a nice gesture, anyway. 

15. Snooki, Get Your Butt Out of the Fridge!

After a mishap with some tanning oil left Snooki with a burned bum, she explored creative ways to ease the pain. And by creative ways, we mean she sat her butt down in the house fridge. While a little unconventional, it wasn’t the worst thing ever seen on Jersey Shore. Until, that is, Snooki revealed that she needed to poop. 

14. Mike’s Mea Culpa

Mike almost burned every bridge he ever built in season 5. But in season 6, he revealed that he had been dealing with an addiction to pills which he had since sought rehab for and sobered up. He apologized in a heartfelt manner, and promised to make it up to everyone. He started by cooking everyone dinner. That’s a pretty good start, if you ask us. 

13. Snooki Moves Out for the Best Reason Possible

In season 6, fans were shocked to learn that Snooki was moving out. But it was for the best of reasons. Snooki announced that she was pregnant, and moved into her own house nearby to escape partying and catch some quality zzz’s as she prepared for life as a mom.



12. A Master Thief

In episode 2 of season 5, Pauly brought a charming date home from Karma. Well, she was charming until she tried to pull a major heist off on the roommate. When she left the next day, she slipped Pauly’s diamond chain into the crotch of her undies. She did eventually bring it back, and, “it was an accident.” We’ve all been there. 

11. JWoww the Poet

Jwoww, never one to shy away from a fight, often gave us gems to use against people we’re planning to fist fight. But one of her most iconic quotes came as she menaced Angelina, and she offered up the ultimate decision. “You can stay and get your a– beat, or you can f—ing stay and get your a– beat.” Move over Robert Frost, colleges will soon be teaching Jwoww poetry.

10. Pauly D’s Compliments

Pauly D definitely has a way with words. We’re personally fans of, “this woman is not a grenade, this woman is an atomic bomb.” We don’t know exactly what it means, but it sounds… nice.

9. Pauly D’s Family Therapy

Pauly D’s eloquence isn’t reserved for the ladies. He also has advice for families struggling with disagreements. Pauly D offered this brilliant tip to Sammi, “You don’t come in on Sunday with a big banana and expect everything to be peaches.” Dr. Phil eventually has to retire, right? Have we witnessed his heir apparent at work?

8. Deena Falls… In Love with Italy 

Not Only did Deena fall flat on her face walking into the house in Italy, but she almost fell to her certain doom off a bridge as well. Sammi was in the right place at the right time and pulled her back to safety.

7. The Best Prank of All Times Square

Although Mike was not the best prankster on the show, the prank he played on Deena and Snooki lands him a high spot on our list. Mike calls a cab for the girls who are planning to go to Jenks, a short drive from the house. However, Mike instructs the cab driver to bring them to Times Square. The pair doesn’t quite catch on until they’ve been in the car far past the time they should have already arrived, nearly an hour into their trip. They’re understandably angry about a wasted night at first, but it eventually became water under the bridge. 


6. Sammi’s Tears 

Just like Ron’s anger management could be billed as it’s own character on the show, Sammi’s tears make an extraordinary number of appearances. Can you even call a moment Jersey Shore drama if Sammi’s tears haven’t been involved?

5. Snooki, Where’s the Beach?

Snooki knows how to party, and often times got in over her head once the booze rolled in. In one iconic scene in season 3 episode 3, Snooki is drunk off her flip-flops and looking for the beach, which is right in front of her. So tell us, Snooki, “where’s the beach?”

4. Angelina V. Snooki

Angelina was known for running her mouth against her castmates, and Snooki finally had enough in episode 10 of season 2. After one final straw, Snooki pulled her earrings off, then launched herself off the couch at Angelina. The pair scrapped hard, Snooki clearly holding the upper hand, before Jwoww pulled them apart. 

3. Snooki Gets Punched

If it seems like there’s a theme to the top 5 moments, it’s because Snooki is such an icon. Some rando at a bar thought to de-throne the Jersey queen as she collected shots for her friends at Beachcomber in episode 4 of season 1. After a man tried to take the shots for himself, Snooki tried to stop him. He unloads a thundering punch at the tiny woman, and her friends immediately launch to her defense. The assailant was arrested, and was probably much safer in jail that night as Snooki’s friends were out for blood.

2. Gym. Tan. Laundry.

If it seems like half of the loose tank tops at gyms since the mid 2010s have read, “G.T.L.,” we have Jersey Shore to thank for that. Since that’s how most of the cast spends most of their time, the GTL life will probably always be associated with the Jersey Shore cast. 

1.Throw Your Fists Up

The cast of Jersey Shore sure changed the way outsiders viewed Jersey locals. They convinced outsiders everywhere that all Jersey locals dance with a single first in the air. Pauly explained, “that beat’s hitting us, and we’re fighting back!” We’re sure that if you go to a club in Jersey to this day, all you’ll see is a forest of fists – from tourists, that is. This moment, or collection of moments, lands our top spot because no one will ever forget the Jersey Shore dance. Probably much to the chagrin of Jersey Shore locals. 

The Situation

There you have it. 30 of Jersey Shore‘s best moments of all time. We always enjoy a walk down memory lane with the cast of the timeless and iconic show. This week, the world needs more Jersey Shore