Jill Duggar Sick with COVID Less Than a Week After Announcing Baby #3

The last six months have been a true roller coaster ride for Jill Duggar Dillard and Derrick Dillard. First, they

Jill Duggar

The last six months have been a true roller coaster ride for Jill Duggar Dillard and Derrick Dillard. First, they grappled with the very public and invasive trial of Duggar’s brother Josh Duggar as he faced accusations of child pornography charges. Then Jill and husband Derrick faced the joy of a pregnancy – and the heartbreak of loss. Duggar and Dillard took a brief break from social media in December in the wake of the couple’s miscarriage and as Duggar’s trial wound to a close – but they returned early this year to announce that they were pregnant again.

Joyful at the announcement of their impending “rainbow baby,” Duggar has shared less than a week later that she’s still on the roller coaster ride. This time, dealing with COVID while pregnant. 

Jill is Sick with COVID While Pregnant


There’s nothing more exhausting than pregnancy – especially when you already have two kids to chase after. But pregnancy + COVID? It’s exhausting just to think about. And it’s more than tiring, it can be dangerous. Pregnant women who test positive for COVID can be at higher risk for a number of pregnancy-related complications such as pre-term birth. According to the CDC, pregnant women are more likely than not-pregnant people to “get very sick” from COVID-19.

It’s the last thing someone wants to be facing after a recent miscarriage, but unfortunately that’s exactly what Duggar is dealing with now. Per CeleBuzz, “‘Give me all the hot liquids and cough drops please!! Derick & I tested + for covid for the first time and it’s not fun,’ Jill wrote on Instagram on March 10. ‘With a little help from family, we were still able to celebrate Derick’s birthday at home yesterday, even though it was different than we’d originally hoped. Prayers appreciated for quick recoveries and for baby to stay healthy too!’”

Fans wished her well, and cousin Amy King reached out to offer best wishes. People were quick to offer their survival tips for dealing with both COVID and pregnancy.

Rainbow Baby on the Way

Jill Duggar

While every baby is precious, this one has extra meaning for the Duggar-Dillard household. Because this baby is known as what’s called a “rainbow baby;” the rainbow after the storm. CELEB reported on the couple’s pregnancy last week when the news broke:

This baby is what’s known as a “Rainbow Baby.” Just as a rainbow comes after a storm, a rainbow baby comes after a loss – miscarriage or stillbirth. In 2021, the couple shared that they were expecting. Initially, the couple blogged the experience on YouTube, sharing news with fans as soon as they got a positive pregnancy test. People reports, ‘In the emotional clip, Jill and Derrick can be seen waiting for the results of a pregnancy test before finding out that it’s positive. They later tell their sons about the happy news and celebrate the occasion with a pizza party.

‘We recently found out that we were expecting our third baby,’ the couple wrote in a statement alongside the video on their website. ‘We were all thrilled! It was fun to see so much joy in the boys’ faces as we shared the news with them.’

‘They were full of questions and so excited as we talked about the pregnancy and how they would get to be involved along the way and after baby was born.”  Unfortunately, Duggar-Dillard began to miscarry a few days later, breaking the family’s heart. They named the baby – whose gender was unknown – River Bliss.”

Embarking on another pregnancy so soon after loss, and facing the added complication of COVID, has to have the couple on edge as they wait for the months to pass. But the Duggar family is known for their devotion to their faith – which is likely to be helping them through these difficult weeks. 

Jill and Derrick Lost a Baby Late Last Year


Grappling with pregnancy loss isn’t easy for anyone, but it’s even harder when it happens in the public eye. While some couples wait to announce pregnancies until they’re further along – some wait until delivery – many share the good news as soon as they receive it. That means that if the worst should happen, their loss plays out in the public eye as well.

While this is a controversial topic and there’s no right or wrong answer – every couple or individual has to decide when they can share their news, and whenever they choose is the right time – there’s something to be said for grieving publicly. When it comes to the loss of an infant or child, parents who go through the unimaginable often feel isolated, alone, and living a horror they aren’t supposed to talk about. No one knows what to say when someone loses a child – and so many opt to say nothing at all, rather than risk saying the wrong thing.

This means that going through the worst loss of your life can also be the most lonely and isolating experience of your life, something society has been grappling with in recent years. With couples like the Duggar-Dillard household and last year Chrissy Teigan and John Legend being open and straightforward about their pregnancy losses, it’s the chance for people to see loss, come to terms with the fact that it happens and not infrequently, and learn how they can approach these losses in their personal lives. 

Celebrities often get criticized for  living lives that seem frivolous, but in the age of social media they are guides of a sort. And celebrities who are experiencing loss in real time in the public eye are guiding others through something that we all need to learn more about. No one chooses to be a member of the spontaneous pregnancy loss club; but when people like Jill talk about the experience, they’re changing lives. 

Now, fans who grieved with Jill and Derrick get to celebrate as they await their rainbow baby – and cross their fingers as she battles COVID.