Jimmy Fallon Calls Donald Trump v Joe Biden Brawl ‘Fight Of The Century’

Late-night host Jimmy Fallon recently pointed out that a brawl between Donald Trump and Joe Biden would be the “Fight

Donald Trump, Joe Biden
Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden speaks during the final presidential debate with Republican presidential candidate President Donald Trump, on the campus of Belmont University, in Nashville, Tennessee on Thursday, October 22, 2020. Credit: Kevin Dietsch / Pool via CNP. Photo credit: Kevin Dietsch - Pool via CNP / MEGA

Late-night host Jimmy Fallon recently pointed out that a brawl between Donald Trump and Joe Biden would be the “Fight of the Century” for one particular reason. The two 2024 hopefuls are evenly matched on a lot of items. They both carry significant name recognition, and they both have one term in the Presidency under their belt. They both carry varied foreign policy legacies and struggle with trust among constituents. And they both happen to be over the age of 75.

2024 Field Narrowing Slowly

Donald Trump, Joe Biden

As the 2024 election creeps closer, Donald Trump and Joe Biden get closer to another one-on-one showdown at the polls. The Republican field continues to be relatively small compared to elections past. Which may be due to the Donald Trump effect. Usually, in primary season, politicians are taking polite snipes at each of them as they clamor for the crown to face off in the general election.

But any time you run against Trump, you’re facing a down-and-dirty war of words. Trump tends to go after his rivals with all available means, including attacking them online and at rallies. This may be causing some Republican hopefuls to hesitate to throw their hat into the ring. And those already running aren’t looking to be in great shape against the GOP frontrunner.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is behind Trump in hypothetical primary polls. And he’s behind him by a lot. Many polls show a 30 to 55-point spread between frontrunner Trump and second-place rival DeSantis. Other Republican hopefuls aren’t doing much better. On the side of the Democrats, Joe Biden is running unopposed. It’s unclear whether it will remain that way, but for now, Biden has a mandate from his party to fight for his place again against Trump. Which may be a good bet, since he has already beaten the business mogul once.

Jimmy Fallon Calls Donald Trump vs Joe Biden Brawl ‘Fight of the Century’

But the fight between Donald Trump and Joe Biden is only just now starting to heat up again. And Trump is using his public platform to call Biden’s age and ability into question. Recently, Trump boasted that he has a better body than Biden while at a rally.

The twice-impeached Republican joked about Biden, “He’s got a consultant somewhere, this is the worst consultant in politics, that thinks he looks good in a bathing suit. He spends so much time at the beach.” He then jokingly mused, “I have a much better body than him. But I’m not really sure I want to expose it, with the sun blaring down, the sand, the surf, the wind. It’s not a pretty sight.”

And Trump, who is now 77, told the audience that he could beat the 80-year-old in a fight. Jimmy Fallon took note and worked a joke into the boast during his opening monologue. Fallon told his audience, “Over the weekend, at a rally in Iowa, former President Donald Trump bragged he could beat President Biden in a fight.” He joked, “It would be the fight of the century — mostly because both guys are a century.”

The ages of Trump and Biden could present a problem to an increasingly younger voter bloc. With Baby Boomers aging rapidly, Generation X and Millennials are starting to make up the bulk of politicians and voters. Whether or now they’ll be wooed to the polls in 2024 by two men who are in many cases the age of their elderly parents and grandparents remains to be seen.