Joe Biden Blasted For Hosting BBQ As Violence Explodes In Gaza, Killing Four Americans

Over the weekend, the unimaginable happened in Israel as President Joe Biden and his cohorts dined on barbecue at the

Joe Biden
Joe Biden, MEGA

Over the weekend, the unimaginable happened in Israel as President Joe Biden and his cohorts dined on barbecue at the White House. The President is facing criticism for hosting the event as Israel and Palestine broke into open war. On Saturday, Palestine’s Hamas regime launched open attacks against civilians in southern Israel. The attack left four Americans dead. All the while, the President of the United States was enjoying a barbecue with White House staffers.

Palestine-Israeli Tensions Break Into Open War After Attack By Hamas

Tensions between Palestine and Israel over the Gaza Strip are nothing new. Yet it was still a shock to see the tensions erupt into an all-out war over the weekend after a gruesome attack by Palestine’s Hamas regime. Here‘s how events have unfolded.

Just after 6:30 AM on Saturday, air raid sirens began sounding in Israel. Rockets began raining down on the region, sent by Hamas, and the first of thousands started their horrifying march across civilian blocks and apartments. The leader of Hamas’ military arm, Muhammad Deif, released a statement saying that the group was launching an “operation” so that “the enemy will understand that the time of their rampaging without accountability has ended.”

By 7:40 AM, Hamas fighters had crossed into Israeli territory, and officials warned people to seek shelter. Two hours after the first bombs began falling, it became clear that Hamas had launched a multi-front assault. by 8:30 AM they had taken Israeli hostages in the south of the region and launched hundreds of volleys of bombs. By 10:30 AM, Israel had declared war on Hamas. Within minutes, they had begun retaliating by sending their own bomber jets into Palestine.

Around 2:30 PM the same day, the United States officially responded to the attacks and declaration of war. In doing so, the National Security Council condemned Hamas’ actions and offered their support for Israel. At 6 PM, President Joe Biden spoke with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to declare the “rock solid and unwavering” support for Israel by the US.

Joe Biden Criticized For Hosting BBQ Amid Gaza Violence and Death Of Four Americans

While all of this was happening, President Joe Biden was reportedly dining with colleagues on the White House lawn. As protestors began lining up outside of the White House, they shared that they could hear music coming from the grounds.

Biden claimed to be “monitoring” the situation. However, he did not leave the barbecue or dismiss guests. And the seemingly carefree response to the horrors unfolding in Israel has prompted criticism and outcry. Criticism includes the fact that he failed to release a statement as the violence began, despite knowing about it for hours before the United States publicly commented on the matter. Senator Josh Hawley (R – MO) wrote on social media, “While Hamas holds Americans hostage, Joe Biden is enjoying a picnic with a live band.” Hawley and other Republicans have hammered the Democratic President since Saturday, with one GOP podcaster calling him “truly sick.”

During the early attacks, four American citizens were killed, and hundreds of Israelis died. Biden’s cavalier response comes at a time when the President can ill afford to be seen as a weak leader. With the 2024 election heating up and the Israeli-Palestinian war hitting close to home for many American Jews, this should have been a home-run opportunity for Joe Biden to lead from the front and take charge. His lack of response could set the tone for the weeks and months to come as America tries to salvage a stuttered response to the initial attacks.

Across the ocean, Israel and Palestine are now officially at war for the first time since the 2008-2009 Gaza War. That conflict lasted weeks and led to significant casualties on both sides.