Joe Biden Vice Presidential Candidate Revealed

For quite some time, there has been a lot of discussion surrounding who Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden will pick to

For quite some time, there has been a lot of discussion surrounding who Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden will pick to be his running mate. 

There have been a multitude of names floating around that include the following:

  • Tammy Duckworth
  • Susan Rice
  • Michelle Obama 
  • Karen Bass
  • Elizabeth Warren
  • Kamala Harris 

Biden Makes A Choice!

So who did Biden ultimately go with? 

According to breaking news, Biden has decided that Harris is going to be his running mate. 

Here is Biden’s official announcement: 

“I have the great honor to announce that I’ve picked @KamalaHarris— a fearless fighter for the little guy,” Biden began with sharing, “and one of the country’s finest public servants — as my running mate.”

Biden added that “Back when Kamala was Attorney General, she worked closely with Beau. I watched as they took on the big banks, lifted up working people, and protected women and kids from abuse. I was proud then, and I’m proud now to have her as my partner in this campaign.”

While there has been some dissension surrounding Harris being the ultimate pick- with many pointing to her track record from when she was a prosecutor as something that could work negatively against her, as well as some viewing her wanting to run for President in 2024, thus making Biden a potential one-term President as another issue- it’s clear that Biden still felt she was the best choice.

Trump’s Campaign Responds

The Trump campaign has released an official response to Biden picking Harris, as can be seen above.

“Not long ago, Kamala Harris called Joe Biden a racist,” the statement begins, “and asked for an apology she never received. Clearly, Phony Kamala will abandon her own morals, as well as try to bury her record as a prosecutor, in order to appease the anti-police extremists controlling the Democrat Party.”

“In her failed attempt at running for president, Kamala Harris gleefully embraced the left’s radical manifesto, calling for trillions of dollars in new taxes and backing Bernie Sanders‘ government takeover of healthcare. She is proof that Joe Biden is an empty shell being filled with the extreme agenda of the radicals on the left.”

“Joe Biden is no moderate,” the statement also reads, “and with Harris as his ‘political living will,’ he is surrendering control of our nation to the radical mob with promises to raise taxes, cut police funding, kill energy jobs, open our borders, and appease socialist dictators.”

The statement wraps with saying that “At the ballot box, Americans will resoundingly reject the abysmal failures of Biden-Harris in favor of the America First strength of President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence.”