John Mayer to Become New King of Late Night Talk Shows?

John Mayer may best be known as the heartthrob crooner behind hits like, “Waiting on the world to change” and

John Mayer

John Mayer may best be known as the heartthrob crooner behind hits like, “Waiting on the world to change” and “Your body is a wonderland.” But now the 43-year-old may be getting his own TV show, for real. A report suggests that Mayer is nearing a deal with Paramount Plus, CBS’s new streaming platform, to host a late night talk show likely titled “Later with John Mayer.” Later would take place on a set that looks like an after-hours night club and harness the singer/songwriter’s acknowledged comedic skills. So what are the details?

Mayer to Host Later?

On Tuesday, Mayer donned a moderator’s hat on the celebrity world’s hottest new platform, Clubhouse. As he stretched his wings as moderator in a discussion with fans and industry peers, it was clear Mayer was trying out his talk show host personality. With 3,000 viewers in the discussion, Mayer was witty, in control, and confident. So why would he be needing this practice? The answer comes in the form of a possible deal nearing completion.  

Per Variety, “Sources tell Variety that “Later With John Mayer” has been pitched to prospective broadcast partners as a series featuring performance segments as well as interviews with musicians, artists and other cultural figures in a setting designed to look like an after-hours club for musicians.”

If it seems like a weird hat for the boyishly charming Mayer to don, you’ve missed a few things he’s done over the years.

John Has Dabbled in Comedy Before

John Mayer

Mayer has taken the stage to conjure up laughs before. The singer’s first comedic efforts were on Chappelle’s Show and he’s held several stand up performances over the years beginning in 2009. 

Vulture reports, “Most recently, Mayer joined folks like Tiffany Haddish and, uh, Louis CK at Chappelle Summer Camp.

Should the CBS deal go through, it wouldn’t be Mayer’s first time hosting a talk show. The singer was one of several in-betweener hosts of The Late Late Show between Craig Ferguson and James Corden. And Mayer was ahead of many celebs, doing an Instagram Live talk show before the pandemic. The “Waiting for the World to Change” songster is also on TikTok — which has been a mixed bag for him, honestly.”

The Singer Has Long Been in the Spotlight

Mayer has been a public figure for a long time, even before his comedic talent became well known. The crooner was born October 16, 1977, in Bridgeport, Connecticut. After picking up a guitar as a teenager, Mayer attended Boston’s Berklee College of Music, but dropped out before graduating. From there, the future star moved to Atlanta, Georgia, where he began working his way up from the bottom singing in nightclubs and bars, both as a member of a band and as a solo performer. Mayer released his first independent album in 2001, which was later bought and repackaged by Columbia Records. From this repackaged album came his first major hits, including, “Your body is a wonderland” and the high school anthem “No such thing.”

Wonderland earned Mayer his first Grammy for best male pop vocal performer. Mayer topped charts again in 2003 and soon began branching from his mellow, melodic early sounds into an edgier alternative rock. Summoning his love for blues in combination with his edgier sound in subsequent albums, Mayer collaborated with Common and Kanye West among others, and his 2006 album earned another Grammy for the up and coming star. 

The 43 year old released albums again in 2008, 2013, and 2017, all which met with success and included collaborations with pop queen Katy Perry and blues crooner Frank Ocean. In 2015, Mayer cemented himself in rock’s hall of fame by joining Dead and Company, a band comprised of the surviving members of the legendary band The Grateful Dead

When Will the Show Air?

John Mayer

It’s no wonder with his long history of success that CBS is considering this launch for their Paramount Plus platform. If the deal goes through, it should look like a weekly late night talk show that occasionally airs on CBS as well. 

Mayer’s experience hosting for other late night talk show legends, his penchant for witty repartee, and his dogged rise to the top on talent along all sets him up for success. Details on the potential Paramount Plus show will likely be shared in coming weeks, as for now representatives for all parties have their lips zipped on the deal. Mayer may be waiting on the world to change, but we’re just waiting to tune in and laugh.