Jon plus 8 vs Kate: Jon Says ex Kate Gosselin Stole $100K from Kids, but She Says She ‘Just Borrowed’ It

The early '00's were a much more peaceful time. Overplucked eyebrows were on the way out, silly reality television shows

Jon plus 8 vs Kate: Jon Says ex Kate Gosselin Stole $100K from Kids

The early '00's were a much more peaceful time. Overplucked eyebrows were on the way out, silly reality television shows were on the way in, and there were no globe-spanning pandemics.

Out of the glory days of 2007 rose a family: the Gosselins. A television show aptly called Jon & Kate Plus 8 was launched to share the ins and outs of the life of Jon Gosselin, Kate Gosselin, and their 8 children. The oldest two children are a set of twins born in 2000, and the following six children were all born at the same time – sextuplets, welcomed in 2004.

While there was definitely some on-screen tension between Jon and Kate, and who can blame them with six toddlers in the house at the same time, fans were dismayed when the couple later divorced. Now, things have gone from bad to worse in their post-marriage relationship, and Jon has accused Kate of stealing a whopping $100K – from their own children.

Did Kate Gosselin Steal Money from her Kids?

Media outlet The Sun obtained documents that showed that Kate "borrowed" money from a trust fund intended for her kids in 2019. The mom of 8 reportedly used her childrens' money for her own living costs.

The Sun reports, "In an exclusive interview with The U.S. Sun, angry Jon insisted she has still not paid the cash back – and called her move 'disgusting' and 'morally wrong.'

The former Kate Plus Eight star said he noticed a large amount of money appeared to be missing from his kids Hannah and Colin's trust accounts when he gained custody of the two children in 2018 and saw their bank statements."

The trust fund was set up by both parents from their reality TV income, and was intended to safeguard their money including promotional earnings and appearances until they turn 18.

The account was set up to give tax breaks to the childrens' savings, and any loan made from the fund could only be made with permission and paperwork to pay it back.

According to the documents obtained by The Sun, Kate took out two lump sums of $50,000, explaining that "I will have to keep borrowing from it to survive" when she withdrew the money.

Kate claimed that she used the money for her own and the childrens' living expenses, but that same year she purchased a lakefront home in North Carolina – for $750K.

The Sun reports, "In the testimony, which has never been reported on publicly, Kate also stated she had borrowed money from a corporation she jointly owned with the kids to furnish the new home.

This is despite her admitting in her court testimony that she was a "TV personality, author and registered nurse" who made $40,000 per episode for her TLC show Kate Plus Dates which aired in summer 2018 for a six-episode season.

She also confirmed she had not worked in 2019 – other than finishing off some filming she had already been paid for – and was paying her bills with 'a lot of hope and a lot of prayer' along with the 'loan' from the kids' trusts."

Jon is Disgusted by Kate “Stealing” From their Children

Jon is furious over the "loans," which he claims he only became aware of when he received custody of their oldest two children.

"It's disgusting and it's morally wrong," Jon told The Sun. He added, "Parents are not supposed to withdraw any money from these accounts without permission and without drawing up paperwork that they will pay it back – but she has produced no paperwork and no payments have been made. You can't just live off your kids' money."

Jon says she has never paid back the money and thought she could get away with it now that the oldest two are 18.

Per The Sun, "Kate tried to claim in the testimony that the kids actually owe her thousands of dollars for school fees she has paid for them in the past.

'I mean I paid $387,000 for their private school tuition out of our income, not the trust over the years,' she says in the court papers.

'So I mean I'm not looking to collect that but I borrowed $100,000 from the kids' trust. And it owes me $387,000 technically.'"

When I was named the trustee of Collin and Hannah's trust accounts, I noticed the amount of money in their accounts was much less than the amount I'd seen on their bank accounts previously. We went to domestic court and I did a full financial discovery and so did Kate but she didn't produce her full information. When my attorney cross examined her she admitted that she 'borrowed' from the accounts. My attorneys have asked her for paper work and she has not produced anything.

Jon called that response "crazy."

A judge mediating over the situation says that Kate has no credibility, and that if the money withdrawals were loans, signs of repayment would be evident in the future, adding, "the evidence does not support mother’s argument that her earning capacity is zero."

Jon says that their children are furious, and it's up to the oldest two who are 18 to file civil suit against their mother to recoup the money.